Wednesday, 23 April 2014

[Review] Groupon deal: Vellus Hair Studio - GOOD or BAD?

As I'll be flying off to Taiwan pretty soon with the intention to have my hair permed (I have even made a booking with the salon two months before!), I decided to give my hair some nourishment and pampering in Singapore first.

As some of you may or may not realize, I have been a "Groupon deals hunter" lately, so much so that I am starting to be worried as I keep spending money on deals!!! (Heck, I really enjoyed those deals so far, especially those massage/spa ones)

I came across this one day while I was searching for hair treatment deals:

Vellus Hair Studio
Seriously, I have never heard of them before. (I guess Groupon is one of the ways for merchants to gain more awareness about their business?)
As the price was kinda attractive (Only $18 for Boce Hair Treatment + Wash + Blow), I thought I would give it a try.
Furthermore, the venue was located quite conveniently near Tanjong Pagar MRT. Definitely worth checking out!
Not to mention that I have my BFF going with me as well and we'll be trying out their services together! =D

Took a pic of myself before heading there. My hair was in such a terrible state that I had to wear my cap!

Unfortunately, I did not capture any photograph during the journey since I didn't intend to blog about it, but later changed my mind after the hair treatment (You will see why later).

I was taken aback by the salon's interior when I first set my foot in. In all honesty, it is a salon that does not look like a salon AT ALL. I was expecting to see some kind of standard salon chairs neatly lined in a row - but trust me, you will not believe your eyes when you see it for yourself. Unlike most salons, Vellus Hair Studio provides you all the privacy and comfort you'll need. Yes, you heard it right - You will have ONE room all to yourself. 

So.. Basically, you can sleep, shake your leg, dig your nose, scratch your armpit for all you need - Nobody is there to watch (... Except the hairstylist, of course. LOL) Sorry, I'm just disgusting this way. Hahaha.

This was the first time I experienced such VIP treatment. Not to mention that Vellus Hair Studio works differently, too.

Instead of just plunging straight into cutting your hair or those standard one-liners, they will give you a briefing about hair scalp and a customized hair analysis of your scalp/hair condition! Using a micro device, you will be able to see a 1000% close-up of your own scalp and hair on a TV screen (which I thought was kinda' disgusting to the extent that I felt I had goosebumps).

It felt weird at the same time knowing that it is YOUR own scalp/hair that the screen is featuring. Seriously, my scalp condition was kinda' horrible as there were jelly-like substances clouding all over my scalp area and oil clogs. Those were so micro that they were not apparent to our naked eyes at all - unless using their micro device which I thought was amazing. 

Sorry that I did not take any picture at all during the process (I regretted much!) to show the before/after treatment as I did not expect myself to be blogging about it.

As my Groupon voucher was only for hair treatment, I topped up an additional $74 (It was originally $148 but we could have the 50% discount due to being a first-time customer) to try out their scalp treatment. (Note: I topped up on my own accord. I'm impressed that there was no hard-selling on their side at all)

If you were to ask me, I doubted the effectiveness of the treatment AT FIRST as I have never done scalp treatment before. I was actually convinced by the hairstylist's confidence in making my hair better after the treatment.... and GOSH, she really worked her magic in bringing my badly damaged hair back to life.
I do not have any before/after picture, but I did camwhore abit using my mobile phone during the process. 

Here's a random pic of the recommended cranberry tea that was served to us. (Plus point added for having such a service) The tea was nice!

While it was my BFF's turn for her treatment, I camwhored again:

And another using my camera. 

Mind you, I am not lying and neither am I affiliated with them in any way - so I earn nothing from advertising for them. I AM PURELY SHARING MY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE because it worked for me, and definitely worth a try if you are looking for a different-than-normal salon.
It may sound unbelievable, but you will be amazed at how different a treatment will make your hair look! 

You will even be given the chance to witness the effects of the treatment as the hairstylist will use the micro device to show you the results before and after. No kidding here, but majority of my oil clogs were gone. My scalp looks like a stranger's. LOL. At the same time, you can really FEEL a cleaner and softer scalp after the treatment physically. Just use your hands and reach out for your scalp. 

They do have a package for us to consider, but I did not sign up for it as I am starting to feel the pinch in my pockets. It was a real shame as I LOVE their services, and probably I'll return again when they have future promotions. I am not so much of a package-person... So.. Yeah.

But I am thankful to have found this salon through Groupon. I have always hated merchants that resort to hard-selling customers after they have purchased the deals to top up and stuff, but be rest assured that Vellus Hair Studio will not do that. That is one of the factors why I am impressed as well.

The staff were very friendly as well, and they were so kind to lend me their lighting for photo-taking purpose! :)

Here's a sneak peak of my OOTD (and my hair after the treatment) - If you like the dress I am wearing, do keep a lookout for my upcoming advertorial that I'll be doing for the online store! :)
I'll feature more photos soon!

P/S: I received positive comments the next day regarding my hair and how much better it is looking now. It made me a happy girl because I have never expected this!

Since sharing is caring, here's their address:

83A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, Singapore 088504

Friday, 18 April 2014

[Food Recommendation] Mae Noi Thai Food!

Due to positive responses from my previous food recommendation entry, I guess I shall do more of such posts to share! 

As we all know, there are tons of delicious food in Singapore - but being aware of its existence -or not - is another issue. 
That is one of the reasons why I love the Internet as I can always count on the amount of positive reviews and more often that not, the experiences would not disappoint!

Right, let's cut to the chase  - I am not sure if you are one who love Thai food as much as I do, but I am always on the lookout for authentic taste of Thai. (Hmm... Think Thai Express.)

One year ago,I stumbled upon this humble store located on the 3rd storey of Bugis Street known as "Mae Noi Thai Food" ... and have been a returning customer ever since.

Here's an illustration of their Green Curry rice that I SIMPLY LOVE to the max:
It doesn't look appetizing but trust me, it's a HIDDEN GEM.

Combined with soft chicken meat and well marinated brinjals, I felt my spirit shooting out of my body as I took my first bite. (Sounds exaggerating, but you get the point!) Mind you, I don't usually eat brinjals but I actually find this version awesome. LOL.
Don't worry if you are afraid that their Green curry is spicy - it isn't. My bff does not fancy spicy stuff and she could take this very well. In fact, she loves it as much as I do! Seriously, I can't find a better version than the one at Mae Noi's. 


Some people like it thick, whereas others prefer it thin. Personally, I like the thicker one - and the Tom Yam soup at Mae Noi is simply perfect. I am usually quite picky whenever it comes to tom yam soup - I have encountered many disappointing ones.
But hey - faith in tom yam is restored whenever I patronize Mae Noi. Not to mention that it is located at such a convenient place - right in the middle of Bugis Street @ 3rd storey. Even when I am not shopping at the place, I wouldn't mind making a special trip down there just to satisfy my craving for Thai food.

Oh yes, the prices are cheap too! Within the range of $3 to $5.. Similar to those of hawker centers.
Damn - just try to believe it!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

[Highly Raved] Best Frog Leg Porridge and Stingray!

Okay, this is a HUGE sacrifice for me to even post this entry as I am pretty sure I am going to go hungry after typing everything.

(See? I am such a good person. I eat and I share awesome stuff with you guys! Now it gives you more reason to read my blog! Heh)

So I was at Ang Mo Kio the other day for my usual facial appointment (Thanks to my fabulous BFF, Pei Wen, for accompanying and even willing to wait nearly over 1 hr for me *guilty*). As both of us are "Westerners" (I mean, we live in the West side of Singapore), Ang Mo Kio seems like a foreign area to us.
However, we are open to exploring the place and ended up having one of the BEST days of our lives when we checked out a BBQ stall that was highly raved online. I'll post the actual address of the place later.
(Check out the compliments on FourSquare!

Sorry, no high quality photos as of now as everything was taken using my humble phone's camera. Not to mention that I didn't have much time to take many photos as both of us were just TOO hungry.

Here's the Frog Leg Porridge/Congee (or whatever you call it)

A close-up of the Frog Legs:
(Ok lah, my phone's camera not too bad lah, hor???)

Words can't even describe how tasty this pot of stuff is - The frog legs are meaty and wonderfully blended with the sauce. (You can request for less spice if you ain't a fan of spicy food) You won't regret this, I assure you! Do request for more sauce if you can.. You will get "addicted" pouring it in your porridge.

The meat was just soooo tender and soft... Urgh, you just have to try at least once to believe it! 
Sometimes... Online reviews are indeed believable if they are highly raved by Netizens.
Beware though, once you tasted it.. It will be unforgettable and gonna stick to you for life...

As if that is not enough, we ordered Stingray as well! (Yes, it's from the same stall! How convenient and perfect!)
To be honest, this is a very generous serving. At $12, it's considered HUGE. I mean, I have tried $12 versions in other places and the size isn't even half of this.

To top it all, the chilli tastes really good. Not that I am trying to exaggerate, but I almost fainted from overwhelming excitement. I just couldn't believe I was enjoying such heavenly food. Life felt SO beautiful in that instant and I wished time would just freeze.

Here's the leftovers:
Just a piece of bone...

Okay, I felt that my life is complete.
Here's the address: - (I earn nothing from them for this blog entry, but I just purely wanted to share!)

Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Leg Porridge 

Blk 530 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 S560530

(It's inside S11)

Yes, there is no need to travel to Geylang just to enjoy such a great taste. I am so jealous of you people living in AMK or even near AMK now. I wouldn't mind eating this everyday!

P/S: Damn, now I'm gonna cook myself some instant noodles as my stomach is indeed growling after posting this entry!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Groupon Review: Oriental Spa Chamber [PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!]

You may not know, but I am a total fanatic of massages!
In fact, I have been to quite a few that I kinda' regretted not blogging about them - reason being that I always purchase them through Groupon deals, and I am sure many of you out there would be googling for some reviews before clicking that "Buy Now" button.

Right, right... Right??!!

As such, I have decided to be *kind* and start blogging down my experiences for each Groupon deal that I purchase for the benefit of anyone who may be considering about it.

Be rest assured that I am not PAID in any way to blog about their services, hence these reviews are definitely not any form of advertisement. If they are good, then they simply are.
 If they are not, then I hope they are now regretting how badly they treated me (Note: Never offend a blogger! *glares*)

I have always believed in the importance of REVIEWS. They form a huge part of the company's reputation, no?

OK, so here's one that I purchased and tried yesterday with my Shreky:
The Oriental Spa Chamber

I actually came across this place randomly once and was amused by its name. The chinese words "Huang Ah Ma" literally mean "Emperor Dad" (not sure if I translated correctly) back in the olden Dynasty times. I was tempted to visit the place; and my wish was somehow granted when I spotted it on Groupon coincidentally on another day.

 Ok, it is not really THAT cheap - I got the one that was on promotion for 2 pax and we paid $42.50 each for 90 mins of session with them. It's usual prices for ala carte are WAY, WAY more expensive than the deal price!

(The session includes 60 minutes FULL body massage + 15 mins foot soak + 15 mins Sauna)
What appealed me was its ORIENTAL interior design of the place based on the photos that were advertised on its website. (Not to mention that I am a huge fan of oriental style).

So you can imagine my excitement when I managed to secure an appointment with them after I purchased the deal.
However, the booking of appointment wasn't really a smooth-sailing one as I was unreasonably told that they do not offer massage services AFTER April (I had wanted to book for a slot in June). I was appalled as it was supposed to be valid till AUGUST as stated on the Groupon website! The person who picked up my call did not provide me any reason despite me asking; and just simply insisted that they do not offer the services after April.

Well then, I gave in and went for a slot in March.

And so we went - Fortunately, the place was easily located as it was within a short walking distance from Chinatown MRT (Purple Line) - Exit E.
Gosh, I love, LOVE this painting on the wall. Talk about oriental!
Kudos to whoever painted the wall. Haha~

The Oriental Spa Chamber actually resides INSIDE a hotel, so its unmistakable!
We actually spent some time admiring the exterior and taking some random photographs before heading in for our registration.

Gosh, I believe this is one of the rarer times I'm posting a non-makeup photo of myself - but heck. I am not gonna care what you think. Ugly then ugly, lor.
(I don't know why, but I am not into makeup nowadays unless there are really important events. Getting lazy, I guess? But whatever)

When we finally got our asses into the place, we were led to a small cozy room and Ginger tea was served! We were told to wait for our turn as it was a busy Sunday for them. Since their waiting area was VERY comfortable (it somehow reminded me of those small study room in an ancient palace)

Pictures unclear due to the dim lighting and we were using our front camera - my sincere apologies!

Here's a pic taken from my better camera:

Palace, palace!

When it was our turn, we were called in to a small room that consisted of 2 comfy massage-alike chairs:

We were told to soak our feet in the bucket of sea salt water.
(It was #(*$##*$ scalding hot and it took us awhile to adapt to the temperature before we could fully soak our feet in)

Here's a pic of me getting all panicky at the feel of the hot water~

That's my Shreky:
(Note that she did not insert her feet entirely into the water too HAHAHA!)

Ok, now that the water is not that hot...
(We were allowed to bring in our Ginger tea to drink & enjoy the feet soak at the same time)

Shreky's Crayon-Shin Chan manicure design that she did in Malaysia! CUTE to the max!

Look at this door that I love so much:

When our 15 mins feet soak was up, we were led to hall of different compartments where we could finally lie down and relax for our 60 mins full body massage. I was SO hyped up at the thought that  I couldn't wait to pounce on the massage bed so badly. Speaking about being desperate. HAHA.
We were given time to change and wrap ourselves with towels while awaiting our masseurs. (Don't worry, they are all female masseurs!)

Sorry- as much as we had wanted to take photos of us during the massage session, we couldn't as we did not have a photographer with us. (Not to mention that we were given lockers to lock our bags outside)

Both Shreky and I were lucky that we were in the same compartment (We actually bought the 2 pax meant for couples); hence we were able to communicate with each other more freely!

So... You might be wondering how well the body massage went, right?
To be fair, I have to say that it was OK-OK. The initial part started out being painful as the masseur seemed to have powerful hands (I did tell her that it was quite painful and she used lesser force. In fact, it is always important to let your masseur know the level of pain you are experiencing during the massage!) . Thankfully, it became slightly more comfortable soon-after and I almost did fall asleep.

I would give the massage services a 7/10. 

It is definitely not the "VERY SHIOK" kind of massage; but its still okay for the experience. I mean, if you are not able to take the pain... Just voice it out and the masseur will definitely respect you. :)

The masseurs were friendly people, and despite the fact that we came in using Groupon vouchers, they still gave us good service (There are some places that will totally offer you a not-here-or-there service if they see that you purchase their services using vouchers).
Fortunately, the service at Oriental Spa Chamber was great.

We were being taken into a small room for our 15 min Sauna (In fact, it was my VERY first Sauna experience!) I didn't like it at the beginning, but slowly adapted to the heat and I was amazed by the amount of sweat that came out from all parts of my body - including my face!Honestly, I felt like I was a pig being roasted in a hot oven - but the "after-effect" was awesome.

The moment when we stepped out of the Sauna room, I FELT LIKE I WAS REBORN AGAIN. HAHAHA.

Our masseurs came over and gave us our towels to wipe our bodies before proceeding back into our compartment to change.

The best part of all about the Groupon deal?
 No hard-selling of packages or products, etc. I was most impressed.
So if you were to ask me whether this is something that is worth purchasing, I would say.. 
Even if its not for the massage experience, you may be interested in the oriental style of its interior.

So I guess that shall end my review here... Do bookmark my blog for more future reviews on the different deals I'm gonna try out! :)

RFJam Media Event cum Review of Pioneer Headphones

Was invited down to RFJam media event - A dance battle between different dancers.. and as promised, I finally had the opportunity to review some awesome headphones from Pioneer during its Designer Collab Launch as well! 
Well, who says there are no local talents in Singapore?
I hate to admit that I was not able to capture as many photos as I had hoped to due to the overwhelming crowd... Nonetheless, here are a few that I managed to capture after much squeezing through!

The young dancers ready for their battle..

Of course, different teams had their fair share of supporters!

There were small booths with Pioneer headphones - and an Instagram contest as well in which we could participate and win instant prizes at the end of the session! 
I was actually quite kiasu and did it by spamming a few photos of myself posing with the headphones. 
Here's one of my submitted entries (Haha, I do not want to spam repeated entries... So if you are interested to see more, just follow me at Instagram @ SGCOMPLAINQUEEN!)

I specifically like the color of this headphone - SE-MX9-T! It's not really striking; but yet there's an air of elegance about it. Not to mention that it can look good on either males or females as well!
Sound quality? Although I am no expert, but I have to say I am really impressed by the clear sound quality that it produces. It does make the music sound more "superior" as advertised. Annddd.... It's retailing at $399!
Aiya, you have to try it yourself to believe.

This is another model - SE-MX9-S
Its sound quality is quite close to the previous - but the color of this particular model isn't my cup of tea though. 

This is more of a striking color - bright orange.  I am sure any hipster will totally rock this. (Just that the white color part might be dirtied easily though)
I am surprised out well the bass was enhanced through the headphone... It was as though I was in a studio! Unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy a 100% percent of its sound quality due to the fact that the venue was too noisy :(

Spotted this beauty inside a display case! It's enhanced with fake jewels - and the headphone looks sophisticated! 

I was actually multi-tasking in the midst of testing the headphones! Haha.
There were 2 dancers battling against each other while 3 judges watched from onstage. They would give their verdict at the end of the battle!

Supporters watching intently...

I was actually situated at a position faraway from the stage, but I was glad my camera managed to zoom in to its potential! :p

And guess what? They even had their own tees, caps , etc for sale! :)
How innovative.

Some photos taken at the event:

Marie testing one of the headphones: Heh.

There was even a short break in between and I took the opportunity to roam around and take photos:

Marie sporting her golden sequinned shoes!

Thank you for the invitation to this media event... !