Unlike many bloggers out there, I don't do advertorials or reviews on monetary terms. 
If you are confident in your product(s) and would like me to do a review/advertorial for you, I will do so without obligations.
Just drop me a mail at: and we'll work it out! :)
I honor each and every working opportunity with you, be it if you are an individual or corporate company.

I'm currently open to event coverage, product review, etc.

As below are the individuals/companies that I have collaborated with - Not in any particular order: (Thank you for all the invites and sponsorship!)


Year 2013: One of the winners of Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Trio Blogger Contest! :)

Year 2012 Yahoo! Article mentions:


Taiwan Beer by Kaimay - Facebook
Singapore Polytechnic - SPeLL launch

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