Thursday, 24 November 2016

Best Job in the World? True or not?

What's possibly the best job in the world?
To be engaged in something you love, or simply just for the moolah (money)?

(Image credits to Google)

What if there's an opportunity for you to do something you LOVE and yet EARN $20,000 at the same time? 

"You have got to be kidding me", I hear you say. "Is this some kind of dirty job?"

Carlsberg is currently giving you the chance to possibly hold the best job in the world and the payout is a whooping $20,000 for a mere 4 hours of work. ($5,000 per hour)

If you think it's too good to be true, then read on before deciding! 

Apparently, this is a campaign launched by Carlsberg and they are actually legitimately paying the successful applicant the amount of money that was promised! (Someone was selected as the lucky winner last year and he took home $10,000. That's even better than striking consolation prize in 4D!) 


And this year they have increased the amount to $20,000!

Most importantly, it cost NOTHING to sign up for the campaign.


- Be a Carlsberg ambassador
- Enjoy ice-cold Carlsberg during work
- Entertain your friends with probably the best beer in the world

- Zero experience (You don't have to be an avid drinker...)
- 100% Carlsberg Passion
- Able to Work for 4 hours
- Does not posess own transport (driver included!)

Job Requirements & Registration
Anyone who feels that they are the best candidate for the job can make an application at
This job is  only open to applicants aged 18 and above

Online registration (free, of course) opens on Monday November 21 and closes on Sunday December 4.

Selected finalists will be notified to attend a simple job interview on the afternoon of December 15

Of course no guarantees that you will be selected, but as long as you participate - You stand a possible chance! Never try, never know right??? The best things come unexpected. I currently do have a few friends who have participated in it as well!
It's only a day's work, so you don't have to worry about resigning from your existing job. LOL. Just think about all the honeymoon and holiday that you can go after winning the sum of money.


Friday, 4 November 2016

My New Phone - Can you trust China brands?

OMG, it has been a really looong while since my blog was updated.
Many things have happened; and there were several that I had wanted so much to update on my blog but ended up forgetting all about it.
Anyway.. Here's a recent update that I MUST share:-
I have changed a new mobile phone!!
No, I didn't change it deliberately- but my Samsung phone somehow stopped working while I was playing Pokémon Go (I guess it was overheated). #Truestory
 In case you are wondering... No, it wasn't a Note 7.
Being a Samsung user for years, I decided to give other brands a chance.
When it comes to mobile phones, I believe the first two brands that popped into everyone's minds would be either "Apple" or "Samsung".
I had wanted an Apple, but it is undeniably PRICEY.
Nope. Not within my budget.
*strikes off the list*
Will it explode? Kidding.
I felt many of Samsung phones are quite similar.
I wanted to try something different.
*strikes off the list*
I went online to research on other brands.
It was then that I spotted OPPO.
I was not really familiar with the brand, although I have heard of it.
It was said that this phone is one of the BEST selfie phones in the market.
Did anyone say SELFIES?!?
Now it has definitely caught my attention.
Not only that, the brand has a tagline that goes (I am sure many of you have heard this before as their advertisements are everywhere in cinemas as well)
(Translation: Charge for 5 minutes, chat for 2 hours)
Really meh?! Too good to be true or not?!?!
Online reviews were surprisingly good  - and I spent a whole night researching on it.
And the next day...
I settled on an OPPO R9.
There were people who commented that the design and user interface (UI) is a knockoff from Apple iPhones, which I admit it sure does look like an Apple from a distance.
Even the available colours are close enough - Rose pink and gold.
I don't really care about that though - as long as the phone serves its purpose.
Yes, so what if it's a China brand - not all China phones are bad, right??
Although I do agree to a certain extent that China is good at imitations, but it does not stop me from giving some of their products the benefit of doubt.
I know some of you have been wanting to know my opinions about the phone ever since I've gotten it and whether it is REALLY good, here is my verdict:-
(No, OPPO did not pay me money to say this)
1) Is it really one of the best selfies phone in the market?
YES, YES and YES. (In my opinion)
 I was seriously amazed by the quality of its camera. In fact, its front camera has even higher pixels than its back camera! Not only that, it came equipped with a beauty function as well that makes my complexion glow (Okay, that gives me a fake sense of confidence because I do have bad dark eye circles in real life... but the results of the pictures sure are satisfying! In fact, many of my friends have tried using my phone for selfies and were quite tempted to get one for themselves)
This was taken under extreme dim lighting in a karaoke room:-
(It seems to have auto brightness control!)
2) Is "充电五分钟通话两小时" true???
 (Translation: Charge for 5 minutes, chat for 2 hours)
It sounded too good to be true initially, but it didn't fail to amaze me on this one.
OPPO has its own VOOC flash charging system that will get your smartphone to 75% of battery with a thirty-minute charge.
I used to charge my ex-mobile phones overnight (which can be quite dangerous), but I did not have to worry about that one when it comes to my OPPO phone.
I AM SERIOUSLY TAKEN ABACK by how fast it can charge my phone to full bar within a short time span.
At first, I did not believe that the battery will be lasting since it charges so fast.
I was proven wrong.
It lasted me even longer than my older phones - which means that I can go a FULL day without charging.
(Note: I am a HEAVY phone user)
(Extra Note: In order to enable the fast-charging mode, I have to use their own proprietary cable in which it comes as a set with the phone. I can still use normal USB cables to charge it too, just that it will only be at normal speed.)
It takes EXCESSIVE usage in order for the battery to drain to 0%.
Of course, the phone is still pretty new currently and I am not sure if this standard will maintain for long - I'll keep that under review for now! 
3) Does the phone lag or have overheating issues?
So far, the speed has been pretty satisfying for me. It only lags if I am excessively using it, but it works really wonderfully most of the times!
As for overhearing issues, it did not really heat up much unless I was running many applications at a time.
(I downloaded an app to clear background running applications to keep it cool, so everything has been pretty great)
4) What are some of the cons? I mean, it certainly does have bad points right?
Yes, of course we can't have the best of both worlds.
One thing I find disappointing is that the battery is an in-built one. (non-removable). I always feel unsafe about batteries that cannot be removed.
If the phone is spoilt, there is no option to purchase a new battery for replacement.
It will mean going to its service centre. (But mine comes with a 2 year warranty)
Also, its dual SIM card slot and memory card slot share the same position. In other words, it means that if you decide to use it as a dual SIM card phone, then you will not be able to insert an external memory card into it.
You have to choose your preference.
Other than that, the phone is pretty worthy of its price!
I got it at $440 online from Carousell.
I was lucky to met the seller who happens to be an owner of a mobile phone/gadget store and he gave me additional perks! He threw in 2 free casings (which are worth approximately $10 each), new tampered glass screen protector (which he was kind enough to paste it for me) and original accessories + unused warranty.
Although it is considered a second-hand phone since it has been used, but it was in an almost near-perfect condition as the previous owner had only used it for 3 months.
I am totally in love of how my OPPO looks!
(My friend, Si Ling, gave me a gold-colored signature of Michael Jackson that I could use to paste it on my phone.
Thank you, Ling!)

And this is how it looks like with the casing on.
(This casing was one of the two that the seller had given to me!)

I am not helping OPPO to advertise in any way by posting this, but just purely sharing my thoughts as a OPPO R9 user.
Oh, by the way.... I actually dropped my phone on the floor and into a toiletbowl accidentally...
It survived.
I hope it helps anyone who happens to chance upon my blog while researching on the phones!
Till then, do stay tuned for more posts coming up!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

[Event] Fancy a Domino's Awesome 4-Some?!

If you think being a blogger is is easy, I'll tell you it isn't because I have to control my saliva (excuse me for sounding disgusting) while blogging about FOOD.
And don't say I did not warn you for clicking in to read this entry because you are most likely going to salivate as well.

With major thanks to The Influencer Network and Domino's Pizza for the event invitation (my stomach says thanks too), I was able to taste a new wonderful combination of my favorites from Domino's Pizza. (Do read on to find out more!)

Honestly, I was already a fan of Domino's Pizza since ages ago, so having the opportunity to taste their new launch is truly an honor!

I went down to the venue (Domino's Pizza @ Kovan branch) with an almost empty stomach after work. 
An easily accessible place from Kovan MRT!!

Some of the below images are courtesy of The Influencer Network. Thank you for capturing so many beautiful photos!

If you are still wondering what is this "Awesome 4-Some" I have been talking about, here it is: -

Open the box to reveal the goodies that await...

My eyes sparkled when they revealed the contents inside the box.

If you are an avid Domino's fan like me too, I am sure you would recognize them. 
YES, they have now "combined power" to bring you the full satisfaction of having the best of FOUR worlds. LOL.

But what got me so excited is the fact that they indeed used to be my favorite sides - and now I can have them all in a box! Whoever came up with this idea, THANK YOU! Haha.
Here are the 4 tasty sides, if you haven't know already:-

1) Cheesy Mozzaralla Stix - 100 PERCENT Mozzarella Cheese wrapped in a CRISPY CRUST topped with Mozzarella cheese, baked to a GOLDEN PERFECTION.

2) Mini Cinadots - (I think the name of this is so cute!) Delightful Mini Cinadots that are sprinkled with cinnamon and complemented with icing sugar for a sweet treat. Honestly, I am not a cinnamon lover but I somehow enjoyed this. The cinnamon is not too overpowering and the sweetness is just right!

3) Golden Roasted Drummets - My ALL-TIME favorite at Domino's. Seriously. If you are a drummets lover and have yet to taste these, YOU SURE ARE MISSING OUT. These are well-seasoned, tender and juicy roasted chicken drummets. No, I am not exaggerating.

4) Garlic Cheese Onion Rings - Savor the taste of cheesy, garlicky golden rings made with 100% REAL onions and baked to a tender crisp.

Sorry ah, they are mine, MINE, MINE. *grabs*

Haha, I have no idea who made this - but it's so freaking cute! The tasty sides spread...

 I am seriously impressed with Domino's for coming up with such selections. Customers like us no longer need to be spoilt for choice anymore!

And yes, you can choose to order this tasty four-in-one box as a snack on its own or even best completing with the 2 Pizza Deals from Domino's Pizza!

And that's not all. It is currently available for sale at an Introductory Price of SGD$15 (Usual Price: $22.20), with NO delivery charge.

How shiok is that?! Having it delivered to your doorstep!!

Back to the event, Domino's is so kind to treat us to their other signature selections too - A real treat for all of us attending bloggers!

If you are one who haven't tried Domino's before, mai tu liao... Seriously.

Enjoying the food and companion with the other influencers! It was so nice getting to meet new friends!
(Hope to see you girls in other events soon!)

It was a feast. We had the Awesome 4-Some and loads of drummets!

We were even treated to delicious meatballs (However, they contain beef so I only ate a little of it)

And this is a MUST mention. I ALWAYS have this whenever I dine in at Domino's.

Chocolate Lava cake.

It is not my first time blogging about this and I am still HIGHLY raving it.
If you are a chocolate lover, you must must must must must must must try this else it's a lifetime regret!
I literally screamed "OH MY GOD" when I tried it for the first time years back. 
Poke your spoon in and experience the WARM chocolate bursting like a volcano eruption.

It was a really fun event meeting other fellow influences while tasting all the goodness at Domino's.
And all of you out there are definitely not forgotten as well!

For being such an avid reader, here's an EXTRA bonus for you guys out there -

-Quote “TIN2R” for 2 Regular Pizza + $1 Off Awesome 4-Some
-Quote “TIN2L” for 2 Large Pizza + $2 Off Awesome 4-Some
-Quote “TIN2XL” for 2 X-tra Large Pizza + $3 Off Awesome 4-Some

Offer is valid for Online Order (, Call Centre (62226333) and Over the Counter. Coupon valid from 6 Aug – 7 Sept 2016. #dominossg #awesome4some

Here's a fun contest that you can join to win exciting prizes for yourself as well!

"Be A National Day Pizza Patriot" Contest (1st - 31st August 2016)

Just simply upload a photo of yourself sharing Domino's Pizza like a Pizza Patriot, a person who defends the right to share pizza! (Haha, personally I find the whole concept VERY creative)

For every 51 photos uploaded, bigger and better prizes will be unlocked for all of Singapore. You could even unlock up to 50% off on your next trip to Domino's and that's not even the grand mystery prize!

Here's an illustration guide of the pose, courtesy of Domino's Pizza.

Like this loh: -
(You can come up with your own creative poses!!)

Ok, what are you guys waiting for?! Go along now and participate in the fun activities. 

Here's a good luck charm that you can print out- Just kidding.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Updates on my Chemical Peeling at Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic

If you have been following my blog, I am sure you guys will remember that I have been undergoing Chemical Peeling aesthetic treatment for a period of time.

Yes, I am currently still going for Chemical Peeling on a monthly basis - and I do keep a record of my progress which I am going to share on my blog every now and then.
(Read till the end, you will be shocked by the "transformation" of my skin condition.)

I have many readers and friends asking me the same question, "Does it really work?"
I'll reveal the obvious answer below:-

This was how my skin condition looked like 2 YEARS AGO:
(You can read my old entry here)
Terrible acne issues mixed with scars... Honestly I was horrified when I looked back at this photo. 

A close-up of my disgusting acne - They were all over my forehead!
Wa Lao eh... Can they look anymore disgusting?!?!


I took this photo RAW right after my recent Chemical Peeling session, absolutely no filter or editing. (And no make-up or concealer, too)
It was only taken under different lighting, but you can tell that most of my acne on forehead were gone!!

Almost magical.

No word can describe how elated I was when I saw the before/after difference. 
Although I dare not say that my acne are completely gone, but I can safely say that they are now under control (I did get new acne during the inevitable pre-menstrual periods, but they were gone pretty quickly) - which I am very relieved.

Ever since I've began on my Chemical Peeling journey, I've received comments from friends and colleagues that they were able to "sense" something different about my skin. (And some of them were not even aware that I did Chemical Peeling. They just commented that my skin condition improved, which made me so happy like a madwoman. Seriously, it's a wonderful feeling to get rid of those irritating ugly-looking acne scars)

For those who are still doubtful of Chemical Peeling, I hope my results are evident enough to tell you otherwise.

That's me during a normal Chemical Peeling session: -

Yes, acne can be a real headache sometimes and it is NOT easy to get rid of them after they became scars. They made me really depressed at a point of time, especially when I am someone who do not like to depend on wearing make-up (not even foundation!!) on a daily basis.
I am just glad that Chemical Peeling works for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking a solution for your acne issues.

There may be several clinics in Singapore offering Chemical Peeling treatments, but do bear in mind that having a good doctor to do the job is equally important

Sometimes, it's not about the price - but the quality of the services that are being delivered.
So far, my face has always been in the good hands of Dr Tyng Tan.

She's such a lovely doctor who never fails to make me smile whenever I went for my sessions. I remembered how I used to be really nervous during my first few sessions of Chemical Peeling, but she had always put my worries at ease. (Thank you, Dr Tyng Tan!)

If any of you are interested in Dr Tyng Tan's services in Chemical Peeling, you can read more information about it here and contact the clinic for any questions too!!:
Don't say I never share ah!!

Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic, Singapore
Address: 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City
Tower B, #08-04, Singapore 238873.

Telephone: +65 6235 0010

And I shall end off this entry with a happy me!

Saturday, 6 August 2016



The highly-raved game has been the talk of the town for the longest time ever, with everyone anticipating the release.

Everywhere I went, it was Pokemon here, Pokemon there.

When I first installed the game, I was hit by a wave of nostalgia as the interface reminded me of my Gameboy which I used to play when I was a young kid. For a moment, my brainwaves time-traveled.
Pokemon was a hit back then, with many different version releases and I have to admit I was hooked.

In the new century, the game has now evolved cleverly.
It has made use of GPS technology which requires the gamer to catch pokemons in real life by PHYSICALLY going to places instead of a virtual walk-through.
(So you can imagine the sight of people holding their phones and walking around like wandering souls trying to search for virtual pokemons)

Talk about taking the game to another level huh.

And now comes the part that I would like to complain.
As much as I think this game is an enjoyable one for the young and old, THIS IS SUCH A ROAD HAZARD.

I don't think it is of any use that gamers were urged to be careful when playing it because I am pretty there will still be reckless people who WILL NOT LOOK OUT FOR THEIR SURROUNDINGS.
Yes, I have met a guy who was so engrossed on the phone that he did NOT lift his head for even a second and literally WALKED right into me.

And guess what?

He stared at me as though I had killed his family and had the cheek to let out a loud "TSK", clearly indicating that I was the one at fault.
Tsk what Tsk? 我没有 TSK 你,你就应该偷笑了!


Hello, do you expect people to give way to you because you are busy catching pokemons on your phone?
How about doing that on the road, make sure you don't lift your head and focus on your phone so your pokemon won't run away?
And when you collide with a car, blame it on the driver because he should have known better. 
(I don't think you are even alive by that time to blame the driver anyway)

Honestly, I won't be surprised if accident rates are higher after the release of Pokemon Go.
Not that I am trying to curse people out there, but it is the truth.
Even without Pokemon Go, youngsters were already engrossed in their phones while texting, etc.
So please, PLEASE... Lift your head and look out for what is in front of you. Lifting your head only takes a mere 1 second or less (unless your head is so heavy that you can't lift it).

And to small kids out there, please do not wander around at night with the reason to catch Pokemons.
There are weird uncles aka 怪伯伯 out there waiting to pounce on you.
Your intention is to catch Pokemons, but their intention is to catch you.
No, I am not trying to scare you... But this is a likely scenario that will happen.
And when it does, it will be too late.

I don't know why I am beginning to sound like a typical naggy mother here, but I just hope that you guys will not compromise on your personal safety while playing the game. 
I know how it feels to be engrossed, and it can get pretty scary when safety is neglected.
Do not wait until something bad to happen then regret it. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

EXPOSED on Kopenhagen Rabbit Keychains: You are supporting animal cruelty WITHOUT knowing it!

I've been wanting to post this for the LONGEST time ever but I just couldn't find the time to sit down to do it.
It's something that has been bothering me for quite awhile and I am SO glad that it came out in the news today.

Yes, if you haven't heard about it - It's regarding this little cutesy keychain here (known as "Kopenhagen rabbits") that I am sure you would have seen it somewhere.
It's like the in-trend thing and I can guarantee you almost all the girls out there would squeal in delight because it IS JUST SO CUTE, FLUFFY AND SOFT

Just like a real rabbit.


Yes, they may NOT necessarily be fur from the rabbits (just that they were MADE into the shape of a rabbit) - but I've done a bit of research and found that there were reports that the fur were skinned from animals known as Minks.

How could anyone possibly lay a finger to skin these cute little creatures?

According to a source on how minks are killed:-

"Most of the mink on fur farms are killed between November and December, except for the animals that are kept for breeding stock for the following year. These animals are killed in March and frozen for their pelts until the winter. They are gassed to death.

Animal Equality has documented how minks are forced out of their cages by farmers and thrown violently into the gassing box. Seventy minks are crammed inside. Once inside, they can remain alive for over fifteen minutes, making desperate attempts to escape."

(I am not saying that ALL of the Kopenhagen rabbit keychains are made only from mink fur as there are many different manufacturers. BUT I do have credible sources from some manufacturers that they have used mink fur to make the keychains)

I have no idea if people who bought it are actually AWARE that these are made from real animal fur (dead or alive, we won't know) BUT one thing for sure, these fur were SKINNED from poor, innocent animals who sacrificed themselves just to become that cute but dead little accessory you hang on your bag.

I was at Bugis last week and spotted one of the stalls selling them. It was not difficult to spot as they looked so colorful and many shoppers would often stop short in their tracks to touch them.

"Ohhh.. Sooo cute! So soft!"

Knowing very well that these were real fur, I asked the shop assistant about it nonetheless.
She immediately denied that those were real and said those were in fact "Man-made fur"


If those fur are man-made, then my armpit hair are man-made, too. *rolls eyes*

But I am sure her answer would let the guards down of many because people would feel safe that they are man-made, hence going ahead to purchase it thinking that NO ANIMAL WAS HARMED.
If you are one who own one and not aware that this is actually real, then it's time you should take a second look at it again.


Real Fur are incredibly soft to touch (NO man-made fur is able to replicate that feel) while fake fur feels coarse and even rough at some points. I know very well because I own fake fur products.
Also, there will be a tinge of smell - I am not sure how to describe it exactly, but it has this grass-kind of smell that only exists in real fur.


Honestly, I was captivated and tempted to purchase the Kopenhagen rabbit keychains before until I conducted my own research and discovered the horror behind them.
For those of you who use Taobao, try searching for Kopenhagen rabbits on them and you can see for yourselves. Some sellers will even state the origins of the fur and HOW they made them.

You will be stunned for words.

Surprisingly, nobody had reported about it or even mentioned on any websites during the period when it was so hot in trend.
I guess people just took it that the Kopenhagen rabbit keychains are just another accessory.


If you love animals and are against animal cruelty, DO NOT SUPPORT SUCH ACT BY PURCHASING OR EVEN HANGING ON YOUR BAGS.

You MIGHT be actually hanging a piece of MINK if you do:-

My heart just broke while sourcing for pictures of Kopenhagen rabbit keychains for this blog entry.

Unless you don't mind the idea that poor animals such as minks had their fur SKINNED just to become that fanciful accessory you hang on your bag, then you can go ahead to purchase it.

 Just remember that you are owning a piece of what could have been the beautiful fur on that animal if not for the fact its life has been sacrificed for you.

Monday, 25 July 2016

[Media Event] USANA'S New Launch - MySmartShake

If you are someone who are looking for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle (in terms of diet) in an enjoyable manner (LOL, sounds weird, I know.. But read on!), I am sure what I am going to share with you in this blog post may somehow appeal to you.


Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to promote or advertise blindly without facts - Everyone loves reviews based on personal experiences, so here I am - with photos to share as well!

With thanks to William and USANA for the invitation, I had the opportunity to try out a really fun session with their latest product - MySmartShake.
What's MySmartShake, you ask?
My first impression when I heard the name was, "Eh, is it a kind of milkshake?" LOL.
Well, close. But not entirely.
(You must be thinking I am kidding. Well, I'm not!)
Simply put, MySmartShake is a customisable protein-based
shake that help consumers meet their personal lifestyle needs by rebalancing their diets.
I don't wish to bore you out with too much details about health (I know this can get pretty boring), but allow me to share some information about it that will benefit you in the long-run. Read first, and thank me later!
Admit it, sometimes we know that a certain food is unhealthy BUT yet we gave in to temptation (Seriously, who can give up GOOD food?!)
Such as these: -

Saliva drooping, no??
Delicious as most unhealthy food are, the modern Singaporean diet comprises large amount of processed carbohydrates and the excessive intake of these is often associated
with obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.
Our bodies cannot live with fats, too. BUT MANY OF US ARE GETTING FATS FROM THE WRONG SOURCES - known as UNHEALTHY FATS.

It's really a headache to balance the essentials in our bodies, it's either the fats too much that led to obesity (Agree or not?!) or lack of certain nutrients.
Some people simply don't give a damn because it's a hassle to keep a balanced diet.
That is why I am amazed when I got to know about the invention of MySmartShake. I can't wait to share with you guys too because this is really fascinating!
With ONLY a few simple steps, you can "rebalance" your diet and witness improvement in the long run.

“Packed with complete proteins, reduced levels of simple carbohydrates, coconut oil as a healthy source of saturated fat and no refined sugar, MySmartShake lets consumers fill their tummies in the most healthy and tasty way,” said Mr. Kenny Tan, Regional Senior Nutritionist at USANA Singapore.

NO WAY. Usually healthy and tasty don't go along well with each other.
OK, enough talk. I shall let pictures do the talking!
A random selfie pic before I headed down to the media launch of MySmartShake:

When I reached the area, I was warmly greeted by the friendly staff. I felt so welcome that I actually forgot to take a photo of the main entrance as intended. No joke. DAMN.

While sitting at the waiting area, I was given a little orange sticker to stick on and the staff told me that I would be in the orange team.

Sounds like there would be a friendly competition going on?!
I was soon led to a cosy seminar room in which I went around exploring the area and took photographs, along with other bloggers who had reached.

The sight of so many of my favourite fruits on the table! I was so tempted to grab a bowl of those juicy-looking grapes!! (but I didn't lah... Cannot spoil my image as a professional blogger mah.)

There were 3 table set-ups that were similar. I had no idea what we were going to do yet at that point of time, but I was feeling the excitement in me. It looked like we would be going to make something.

 Seriously, I could feel a healthy vibe in that room. Hahaha.

And here's Ms Lily Farquhar, a lovely lady who is certified holistic health coach! It's a really cool job title, don't you think so?! She shared with us some information about health. She definitely made a good example because she looked radiant. Like really radiant. LOL.

Just to share some of the interesting slides that were shown to us during the launch:

Introduction to MySmartShake and how easy it is to prepare:-

There are 2 different types of bases that one can choose from - Whey and Soy. Each packet is made up of 14 servings!

After deciding on the base you prefer for your shake, here's the yummy part- Flavour Optimisers!

According to your mood or craving, you can choose the different kinds of flavours that they have.
And unlike other drinks of such flavours, USANA's flavour optimisers contain only less than 40 calories for each sachet. Not to mention they are made of NATURAL flavours. In other words, they are not artificially-flavoured, which would be unhealthy.

(I know some of you may be sceptical and think, "Will it really taste so good?!" Well, read on to find out MY verdict!)

Soon, we were split into our teams according to the color stickers that we were given.
I was in the orange team.

Each team were given a theme and we had to make a shake that's related to it. Our team got the theme of "A healthy breakfast"!)
We had to pick 3 different fruits from the long table (It can be ANY fruits we prefer - but we just had to keep our theme of a healthy breakfast in mind!)
Our team picked strawberries, blueberries and bananas.
There was a time limit so all of us were very "Kan cheong". Our table soon turned into a mess! Haha.

We were told to put in 2 scoops of the base (We put the Soy base) together with the fruits in the blender.

I'm really sorry for the blurry pictures because it was not easy trying to capture pictures amidst the excitement that was going on!

*It was not captured here but we added in the flavour optimiser in as well*
We threw in the strawberries first.

Then bananas.
And a few blueberries.
(It reminded me so much of Home Economics class! Haha)
 Of course, we had to add in some organic soy and water to mix - else it would be too clumpy and dry!

To enhance it, we put in some ice cubes as well to make a cold shake.
You see, everything is up to your preference.

Now.. Ready to blend it, baby??!

It took us a few attempts to blend it because we didn't add in enough soy and water, and the end product was very thick in texture. But we managed to get it right eventually!

It was then that we were told that we had to decorate our shake as well to ensure that it is Instagram-worthy.
WHOA. We panicked for awhile.
One of the team members was very creative and used blueberries to decorate the top. We were praying so hard that the berries would not sink!
"Shall we add in a strawberry as well?"
And we even added a bit of healthy sesame seeds to it. SO HOW DO YOU THINK WE FARE?!?!
Look professional or not?!
*feels a sense of pride*
You want a closer look? Okay.


 All of us were so excited with our own masterpiece shake that we came up with all sorts of patterns to capture it at its best.

After the first shake, that's NOT the end for us! We were then told that we had to create a second shake, and it would be judged according to its look and taste!
The winning team will receive attractive Takashimaya vouchers!!
All of us were like "GOSH, I AM SO GOING TO WIN IT!"


That's William posing for a shot (Haha, he looked like he was endorsing the products!!!)

More pics of the masterpieces created:

This was a shake created by another team which I think was really creative! 

Nearing the end of the session, we were given the opportunity to try our own shake! Honestly, I love them. And I am sure many others did, too. The cups were gone in 10 minutes!

This is from the winning team. I think they definitely deserve the win - The gradient-like effect of the drink is so cool. It was a pity I did not get the chance to try samples of their shake!

Everyone was in a frenzy of taking photographs and it was funny as we used different fruits to place around the drinks (as part of the "props"). The effects really not bad eh!
After all the photo-takings, we had the opportunity to bring home some of MySmartShake products so we can make our own shake! (Thank YOU, USANA!!)
I was so thrilled and could not wait to start making one of my very first shakes right away. Who knows, I can come up with a very cool drink blended with the best combination of fruits that is worthy of world-class standard. WAHAHA. #daydream

I can honestly say that this session is a real eye-opener...
I still cannot believe that something that looks so nice can taste so nice, too. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Not only that, it has all the health benefits our bodies need - What more can one simply ask for? It's like having so many benefits in a single drink, not to mention that it improves and re-balances our health if consumed over a longer period of time.
I especially love the fact that everything is so customisable and they are not restrictive on it. For example, if I love oranges and apples, I can simply just add them in to make MySmartShake for the day.
They can be tailored according to my daily craving and mood. Hahaha.

I know you must be tempted after reading about my experience - Anyway, no harm trying out and see for yourself. It's a health turner.

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