Who Am I? What am I? (I'm a human, of course. Duh!)

I'm just your typical Singaporean who is using Blogger as a platform to voice out my thoughts,  emotions and daily rants.

Yes, I love blogging as it is a platform to voice them. Sometimes my entries can be interesting, fun, and somewhat... ... boring. 

I do welcome sponsorships, event invites and advertorials. Should you like to engage me as one of your bloggers who will definitely invest 100% of her effort in doing up a decent entry for you, please send me an e-mail at: catherinejaevans@hotmail.com , and you are in for a discussion!

I may be camwhore freak, but I'm not one of those who will torture your life by making you stare at tons of my photos in my entries. I would rather you focus on the content, leave your comments and share with me your thoughts.

And if you are a hater, it will be lovely if you would just leave. In other words, your presence is not welcome. :)

As for the rest of my lovelies,

Take a chill pill and enjoy your stay here. I hope.