Friday, 14 November 2014

[Review] WheeloveSpree - Overseas Online shopping made easy!!!

If you are a mega online shopaholic like me, I suppose you would have heard of shopping sites such as Taobao, Amazon, etc.
(In case you haven't, those are overseas shopping sites)

Yes, many of the items are SO, SO superbly and unbelievably cheap  that it is IMPOSSIBLE not to be tempted. Unfortunately, it wasn't really an easy process trying to ship them over and the shipping fees would easily cost more than the items themselves.  It didn't help that online transactions can be a real hassle, and some sellers stubbornly DO NOT ship to Singapore despite how badly I wanted to purchase items from them. *(#*$()#*$

*starts hurling vulgarities*

"WHY AREN'T THOSE SELLERS BASED IN SINGAPORE?!?! WHY??!" I would often ask myself in agony.

I have wished for a simpler solution to these.

It was not until I heard of agent services that seem to be the best solution for struggling shoppers like me.
 I just simply have to make direct payment to the agent via local banking and they will take care of the processes.
In other words, they act as a local middleman by helping me to purchase the items and have them shipped over to me safe and sound. It's like having someone to oversee and take care of my overseas transaction!!

Honestly, I had my doubts and reservations initially as I wasn't sure if everything was as easy as it sounded. I felt it was important for me to find out how it works.
As the saying goes, "You never try, you never know", right?

I have put one such agent service to the test - So now ... Let's see.

This review is based on my personal experience and I have attempted to record down my processes (from Day 1 when I placed my orders to the day I received my package)

When I entered the site, the first thing I did was to study how the flow works. Apparently, it seemed easy.
Here's an illustration chart they came up with on their site:

I was damn excited when I came to know that they are able to provide shipping from various countries as well (China, U.S, Taiwan, Korea, Japan...) I need not worry about the limitations of sellers, too! 
Being a frequent Taobao window-shopper, I decided to shop for my loots there through WheeloveSpree and see how it would go.

Personally, I would come up with shopping lists and make multiple purchases so that they can be shipped together at one shot. It's more worth it this way as its like combined shipping!

After much browsing around the site (I almost fainted from all the chinese words), I decided to get a MP3 player (for my dad), microSD card and 3 apparels.

So the next step... Entering order details on the agent site, WheeloveSpree
The instructions listed on their site are pretty clear and clear-cut. 
Just ensure that you enter your details correctly!

My item order details - I entered my 4 items accordingly into the list.

After submission of my orders (I was quite excited at this point), I received an e-mail on the same day with the calculated cost.
 I love it how everything appears to be so simple and transparent - I could see clearly what I was paying for. 

The stated SGD78.41 was considered my first amount to be transferred to WheeloveSpree as part of my purchase confirmation. 
I guess it somehow acts like a deposit. 

Afterwhich, they would proceed to place my orders with the merchants and all I needed to do was to SIT BACK AND WAIT FOR MY ITEMS TO BE ON THEIR WAY!! =D 

I waited for approximately 2 weeks (can't be blamed as my items were all from different China merchants and I guess it probably took time for those deliveries before they were eventually sent to Singapore)

When I was informed that my items were finally on their way, I was so thrilled.
And YES, did I mention that WheeloveSpree has one of the best customer services ever?!
I received a revised calculation of the total cost via e-mail indicating that I have overpaid during my first payment and I would be refunded accordingly.

(If let's say my first payment was underpaid, I would be required to top up. BUT since I paid more than I should during the estimated calculation of my first payment, I would get a refund.) 

I was shown the breakdown of final cost: - 
(As I had indicated my bank account details in the order form earlier, WheeloveSpree would be transferring my refund to it)

A trustworthy agent, I would say!

So it all boils down to anticipating the arrival of my items now!

 The delivery guy finally arrived on a Sunday (I opted for Home Delivery). 

AND HERE IT IS!!! You have came a long way, baby!
*squeals like an excited little girl*

Even though I already knew what were contained in the package, I was still feeling anxious. 
Slowly and steadily, I unwrapped the package to reveal its contents.
Perfect condition and exactly what I expected!

WheeloveSpree namecard!
I love their tagline as it is indeed true: Shopping Just One Click Away.

Since I am not writing a review for the items I have purchased from Taobao (I am only reviewing the agent services of WheeloveSpree), I shall not go into details of the quality of items. Even if I were to write about it, I have to say that they are indeed in great condition nonetheless!

I would say that it is a positive experience using WheeloveSpree's services (Just so you know, it was my FIRST time and I am really glad everything turned out so well).

Looking back at how I used to have headache of overseas online shopping, I am amazed how simple and hassle-free the whole process has became after engaging their services.
Why didn't I know about them earlier?! It would have saved me tons of trouble!!

I feel that such services have improved the lives of online shopaholics so much, especially if you are one who isn't really familiar how to shop on Taobao or other overseas websites. Imagine those language barriers!

The amount of web shops they support is really amazing - You can check them out on their website. It's like most of the well-known web shops are listed there!

I have had friends asking me how to shop on Taobao before, so there - One of the best solutions I have found so far. I am reviewing its services through my real-life experience, so you can be rest assured about its credibility.
When have I ever lied to anyone on my blog before anyway huh?!?! I always share the good stuff! :)

Thank you,  WheeloveSpree ,for taking such good care of my purchases and providing me efficient customer service - There is nothing I can complain here. 
Now I know who to look for when it comes to future online shopping sprees!

AND YES, my dear readers... here's a little perk - WheeloveSpree has kindly agreed to come up with a special discount code just for my readers!!

 It will definitely come in handy if you are intending to try out their services which I think you should!!

Here's the discount code you can use when entering your details in the Order Form:


You will receive a $2 OFF Agent Fee for your first purchase!

For Malaysians, you will receive RM 5.00 OFF Agent Fee for your first purchase!

If you would like to be updated of their latest updates, do follow their Facebook page at:


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