Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Cheap KTV in Singapore? It's too good to be true.

If you know me in person (or even if you do not), it is not difficult to guess that I frequent karaoke places quite frequently.

With the uprise of karaoke places, the prices are getting competitive - and I would say many are offering cheap rates for a few hours.

There is this particular KTV which I am sure many karaoke goers may be familiar with - It's so freaking' affordable ($10 for 5 hours session!?) and with the offer of free-flow drinks, what is there not to love about the place, right?!


Yes,  I am not going to mask the name here because I feel that everyone ought to know how they have been treating their customers - in such a way that will leave them feeling emotionally scarred. 

To the management of Ten Dollar KTV Club, it was not my initial intention to post about my negative experience but I really felt that the customer service rendered was too outrageous for me to leave it at that.

So what did we get for paying the $10+ price?

- Being accused by your staff
- The receiving of long, cold, hard stares
-Being shoo-ed out even before our last song ended

Let me elaborate on what happened before anyone thinks I am just being unreasonable. Well, you guys can judge for yourselves whether these are acceptable if you were in our shoes.

As Ten Dollar KTV Club claims that there is a free-flow of drinks (in other words, unlimited) , of course we would utilise it, right? (We even did it reasonably by ordering the next drink ONLY after we finished our first)

And the only way for us to order the drinks is through the service button that's provided in the Karaoke system. (It works in such a way that the staff will only come in upon customer's request after activating the button)

The first time I ordered my drink, I just felt odd that there was a weird vibe (which I ignored) from a male staff who came in. He opened the door with a poker face and looked at me.
'I would like one iced honey water'. I gave a polite smile and said my thank you.

Without a word nor acknowledgement , he turned around and went off. 
Alright, that's fine. I was not really bothered about it. 
(He did serve me the drink eventually.)

As we sang our hours away, we had to order more drinks. Afraid that we would trouble the staff too many times, my friend decided to go the extra mile and walk to them instead to place our orders.

Surprisingly, he came back in soon after with a puzzled look.

He was not sure if the staff acknowledged his orders.

"I am not sure.. He did not look at me when I was talking to him and kept playing with his mobile phone," he said.
He attempted to order a second time.

"So you girls want 1 cup of Barley each right?" my friend confirmed again.

Before we could even answer him, the door swung open and in came the male staff.

He did not seem amused. He looked at my friend and started his accusations.
"你跟他們說我沒有理你?我是有聽到!我沒有不理你!" (Translation: You told them that I did not give a hoot about you? I DID HEAR you okay?!)
All of us stared at him as we were taken aback by his sudden outburst.

"Huh?" my friend stared at him blankly.

The staff stared back and began pointing his finger at him.

"You told them that I DID NOT give a hoot about you right?!"

At that moment, I was sure that he had misheard my friend when he said the word "BARLEY" (which sounded like 沒有理妳)
But he did not stop to listen to any explanation and went out.

After a long while, he came in (black-faced) and placed our drinks on the table. 

I ordered barley and he brought in a coke. 
But well, I did not make noise about it so as not to make matters big.

(Seriously, we did not dare the drink them anymore as the male staff looked as though he would've spat into them anytime)

And this was not the end.

When 3 of us made a trip to the toilet, we spotted him sitting on a chair as we walked past him.
After we were done, he had a colleague with him and both of them were giving us LONG, HARD stares as we walked past them - All 3 of us saw and felt the stares ; it was most uncomfortable.

Like erm, hello?? Did we offend you in any way?

But well, again.... This was NOT the end.

When we were finishing the KTV session, we were already at our last song. 
Suddenly, the counter girl came in and started to MANUALLY switch off the electricity. She switched off the TV, etc and said nothing to us. She did NOT even look at us in any direction at all when she did all these.

The message was clear. 
We were totally not welcome and they couldn't wait for us to leave the place.

And all because of? I could think of nothing that we could've offended them. I mean, I would understand if there was anything that we said or did wrongly - but for the whole time, we did not and all I could remember was them giving us a bad attitude right from the beginning.

Yes, I understand that the prices are seriously one of the cheapest in town - but that does not mean that the price I am paying is inclusive of such treatment, making me feel like an unwelcome/unwanted guest.
 I was even very polite throughout the session,  smiling and saying my thank-yous. 

If your staff was losing patience because of the fact that the customers kept requesting for drinks after they had finished theirs, then why on earth would your company offer "FREE-FLOW" drinks and making it compulsory for us to request for service every time we need a refill?
Seriously, get a container and I would not mind refilling my own drinks.

And to the staff who offered such a bad attitude, why on earth are you still working there if you are really THAT unhappy about your job and taking it all out on the customers?
After all, we DID PAY and just wanted a pleasant karaoke experience - Is it that difficult to grant such a simple request? 

Honestly, this was not my first time experiencing black-faced staff from the same place - but I did not pursue previously as I deemed that as a small matter. 
But to the extent of accusing, staring and chasing us out? That is just too much for me to stay silent anymore.

If you guys are planning to head down to Ten Dollar KTV Club, be sure to check out their faces. Almost ALL of them are black-faced (which I have no idea why) - I guess one of the criteria to be able to work there is to have a default black face?

Oh well.

Monday, 30 October 2017

My Volunteering Journey (It's life-changing!)

The activity started as I went to ward after ward, and I sang my usual oldies while trying to engage the patients to clap and sing along. Trust me, I felt like my life was complete at that very instant when some of the patients clapped, gave thumbs up, encouraged and offered me the brightest smiles ever. I was overjoyed that they seemed to be enjoying my presence.

And what truly changed my life was the moment when I was brought to the palliative ward which I was told that the patients might not be able to react to my singing. 

Nonetheless, I was eager to enter the place and pray that music can create miracles for the patients. 
AND OH BOY, SOMEHOW IT DID. Allow me to share a little positive encounter! 

I decided to choose upbeat familiar songs and went to the bedside of a patient. His eyes were open, but he did not really seem responsive when I attempted to interact. Somehow, I knew he could hear me. 

"Tian mi mi... " I started the first verse of a song which I personally love. His lips seemed to be moving in a subtle manner, but obvious enough to make me stop in my tracks. Was I seeing things? I thought it was just my imagination but it was not soon after that I heard a weak, soft but audible voice coming from his direction. 

I could not believe my ears. When I got to the second verse of the song, he was already singing on tune with me (even with the right lyrics!!) I could tell he must have been a very good singer in his younger days. 

I got so emotional and tried hard to control my tears of joy so that I could finish the song with him. When it ended, I looked towards the direction of another volunteer, and walked over to her. 

"Oh my God. He sang. He SANG with me! Let's go on with the next song, I'm going to sing more for him!" I exclaimed in a shaky voice. 
I went back to his bed side. "Uncle, have you heard of this song called "路边的野花不要踩"? Slowly, he started nodding his head. My heart skipped a beat. "I shall sing this song for you okay?" 
And this time, he completed the whole song with me. Yes, his voice was weak but I could hear him clearly. I was overwhelmed. It was not soon after that he could respond to me by nodding his head gently to most of my questions. "You sang really good, Uncle!" I said. 
A tiny smile formed on his lips. 

I couldn't ask for more in this life.
The moment was phenomenal and surreal. You know the feeling when everything felt like a dream but you are actually living the dream? I could feel tears welling up in my eyes even when I am thinking back of the priceless moment. 

Today's experience made me feel so complete and accomplished as a performer - Accomplished in the sense that I am able to light up that little smile on the patients' faces which I never knew I could. Music is wonderful. 

It totally took my perspective of life to another level after today and I would definitely love to do it again and again and again and again, just to shine that little bit of positivity onto the patients' life. 

Creating miracles through music is something I've always dreamed to do, and I am very honored to be given the opportunity to take that step. My heartfelt thanks to Shaane and his team from St Luke's Hospital (You guys are awesome beyond words!) , and of course not forgetting my dearest friend cum sister, Chloe, for coming along today and supporting the cause. I am very thankful. 感恩。

P/S: I will be preparing more oldies next round and aim to learn songs in different languages to cater to the non-chinese too! I promised a patient that I will prepare her song dedication the next round and I've never felt so motivated in learning it!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

[Complaint] Mcdonald's new McFlurry Flavor - Chendol (TOO SWEET AHHH!)

And just weeks ago at the National Day Rally, PM Lee Hsien Loong had addressed the issue on diabetes of how the prevalence of diabetes is rising among the younger generation.

And with the appearance of the McDonald's latest craze - I finally understood what he meant.

Honestly, I am not a fan of sweet stuff - and THIS is totally in contrary to what PM Lee had emphasized on:

Sorry ah, I do not have anything against Mcdonald's. (In fact, I LOVE Mcdonald's and am always on the move to try their new menu items)
Their latest Nasi Lemak burger meal is so freaking awesome. (I believe many of you will agree with me on this, right.. RIGHT?)

Unfortunately, their new Chendol McFlurry is a big no-no for me. 
The first mouthful was great- It was very flavorful and bursting with the taste of Chendol and all, but subsequent mouthfuls almost had me gagging from the sweetness that was on the overboard side.
I wouldn't rate it as the normal type of sweetness - but more of a guarantee diabetes kind of sweetness if one were to have it everyday.

I know Chendol should be sweet and all - but this is just way too much. I did not manage to finish the whole cup as much as I wanted to (Not cheap, leh!).
Don't get me wrong, the McFlurry actually has a great potential - but I just feel it can be better if the sweetness can be reduced to at least 30 - 40 percent.

I am sure there will be a few of you who will not think that it is sweet (if you are one of them, then I guess you must be someone who is too accustomed to sweet/sugary stuff). UHHHH.

Sorry Macdonalds, I love you but I am not going to support the Chendol McFlurry.
I really hope that the sweetness can be further reduced for a healthier option!

P/S: The blog post above only reflects my own opinions and does not represent anyone else. In other words, it is from my own perspective.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

[Update] My Chemical Peeling Journey - August 2017

"Your skin is getting better", said a friend whom peered closely at my skin.
I smiled.
"Really?" I thought he was just trying make me happy.

"Yeah.. What did you do to your skin?"

My smile grew even wider. 
"Wow, this means my Chemical Peeling actually works!!?"

Honestly, I did not expect the results to be that visible but I guess my monthly Chemical Peeling treatment at Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic paid off.

When I traced back older photographs of myself, I couldn't believe that I actually lived my life looking like that:-

The amount of acne I had on my forehead was just downright unappealing. (I believe there are many young girls out there who may be facing similar issues too.)

I was a victim of uncontrollable acne that appeared on my forehead and other areas of face once every few days.
Yes, it was depressing.

This was taken in Year 2015:

I remembered I had to use lots of concealer to hide them - and that did not help because application of too much make-up resulted in breakouts too (I guess my skin is not suitable for make-up products). What I really needed was a long-term solution for my issues so I DO NOT need to depend on make-up products to achieve a flawless look. (I know it's impossible to look flawless lah.. But I just wanted those ugly acne to disappear forever. Grrr)

And here's an unglamorous just-woke-up look but it's my current state now in Year 2017 - Completely taken without photo edit, filter or make-up (except for my semi-permanent eyelash extensions)

I can't believe I can actually do this (showing off my forehead directly) without fearing what others think of my acne now. 

So if you were to ask me if chemical peeling has worked for me, I would definitely give you a YES with two thumbs up. (I have been undergoing the sessions for more than a year now and each session will have evident results)


I really feel secretly happy each time when I look at myself in the mirror and find the acne getting lesser. Those acne were a confidence killer- I am sure many can relate to that. 

I have never thought that my acne could clear up so much (after the sessions) and it does lessen the hassle of filtering my photos (LOL).

Of course, if you were to ask me - my skin does not always look so clear and radiant. There were times when I did not take proper care of my skin and breakouts would significantly appear. 
(It does NOT mean that you can do without proper care for your face even after chemical peeling sessions!) So do note that taking care of your face and proper cleansing ARE STILL REQUIRED. 

**Some of you are interested to read about my FIRST chemical peeling session. Do click HERE to read it! It's quite a long post but I am sure it will answer some of your enquiries!**

I will be updating once every few months on my progress and if any of you guys have questions to ask me personally, do feel free to let me know and I'll try to answer you based on my personal experience!

If any of you are interested in Dr Tyng Tan's services in Chemical Peeling, you can read more information about it here and contact the clinic for any questions 
too!! The staff are all very friendly people; so do not worry about contacting them.

Address: 391B Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann CityTower B, #08-04, Singapore 238873.

Telephone: +65 6235 0010

Monday, 24 July 2017

New cover released!

I just released a new cover last week! - 告白气球

In all honesty, I did not expect myself to be covering this song (I am not a Jay Chou fan and have never sung a Jay Chou song in my whole life)

Somehow, this song was stuck in my head and people everywhere were humming to it.

So here it is - My version of it. Pardon the imperfection as this was just a casual recording.

I am currently working on more covers! I'll be updating soon on my blog.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

[Results Announced] NDP Preview Tickets Giveaway

When I hosted the giveaway for my NDP Preview Tickets, I did not expect that the response will be overwhelming.

I have read every single e-mail from you guys (Thanks to a few of you who even went the extra mile to send me photos that showcase your Singaporean pride!)

Trust me, it was NOT easy for me at all as I felt EVERY single one of you deserve the tickets. So much that I started questioning myself "WHY CAN'T I HAVE MORE TICKETS TO GIVEAWAY?!"

After all, I only have one pair and I could only select one winner out of the lot.
After filtering the entries (Some entries are unfortunately disqualified), I decided to leave the fate to a lucky wheel. 

I had NO idea who would be the winner (No kelong here - I just wanted it to be a fair and square system) so I kept my fingers crossed and started spinning... ...

I wanted to be transparent in how the winner was picked - so here you go, I've used http://wheeldecide.com/

(Only names with valid entries will be accepted. I am sorry to some who took the effort to send in but   due to the fact that they were incomplete entries, I could not place them on the wheel to be fair to the other participants)

Congratulations, Muhammad Sufri!

I've read your entry I sincerely hope both you and your mum will enjoy the show! 

It sucks to know that many of you will be disappointed - but please do not be because I may still be hosting more giveaways in time to come. 
Yes, that may even include next year's NDP tickets when the time comes - So do stay tuned!

A BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you for taking time in participating my giveaway. It makes me happy knowing that so many of you are proud Singaporeans.

But I can't help feeling sad to know that some of you are even contemplating to purchase tickets from 'gold diggers' just to catch the show. Please DO NOT ever encourage such sellers - The tickets may worth some money, but it is meaningless if you purchase them.
Everyone deserves the chance at ZERO cost - Why put a price to your national pride?

I hope more of you guys will be able to ballot successfully in the upcoming years ahead. Else, there will always be many other giveaways around as well.

Don't give up!

(And don't give up on reading my blog lah... I will be hosting other giveaways for you guys!)

Love you all! Xoxo.

Monday, 10 July 2017

[Giveaway Time] Excuse me, are you selling your NDP tickets?

So I posted about my NDP tickets some time back - requesting for a swap with anyone (for other dates) as I could not make it down for Preview 1.

Within a day, my inbox was bombarded. 
Not from people who wanted to swap with me, but from many who were requesting me to SELL my tickets to them.
Some were even blunt enough to ask me to give them the tickets - in a rude manner.
(Like hello??! I don't even know you and what makes you think I am OBLIGATED to give them to you?)

I was infuriated. Like seriously.

Yes, I know how I could make a quick buck out of the sale of the tickets. I mean, I got them for free and now there are people offering me huge amount of money for them.
I must be stupid enough to reject the opportunity, right?


Firstly, it is MORALLY wrong for me to sell the tickets. (For those gold diggers who are selling them, shame on you!)

I have been balloting for years myself and I totally understand the feeling of not being able to get them year after year.  
Like myself, there are MANY people out there who are sincerely hoping to get a successful ballot so that we can all experience the live atmosphere for once at the NDP. 
Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to get a successful ballot and it is heartbreaking when gold diggers are the ones who got them.

To you, it may be a money opportunity but to others, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance that they have been wishing for.

It is saddening that some Singaporeans fail to see the intention behind NDP. 
I mean, you got them for free in the first place AND in any case that you are unable to attend, I am sure there will be someone that you can give them away to. 

It's a pity that the system is not able to differentiate sincere Singaporeans from gold diggers.
Although it is something beyond my control, I thought I could do a little something for you guys who  are sincerely hoping to get the tickets...

**Please note that they are tickets to Preview 1 on 22 July 2017, Saturday.

(I am sorry that I have only got 2 on hand at the moment)

And what you guys have to do is to:-

(You can send me an e-mail at: catherinejaevans@hotmail.com

(You can indicate in your e-mail and provide me your Facebook name)


Deadline: 18 July 2017
(Results will be announced by 18 July 2017 evening)

I will be meeting my lucky reader to pass the tickets personally to on 21 July 2017. 

Thank you, all! :)