Thursday, 17 January 2019

Review: Not Your Typical CNY Goodies

Here comes the time of the year again.
The time that I've always been looking forward to annually, feeling sinful but yet not guilty. 
And I believe it's the favourite season for most foodies and mouth-itchy people too. 


Yes, and I am referring to egg rolls, shrimp rolls, pineapple tarts, etc. 

I remembered shopping for CNY goodies with my dad when I was a kid, and it was one of the most enjoyable activities ever.  

With everyone being so kiasu during the festive season, it's not easy to checkout the items in peace.

So imagine my surprise when CNY Delivery delivered some goodies to my doorstep..

It had me wondering.
Will the goodies really taste as good as the ones I purchase physically?
Only opening them and tasting them will tell.


Unwrapping my all-time favourite CNY snack, the ...


To be honest, the smell of fresh pineapple tarts flowed immediately when I unscrewed the cap.


I was squealing in delight as I held one in my hand before taking this photo. 
It felt crispy as the exterior crumbled easily.  (It's not the hard skin type and that's a bonus!)

As I placed one in my mouth, I stopped in my tracks. 
Not trying to be exaggerating, but I was taken aback by the texture of the tarts. The exterior was as crispy as I had expected, and the insides are really soft! I was overwhelmed by the rich pineapple flavour as it flooded my mouth. I somehow got carried away and ate a few more pieces before I had to stop myself. 
And honestly, I can say that they do SMELL and TASTE fresh, as though they are straight out from the oven.
I wouldn't mind ordering this again and again!!

Cashew Nut Cookies

I admit I may not be a cashew nut lover, but I do find it pleasing! (Interestingly enough!)

The cashew nut has fully blended in with the cookie, and I like it how the nut isn't that hard to chew on.


Kinda' looks cute here, isn't it? Haha.
Although it doesn't have a filling like the pineapple tarts, but it tastes surprisingly nice and crunchy with a tinge of saltiness!
 I never thought I would like this, but I eventually did!

And the BONUS of it all?

The cashew nut cookies are made with PREMIUM butter and all NATURAL ingredients, hence this make them a healthier choice in CNY cookies.

Now here comes another exciting one...

OMG! The fragrance as I removed the cap....

Every single piece looking really crunchy.

I placed one to the test and I have to say it really DOES taste as crunchy as it looks. However, I have to admit that it is quite spicy (I am not sure if it is my own threshold that has somehow degraded or it is indeed that spicy)

BUT I still love the fresh taste nonetheless! The shrimps do not smell stale in any way. 
(I know there are some that are not fresh being sold in some places)

One warning about this though, it can be quite addictive. You will definitely NOT stop at just one piece. HAHAHA.

(Pssst, this is one of their BESTSELLERS! Do grab fast if you don't wanna miss it)


And here's the next... 

If you have always loved the taste of traditional love letters, then this is bound to catch your interest as well. The mixture of butter and pandan taste is a perfect combination for your taste buds. (I am a pandan lover, so this is a YES for me. Hahaha)

In my personal opinion, I would prefer this shape over the traditional egg roll shape that may crumble easily. 

Recommended? Yes!



Powdery white Kueh Bangkit that literally melts upon the touch of your tongue! 
I often feel full after eating a number of them, but this is another that makes it to the top of my list in terms of taste and crunchiness.

Purposely take this close-up to make you guys salivate. *evil*

All in all, the CNY goodies have passed the test - and the idea of not having to go out to shop but yet having them delivered to my doorstep thrills me.
Can you imagine technology has advanced to such a stage that all you need to do is to click some virtual buttons?

There are many other goodies as well that can be found on their official website - Since CNY is just around the corner, I guess it's high time to get your fingers clicking away! Whether it is for your family, loved ones or friends, I am sure you won't go wrong with the CNY products from Poon Confectionary.

Something about Poon Confectionary:
All their goodies are FRESHLY made before delivery. In other words, they are not stored! The ingredients that are used are wholesome and nutritious ones, so much that you won't really feel as 'sinful' after consumption. Hahaha.

In addition, they are HOMEMADE. So you can be assured of its quality - Mai play play!!

Still not convinced? Then head over to their website to find out more information (and place your orders). I
 am sure you will not be able to resist them....

Available on WhatsApp from 10am – 10pm
E-mail address:

Location: 502 Macpherson Road, 368204

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Volunteering Journey - Grandma Maria

This has got to be one of the few moments that I choked to fight back tears.
With thanks to The Singapore Eurasians (TSE) for the invitation in having me bring cheer to perform for the children and elderly of the less fortunate, I witnessed many life-changing emotional moments today.
I was in my Satarina costume and Grandma Maria showed immense happiness when I approached her. To my utmost surprise, she held my hands tightly, kissed them and laid her head on my shoulder which I reached out to give her a big hug. She couldn't stop smiling.

Although her voice was not really audible, I managed to make out some of the words as she commented about her liking of my costume.
At one part during a game segment in progress, she turned to me. "I'm happy.. I'm happy. I'm very happy", she said, beaming. I felt tears welling up in my eyes as I shared the moment of joy with her.
Before I changed out of my costume, I decided to see her one more time before I called it a day. She smiled as she saw me walking into the room and held my hands again.

We shared a little chat session and she told me how the gold ring on her finger was given to her by a friend. She was such a lovely lady who found joy in everything.

"I'm so full. So full," she suddenly said.
I looked at her stomach and patted it. "Hey! You can be Santa Claus now!" 

She exploded into laughter.

Granted that she might not have a positive family history, but yet she appeared to be one of the most cheerful people I've ever met. 
It was soon time for me to go.
"I want to give you a hug", I said softly. I stood up and wrapped my hands around her. She gave a joyous laugh and returned me with a huge hug and thumbs up. 
"Come and see me Maria always ok? Come and see me...." She patted my hands and gave a hearty laugh. I felt a sting in my eyes and tears welled up. I nodded.
"Good bye", I said. "Please take care and I will see you soon, ok?" 
Grandma Maria nodded and smiled. I stood up and left the room, overwhelmed with emotions.

Sometimes, happiness can be achievable with such simplicity of life. 
I was glad I managed to take many precious photos and videos (but due to protection of their privacy and confidentiality purposes, I will not be posting them online.) 
One thing for sure, they are precious memories to keep and remember by. Grandma Maria, may God bless you always and I'll definitely hope to see you again soon. 

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Nursing Home Journey #1 - The Man who was a Karaoke Champion

#NursingHomeJourney Stories #1 (LONG POST AHEAD!)

I was doing my usual ward-to-ward singing at a nursing home when I noticed a wheelchair-bound uncle observing me silently at a corner. Not wanting to make him feel left out, I smiled and waved at him. 

"Will you be coming to level 6?" 
He asked in a low tone during a brief pause of my performance. 
It turned out that he had heard me and wheeled himself down from 6th floor (OH my goodness!) specially just to ask if I would be going up to his ward to sing. I told him I would and he nodded, turned his back around and slowly wheeled himself off. 

Honestly, it wasn't part of the schedule (to enter level 6 ward) with the nursing home but I decided to fulfil him on my own accord. 
As promised, I made my way up after finishing my round at Level 4.
There he was, awaiting me at the ward with the rest of the other residents.

I greeted everyone and started singing. 
Song after song, Uncle was very supportive. He smiled and never failed to give his best clap. Then there came the moment. The moment that HITS me hard. 

He motioned me to come over and presented me with a small 4R-sized photo album. 
With his weak and trembling hands, he flipped the pages. "This was me", he said in a soft tone. I gasped as I looked at the young, energetic and handsome man staring at me right back in the pictures.

And in almost all of the photos, he was seen holding a microphone and were at all sorts of singing competitions. 
"I used to run around Singapore and joined all the competitions. And I was a champion before!" He shared as he continued flipping the pages slowly. In some of the photos, his family members were even seen supporting him at his competitions. He was such a happy man who had such a beautiful wife, too. 

"Wow, you are really handsome! I bet you have a lot of girls wooing you!" I joked.
"Handsome right? Hahaha..That was last time lah..." He gave a shy smile. 
Even though I only knew him for less than an hour, I felt like the time had stood still and I was walking down his memory lane together with him. We may be generations apart, but we connected. 
I took a short glance at him. It was very difficult to imagine that the man -so FULL of life, hope and dreams in the photos is now beside me in a wheelchair and residing in a nursing home. (While I did wonder about his family members, I did not ask him much as I didn't want to risk triggering any bad memories, if any)

It dawned upon me that my presence had probably brought him some memories of his younger days.
"I would love to hear you sing! How about you sing a song?" I said cheerfully. 

He gave a tiny smile and shook his head. 
"I cannot sing totally in my condition now".

My heart sank. 

He then requested me to sing him a song 午夜的香吻 which I fulfilled.
I looked at the time and my heart sank a second time. It was time for me to go. 
Uncle opened his small cupboard beside his bed and took out a box. "Here, have some cakes". He grabbed 3 packets of the cakes and placed them in my hand. 
I smiled. "Thank you, Uncle"

Despite that he didn't really have much with him, he still wanted to offer me something. To me, these cakes are simply priceless. I held them in my hands and felt a surge of warmth through my heart.

While time may be cruel and leave no man behind, it's inspiring to know how music can still keep one going emotionally. This is why I truly enjoyed doing volunteer work and giving back with music. Each trip to the nursing home always bring me a different experience in an inspiring manner. There are just so many sides of life that I've seen and yet to be seen. 

I will be sharing more of my personal experiences and stories as time goes by. At the same time, I do hope that I can bring a little inspiration to our young generation in coming forward to contribute back to the society. You never know how much your time contribution means to someone. 

Monday, 27 August 2018

[Review] Ohana Poke - Can Healthy food be Yummy?

You know, I am not someone who is exactly fond of healthy food. It's a typical mindset - Healthy food always tend to be on the 'bland' side. 

But not until I was invited to give this a try...

*drum rolls*

Ohana Poke

You might be wondering what this is all about. When I first heard of Poke bowl, my first thought was , "What is this ah? Is it a type of Pokemon?

HAHAHA. But trust me, its indeed pronounced as "Poh keh"though. But it is far from being related to the famous Pokemon, of course.
Basically, Poke means "to slice or cut" in Hawaiian language and refers to chunks of raw but fresh, marinated fish which is scattered over rice and topped with other vegetables and sauces.

Sounds good?? But that is just the generic description of a Poke bowl. Fret not even if you are not a fan of raw food - Because a Poke bowl is FULLY customisable according to your preferences! 

If you are a fan of Japanese food, I am sure you will absolutely love this concept, too. 
The flexibility of the choice of ingredients will add on to the reduction of food wastage because you ONLY choose the ingredients that are to your liking. In other words, this is fully customisable - So there are definitely many different combinations to play around with! For e.g.: if you dislike salmon, then you can exclude it in the combination and have other ingredients added.

At Ohana Poke, you won't have the headache of choosing the ingredients over the counter or hog any queues, too! Just take the piece of order form (pencil provided) and indicate your preferences. When you are done, just simply hand it over to the lovely staff at the counter and they will process your order.
Easy peasy...??!

Everything is pretty straightforward and clear-cut. You choose your preferred base and mains. And if you want more ingredients than default, it is possible with a minimal top-up.

Prices start from as low as $12.80.

I did have a headache as was spoilt for choice. I literally felt like I wanted almost everything on the menu! (But it's impossible lah...  I admit my mouth is pretty big, but not to that kind of extent...)

 I know it was just only food, but I got so excited like a little girl while anticipating it.

(It didn't take too long for the food to arrive, and I have to say that the staff were really efficient in processing the orders!)

Look at my silly grinning face (as though I just struck 4D) while holding the Poke bowls. LOL.

I remembered I uploaded a teaser photo on my Facebook and friends were all commenting how delicious the poke bowl looked.

Well, can I say the same about its taste?
Continue reading to find out.

In my personal opinion, the Poke bowl I had felt like an enlarged version of Japanese sushi. I totally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the combination - Every single chosen ingredients blended in really well together, and... They tasted VERY fresh, too. 

However, do take note that they are not heated or hot food. It's exactly like sushi - Not hot nor cold. So no need to worry about scalding your tongue in any way. (Hahaha)

Honestly, I did not get tired of its taste after every mouthful. In fact, I yearned for more after each bite as it has a rich taste that kept my taste buds satisfied.

As I was afraid that I was unable to finish the food, I ordered a small size bowl (it comes in S and L size) - and immediately regret the decision when I was on the verge of finishing it.

If you were to ask me if I would be a returning customer, I would say YES. As compared to many other food choices out there, this is considered a healthy yet delicious meal. At least, I don't feel guilty for eating it!

Furthermore, there are still many different variety of combinations that I've yet to try- I guess it is gonna take me a few trips!

And if you are wondering where this place is, it's conveniently located at:

5 Changi Business Park Central #01-20 Changi City Point

Changi, Singapore

For people who stay in the East, I am sure this will be a to-go place for you. 

For more information and updates, you can check them out at their official FB page too:

You will have no regrets!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

[Review] Online Durian Delivery?! LEGIT OR NOT?!

Attention to all durian lovers out there: RED ALERT
Just be warned. This post is not for the faint-hearted.

I am a mega HUGE, HUMUNGOUS, GIGANTIC fan of durians.
(Yes, I am those kind that will wait for durian seasons to enjoy the great taste of durians. I am sure fellow durian lovers can relate to this, right?!)

When I had the opportunity to review durians from Durian Delivery, it got me really excited and hyped.

Initially, I was very surprised - I have been very much of a shopaholic online and would often shop for products ranging from beauty items, houseware, etc .... And never have I imagined that one can even shop for DURIANS now. 

The first thing that caught my attention was their line stated on the website
"Freshly plucked durians delivered straight from the farm"

What impressed me most is the source of their durians.
As stated on their page: (You may feel free to head down to their website to understand more about the origins of their durians, too)

"Our trucks coming from Malaysia are a dedicated durian delivery fleet. These drivers are trained to pick up durians, and speed all the way down from our plantation to our packing area in Singapore with no other stops. While our drivers are driving at maximum speed, safety is of the utmost importance to us."

It's like a direct source from the trees and into your mouth within hours.

(Note to the efficient drivers: But please do be careful on the road, okay?! While delivering fresh durians to customers are important, SAFETY first!!!)

After an arrangement with Durian Delivery, the durians were delivered straight to my doorstep at night.

They really did deliver at the fastest speed!

I was VERY impressed by the tightly-sealed packaging.

It has ZERO smell at all - Literally nothing.
To the extent that you can even place it in your bag safely without any tinge of smell at all.
Not a single worry that you won't be able to take public transport without smelling like a walking durian, too. 

After taking some photos, it's time to reveal the contents...
Once I tore open the seal, the STRONG fragrant scent of durians filled my whole 3-room flat with immediate effect.

Please do take note that ALL of my durian photos are totally UNFILTERED for utmost accuracy.

Here's a close-up:


I touched the first small piece - The texture was kinda' firm (not soft and slimy type).

Time to take a bite.

(Pardon the bad shadow)

I am not trying to exaggerate here, but I almost SQUEALED with delight. 
I was expecting the durian to be hard, but to my utmost amazement.... It was SUPER (NOTE: SUPER, REALLY SUPPPPERRR!!!) soft, creamy and juicy at the same time once my teeth sank into it. 


It was an explosion of rich durian taste in my mouth - and I was struggling to find the exact adjective to describe how good it was. Being a durian lover who has tasted countless of durians before, I have to say that this is simply the definition of what a premium durian sensation is like.

The taste: -
I was greeted by a surge of sweetness during my first few bites, and the taste steadily transitioned to a tinge of bitterness, forming a pleasant bittersweet experience - Totally perfect for people like me who enjoy both the sensation of bitter and sweetness in durians.

Honestly, I am not going to see durians the same way again. I have known durians can taste good, but  this has far exceed my expectations by heaps and bounds. 

My dad isn't exactly a durian lover but his first bite took him by surprise, too. His first word was a simple "WAH" and he commented that this isn't the "typical" durian that he tasted before. 

The price may be a bit on the higher side ($27.90 for 400g) , but trust me - If you are a LEGIT durian lover, you will feel that this is really worthy once you've taken your first bite. Just ONE bite and you will have your verdict.

There is NO WAY... NO WAY that durian lovers will dismiss this.

If this isn't premium quality, I don't know what else is. Pardon me if I have to break into Singlish... but HIGH LEVEL THIS ONE AH.

There are many other varieties of durians on their website to suit different individual's taste, too, ranging at different prices!
(such as the normal Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn, etc)

The ones that I had for this review were TSW durians. (Hand-picked Old Tree MSW durian!) 

You can read more about the durians HERE (I find it really captivating to read!)

You've been warned. 

All it takes is just to try it once for yourself to see the difference between them and the usual durians!

Other than their main website at Durian Delivery , They can be reachable via WhatsApp too at 93874394 or e-mail address at: 

THANK YOU, DURIAN DELIVERY! My durian season experience is made awesome because of you! :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Updates on Chemical Peeling - June 2018

It has been a long time since my last update on my chemical peeling process.

And I am here to debunk some of the myths surrounding chemical peeling.

I've received enquiries about chemical peeling and I thought it would be good to address them here from my perspective! I do hope it will be helpful/useful to many out there who are having doubts of the procedure.

1) How long have you been doing chemical peeling? Are there any side effects?

Answer: I think I have been doing chemical peeling treatment for the past... 4 years?! You may refer to my posts over the years. And yes, I am still with Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetic and Hair Clinic. (Seriously, she has gotta be the most friendliest doctor around!).
As for side effects, there isn't any (based on my own personal opinion). The only "side effects" I've gotten were rosy cheeks right after the procedure with a slight burning sensation, which is completely  normal! (It means that the chemical peeling is working its magic on your skin!) And the sensation only lasted for a good old 10 minutes at most.

2) Is it painful during the procedure? Don't you feel any form of pain, ever?

Answer: No. Like what I've mentioned above, the only feeling I've felt was a slight prickly burning sensation. It is totally bearable for me (I don't have a very high pain threshold, by the way) So, don't worry at all!

3) Did you really experience your skin "falling off" after the procedure?

Answer: Now that sounds funny..  Haha. No, I did not experience any skin peeling after the procedure. I remembered there was once or twice I did see white-colored tiny scabs on my face, but they were so minimal that I was not sure if those were resulted from chemical peeling. Nonetheless, I did not really bother about it. However, results vary for individuals. If you happen to experience skin peeling, just don't touch or peel anything from your face!

4) Does it take a long time for the chemical peeling process?

Answer: No, it's VERY fast. Before you even realise it, you are pretty much done! It will be around 15 - 20 minutes. It won't take up much of your time, which is a bonus point for busy individuals! In addition, they go by appointment basis, so you will be allocated a time slot.

5) Is there anything that you have to avoid after the procedure?

Answer: I guess it's only the sunlight for the time being? But no worries even if you have to go out under the sun. Just apply ample sunblock! The lovely staff at Dr Tyng Tan clinic will put on sunblock for you after the procedure and you can carry on your daily activities.

6) Do your pimples/acne/scars really disappear, like forever???

Answer: In all honesty, nothing is forever. Chemical peeling is effective in keeping your pimple and acne under control. At the same time, it diminishes existing scars (but you may have to go through a few sessions to see the evident results.) I do still experience new breakouts (but that is due to my laziness in removing make-up at times and hormonal changes during menstruation). However, I can definitely vouch that my condition is way better than before. I used to have full of pimples all over my forehead but they are all under control now, except for a few pop-outs here and there sometimes. 

Here was an old pic... You will be amazed.

Image result for chemical peeling sgcomplainqueen

And this is an after-photo (Pardon the CUI face but I am just trying to show the effects on my forehead!) TOTALLY NO EDITING OR FILTER HOR.

Image result for chemical peeling sgcomplainqueen

7) Am I suitable for chemical peeling?

Answer: Honestly, this depends on each individual. Dr Tan will be accessing your skin condition during the consultation stage prior to any procedure being carried out. So no worries on that part. Based on her professionalism, she will be able to offer you the best advice as each person has different skin type and condition. You will be in good hands for sure! If you are interested in a consultation, do feel free to refer to the below details. (BONUS: Quote my blog sgcomplainqueen for a waiver of consultation fees!) 

That's basically Part 1 of my answers to FAQs. Should you have any other questions, you can feel free to  e-mail me and I will try my best to answer you if I can! 

Details of the clinic:

Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic
391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #08-04, Singapore 238873
Enquiry Hotline: +65 6235 0010

Sunday, 7 January 2018

[Sad news] Closure of Daiso in VivoCity

When I first heard of the news, my first reaction was...

"This has got to be a joke, right?"

Honestly, I thought all the online news were nothing but a clickbait.

But.. It turned out that it was true. 

(Image credit to: Goodyfeed)

I was dumfounded for a full whole minute.

In case you are wondering why I am so affected by this piece of unexpected news, it is because I have a deep connection towards this particular Daiso branch.

I somehow do not wish to show this unglamorous photo and never have I expected that this would be the only picture that I can retain the memory of VivoCity's Daiso.

Yes, I used to work at Daiso during my younger days (not that I am very old now either...) - but this was taken approximately more than 8 years ago.

AND yes, the main branch that I was attached to was the soon-to-close-down Daiso at VivoCity.
During those days, I have went through moments of anger, happiness, sadness... 

Pardon the blurry photo, this was taken when technology was not that advanced then.

I made a few new friends and gained experiences as a part-time sales assistant. 
I will never forget how I was so comfortable with the store layout that I could almost memorise where the stocks were located.
I did not earn much then, but I was contented with my life. I felt productive that I was actually doing something and earning money for my parents and myself.

Now that I have fully transitioned into adulthood, my workplace was surprisingly near VivoCity and it became one of my to-go stores during lunch hours.
Whenever I organised events for my department, Daiso would always be my saviour. 

From gift ideas to decorations, Daiso has it all.

And YES, I know there are many other branches in Singapore but I guess it will never be the same for me after the one at VivoCity has closed down.

To me, it holds memories.
A companion since my student days.

It's hard to see it go, but I guess it's a Goodbye for now. :(
Thank you, VivoCity's Daiso... For being my great saviour most of the times.