Friday, 27 February 2015


So I just came back from my River Hongbao (春到河畔 2015) trip.
If you have no idea what River Hongbao is, it is an annual CNY carnival - Something like a huge-scaled night market a.k.a Pasar Malam.

*Don't ask me why my face look like this. YOU WILL KNOW WHY WHEN YOU READ ON!

I used to visit River Hongbao when I was a kid. (Sigh, those memories...) and enjoyed the CNY decorations, food and most importantly... The GAME STALLS!

Oh boy, those game stalls were one of the main reasons why I loved visiting River Hongbao. I would feel rich after receiving the tons of ang baos from my relatives and spent them on the games that were considered fairly cheap then.

UNFORTUNATELY, this blog post is not abut reminiscing the memories. Instead,it is a COMPLAINT that I felt I HAVE to blog about after my visit. Believe me, I was in a huge rage after the visit, so much that I promised myself that I would blog about this immediately when I get back.

No doubt that the CNY decorations were breathtakingly beautiful, especially when they came up with a special SG50 theme this year.
However, the food and game stall prices were WAY BEYOND ridiculous - almost like a daylight robbery. 

Can you believe that the prices are DOUBLE to that of a normal Pasar Malam (For eg: A Popsicle that can be commonly found at typical Pasar Malams for $1 cost twice as much at River Hongbao) and the game stalls do not come with cheap anymore.

Gone were the times when I could have the choice to try my luck at game stalls that used to be  $2 per game.
Call me outdated, but imagine my horror when I discovered that the minimal price to pay for the games were NOW $22 and $50 respectively, and they come in cash credits form. It's similar to an arcade concept - You top up the card once credits have ran out.

I didn't take any photo as I was too infuriated at the moment. But here are some photos found online:

(Credits to

As I was tempted by the soft toys that were hung there (one of the games didn't seem difficult), my Dokiboy got us a $50 card to play with.
Of course, I felt the pinch when he paid for it. I am one who doesn't believe in luck games (Yes,I don't believe in arcades even)
I was hoping that I would at least WIN one of the soft toys back. HOPE.

(Image credit to: 

(Of course, what are the chances of not getting any single shit if $50 was invested, right? I mean, SURELY there would be a consolation prize or something...)

BUT BOY, was I wrong.
Here's what we got after $50 was spent:

Yes. A freaking SG50 balloon.

(Actually, we "won" 2 balloons. 1 of it burst along the way)

I mean, I am not complaining because I was unable to win anything.
(Probably the losing ratio is like 8:2)

Even the most supposedly basic Wheel of Fortune is no longer just a simple spin-and-win thing.
I had to "predict" the color of what the wheel would land on before spinning it.
Let's say if I bet on YELLOW and the wheel landed on other colors, then there would be 0 prize for me.

Not to mention that it is $5 per CASH CREDIT. 
That's $5 gone within split seconds.
Wow, easy money for them - Boo-hoo for me as the loser.

And there's another balloon dart-throwing game stall that only offers you 1 dart. It's a hit-or-miss thing and the player only has ONE freaking try for $5.

The worst part is, even if you managed to burst the balloon with your dart... It does NOT guarantee you a soft toy.
You will get this... ... for $5.

Needless to say, many were on a losing streak.
(Poor thing, most people did not even get a balloon)

OH, OH - and not to mention that we witnessed a group of Indians CHEATING at those games when the stall keeper was not looking. 
One of their friends actually used their hand to swipe the ball and the stall keeper happily gave them the soft toy that they totally did not deserve at all.

I was flabbergasted at the audacity and how openly the organizers have allowed that to happen.

Of course, how could one hide the disappointment of not winning anything and possibly losing all my ang bao money on those games? I was hoping for a sure-win game stall but there appeared to be none. 
Is the organizer really that CHEAPSKATE? People already spent so much money at your stalls and I believe you would already have recouped your $$$. In fact, is there even anything to recoup?! You have absolutely nothing to lose at all and I believe there would still be a truckload of soft toys left even after the event. 

COME ON LAH, I believe I have higher chances of hitting jackpot at casinos than winning 1 single soft toy from any of your game stall.

With the games so expensive to begin with, the difficulty level is unbelievably ridiculous.

I suggest that the organizer should review the difficulty level of the games and the pricing - I will NEVER, ever pay for anything like that again. 

I would rather spend the $50 on eating Ding Tai Fung or restaurant food than spending it at game stalls that require a miraculous amount of luck to win.

So, to those who are considering to visit River Hongbao.... Think twice.
Even if the price are in Ringgit, I would still find it ridiculous!!!


Sunday, 22 February 2015

CNY Day 2: A visit to Istana

Having spent most of my CNY days slacking and watching endless "Ghost Adventures" episodes during previous years, there's a special twist to my CNY this year!

Yes - That's the visit to Istana,  the official residence and office of the President of Singapore.
I never thought that I would have the opportunity to tour the area, so it was a rare one!
(Come on, it's not an everyday thing that one gets to enter the Istana!)

Of course, many of the areas in the Istana are still kept at bay.

Here's one of the photos I posted on Facebook - somehow a summary of my trip:
(I even wore a "I LOVE SG" shirt - actually a couple tee- to Istana. So patriotic and so me! LOL)

Some of my friends have mistaken that it requires money for the admission. NO, no and NO - Admission to Istana is FREE. The $2 ticket shown in my photo above was just the admission to one of the buildings in the Istana, which was optional. (It was stated publicly that the money from ticket sales would be donated to charity though)
The building would entitle one to have a rare glimpse of some of the few precious gifts given by other countries to the President of Singapore, which includes golden vases, silver high-class looking figurines, etc.
Unfortunately, photo-taking was a big no-no in the building and I was not able to capture any despite my hands itching to do so!!! GRRR.
Security guards were stationed at every corner so we could only retain the memories in our brains.
Oh well.

I did not want to leave the Istana empty-handed, and ended up with the purchase of 2 Istana mugs (Lucky us, those were the LAST 2- so we bought them off as couple mugs. Lol)

Blurry pic, but that'll do.

For those of you who are interested in visiting the Istana, do take note of the few Open House dates!

The Istana grounds is open to the public in celebration of Chinese New Year; Deepavali; Hari Raya Puasa; Labour Day; and National Day. The Istana Open House is scheduled to be held on the following dates in 2015:
Chinese New Year (2nd Day)
Labour Day (Actual Day)
Hari Raya Puasa (Actual Day)
National Day (Sunday before)
Deepavali (Actual Day)
-          20 February 2015 (Friday)
-          1 May 2015 (Friday)
-          17 July 2015 (Friday)
-          2 August 2015 (Sunday)
-          10 November 2015 (Tuesday) [TBC]
 For more information, you may visit their official website at (If you are a Singaporean, admission is entirely FREE!):

Honestly, there is nothing fanciful but will be a great experience for all. :)

Monday, 16 February 2015


So I received this e-mail a few days back - something out of the ordinary.

(Honestly, I actually BELIEVED the e-mail for a split second - which I find it really silly upon realization)

"CATHERINE, Notice of appearance in Court #00000950179‏", screamed the headline.

"Dear Catherine", it began.
Wow. It's addressed personally to me.

"You have to appear in the Court on the February 20. 
You are kindly asked to prepare and bring the documents relating to the case to Court on the specified date."

What...?! *stammers* You mean... I committed an offence? 
Oh DAMN it. I didn't know I can commit an offence in a country which I have never been to in my  25 years of life.


Or maybe... Maybe, I DID.
I killed someone in my dreams and now the authorities are after me,

And.. and...I have to prepare the documents that were attached in this e-mail.

BUT First, I have to unzip the documents that contain malicious malware so my computer can be compromised.

*rolls eyes*

Do you seriously think I'll be that stupid to believe that court documents will be presented to me in this manner?
Talk about Professionalism.

Apparently, the name "Tyler Summers" is indeed a legit name (In fact, this person really exists and IS a law attorney. Do some research and you'll find out)
Unfortunately, his name is being misused by scammers to inject panic in unsuspecting victims. 

Don't ask me why I am so certain this is a scam.
It's listed everywhere - and you can find them here, amongst the list of other e-mail scams that you should be aware of:

Not sure if anyone in Asia has received similar e-mail scams as I did, but I do hope this blog post can benefit someone out there in one way or another.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Far from the Truth

People have often told me that my personality and looks are contradictory.
In other words, the impression others have of me is a far cry from the real me.
Here are some of them: -

What people think of me: You seem like an outgoing person! I'm sure you love clubbing!
The real me: The truth is, I have NEVER been to clubbing - except for once when I attended an exclusive event that was held at a pub. *no choice* (I left before 12am afterwards, just in time to catch the last train back home) In fact, I dislike clubbing and alcohol. No offence to anyone, but clubbing is considered an unhealthy activity to me.

What people think of me: You sing well! Go and perform onstage!
The real me: This is probably not my first time saying this, but the truth is... I have SERIOUS stage fright issues. More than anyone can possibly have. It gets so serious that I could not even look at anyone from a stage view, become breathless, develop a shaky voice and I had to attend lessons just to get over my stage fright. 

What people think of me: You Jiak-gantang! (Translation: A Chinese who speaks English as 1st language)
The real me: I'm FAR from someone who speaks English in real life. Chinese language is my first language, and I am not really comfortable communicating in English as I am unable to express myself fully. I am not someone who digs ang moh or the Western culture, but rather someone who is into Chinese tradition and culture. (I love all things oriental!) Now, that's a surprising fact if you are someone who doesn't know me personally.

What people think of me: Since you are a Hokkien, I suppose you understand Hokkien.
The real me: Is it a necessity to understand the Hokkien dialect if I am a Hokkien? I'm more into the Cantonese dialect. 

What people think of me: From your photographs, I assume that you are quite a high maintenance woman.
The real me: I eat food from the hawker centers. food courts, pasar malams. I love Daiso. I can never appreciate branded stuff. (The only branded product I own is a COACH pouch given by my sister as a gift) The most expensive dress I ever bought for myself was less than $30.
 I would prefer a cheap 3 for $10 soft toy to a branded bag anytime.  I'm not afraid to say that Bong Qiu Qiu of Budget Barbie can't even be compared to me! HAHAHA.

What people think of me: You look like a Malay. Are you a Malaysian?
The real me: It's the make-up that makes me look... non-Chinese. I'm just your typical asian-looking neighbor across your street.

So Yeah... Before you know me, do not judge me.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

When Virtual meets Reality

As ironic as it may sound, I do have my dislikes for social media at times.

The impact of social media can be huge. 
Every single word that you post after pressing that "Enter" key on your seemingly harmless keyboard can be seen by the kazillions of people online (and that includes your family members, spouse, relatives, etc).
You'll have no idea who are the ones reading it, just like how I am clueless who is reading my current blog entry, too.

As much as I love social media (which explains why I became a blogger to begin with), I have had my fair share of negative experiences that changed my perspective towards the impact it can cause in real life.
I was someone who did not give second thoughts about ranting online, and did it one day when I was upset with a classmate. 
Everything happened a long way back.

While I did not name names, she happened to read what I wrote (which I had no idea she read my blog as I was not really high profile back then). Things somehow got out of control and we engaged in a "keyboard" war. 
Our friendship took a bad turn as we eventually brought it to real life by giving each other the cold shoulder since then.

Things were never, ever the same again after the incident.
And it all started only with just a blog post.
See how powerful social media can be?
It may be a spur of the moment, but there is no turning back once the damage is done.

That is one of the reasons why too much Facebook-ing can be bad as well. With Facebook, one is able to post his/her thoughts online instantly within seconds, and it is not helping that many are using it as a platform to express their emotions and thoughts. albeit the negative way.
(Yes, I am not afraid to admit that I am guilty of being one of these people)

Don't get me wrong -I love Facebook. I use it as a social platform to interact with my friends (and it has helped me to re-connect with long-lost ex-classmates too, which I am thankful for), share my blog posts to a larger group of audience, promote my blog, etc. Not to mention that I enjoy reading the random posts shared by friends on there as well.

It's just that most people have underestimated the power of Facebook and its influences.
There were times when I was aware certain people were posting about me (without naming my name) as those posts were simply too obvious.
Of course, feigning ignorance is my forte.


Always remember, think twice before you post. 
Unless you are mentally prepared to sacrifice the relationship or friendship, that is.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

[Review] Sports Watch from

So something mysterious arrived in the mail last week... ...

Something that defines the history and present. 

Something that is classic...

What could this small, brown box possibly contain?

*Anxiously opens the box*

A beautiful white sports watch staring back at me as the minute hand slowly ticked away...

Thank you,!!

I couldn't bear to take it out of the box yet and went on to take countless photographs of the watch.

There are lovely rhinestone-like crystals above each numerical digit. It looks simple but yet classy - a style that I totally love!

I was even more thrilled when I realized that the watch fits me perfectly without going through the hassle of punching extra holes on the strap to fit my child-like wrist. (I'm not kidding when I say that my wrist is exceptionally small! I often have difficulty purchasing general-sized watches and had to punch extra holes on EVERY watch that I purchased outside.)

I love the fact that it looks unisex as well.

The holes extend up to the very maximum and even kids can wear it!

The strap is made of silicon material and it felt comfortable on my skin. 

In case you are wondering, the exterior silicon strap can be removed! 
(It'll be removed during the change of batteries)

Here's one last photo of the lovely piece - I just couldn't stop taking photographs of it!

Not to mention that they are so kind (and thoughtful, too!) to provide additional battery and a metal stick in case the existing battery runs out.

I have been wearing my new watch ever since the first day I received it, and I think it looks really good on me! (Sounds thick-skinned as I am complimenting myself here, but who cares?!?! HAHA)

And most importantly... This Sports watch is definitely affordable as it costs only.. $14! (Comes with batteries, premium gift packagingand FREE mailing too!! *faints* Too good to be true, but it's not!)

See to believe.
A screenshot of the page on their site:

Of course, they do not specialize in the sales of watches. As their name would have it, sells different kinds of bicycles (road/mountain/electric/foldable bicycles) and various accessories that I felt are affordable too! If you are an avid cyclist, I am sure this is a site you will not want to miss.
Although I did not purchase any bicycle from the online store, I was impressed by the reviews given by other customers. (You can read it under their "Reviews" tab!)

Wait no further - Check out their site now at:

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

[Review] My Skin Regeneration Treatment at Aesthetic and Hair Clinic Singapore

**Warning: Picture-heavy post!! Haha*

Here's a thank you to all my readers who have been following my Chemical Peeling Journey previously! Ever since the entries were published, I have received several e-mails from a few readers who have shared their acne issues with me as well. It pains me to know of how my young readers have been battling acne since a tender age.

I'm glad my entries benefited some of you who are interested in the treatment too. It has definitely been one of the most rewarding choices I've ever made in going for the Chemical Peeling treatment.
As most of you would have known by now, Dr Tyng Tan was my doctor and she was kind enough to recommend me another treatment that would aid in lightening acne scars, blemishes and flaws on my face.
The treatment is known as MOSAIC Total Skin Regeneration. (Not sure if any of you have heard of it, but now you do!)
I'll explain more about this treatment in specific details at the later part of this entry, so be sure to keep on reading if you are interested!

Given my condition (which varies between different individuals), she has suggested 5 sessions for me (with each session being 1 month apart)
I would be lying if I were to tell you I wasn't feeling nervous about the treatment.
I know this would be something different from Chemical Peeling as it involves the usage of laser, which sounded quite scary to me!

Of course... It helps knowing the fact that Dr Tyng Tan will be handling the procedure.
(Not that I am trying to be a boot-licker here but I have total faith in her!!)

I am going to be on a new journey this time with the Total Skin Regeneration treatment, so do stay tuned to my entries as I'll be posting updates of my condition - a totally honest review with unedited photographs!

Here I am, back again at the clinic!

 And this is one of the rarer chances you may get to see me without make-up on.
(I totally lack confidence in posing for photos without make-up, but for the sake of the treatment which I had to go without.... I'll make the sacrifice!!)

 Here's the lovely Ms Vivian attending to me again!

 Getting ready for the cleansing of face.
(As you can see, I have some dark scars near my chin area. They look more obvious than they are in the pictures!)

LOL. I don't know why I had that expression on my face. Now all of you have seen the most unglam side of me. Ahem.

Ms Vivian gently cleansing my face in progress... ...
(It was so comfortable that I thought I could fall asleep!)


Now, this is the interesting part. She applied numbing cream on my face after the cleansing, and I was told that this would numb my face (so that I wouldn't feel that much of any possible pain from the treatment later)
The numbing effect would last for 4-6 hours!

I was feeling anxious and curious as I have never imagined my whole face being numbed before.
I was quite skeptical of the cream initially, but I was proven wrong!

 Here's me after the application of numbing cream. I could feel the numbness and tightness setting in! Was trying my best to smile here.
Gosh, look at those dark eye circles!!!!
(Do note that I have not used any photo filter effects in my photos in this entry. What you see is how the photo was originally taken!)

My right eye was actually a bit swollen on that day, which I didn't know why either. Probably a lack of sleep from the night before :(

I was curious how the numbing cream looked like... So here it is, with permission from Ms Vivian. Haha. It's interesting how powerful the cream is!
Imagine how I could prank an enemy with it while he/she is taking a nap. Just an application around his/her mouth and it shall numb him/her from talking! LOL, just kidding. I am such a kind soul, how in the world would I have an enemy? *inserts angelic look here*

Zen mode. Face getting numb every minute... Tick tock tick tock.

 (I thought my hair looked beautiful until I saw this photo. DAMN.)

Close-up shot of my face. 

Ms Vivian cleaning off the numbing cream... Oh no.. This means that my face is now almost ready for the treatment!

 Soon, I was told to get ready for Dr Tyng Tan to begin the treatment.
While waiting for her to enter the room, I was trying to hard to control those butterflies in my stomach.
Even though I knew what I was in for, but the feeling of being physically there and awaiting to have my face worked on was making me anxious!
Thoughts such as "Will this be painful?" appeared in my mind, even though it was reportedly said to be painless.

Soon, Dr Tyng Tan entered the room with her cheerful smile (I felt comforted already!) and explained to me briefly about the treatment.

"The whole procedure only lasts for about 2 minutes!" she said optimistically.
I relaxed my muscles. The thought of how the effects will benefit my face eventually gave me the courage to brave myself for it.

"So.. Are you ready?"
I nodded.

 Zap, zap, zap zap.
Dr Tyng Tan's hand movement was fast and steady as she controlled the equipment.
"You look like you are frowning," she remarked. "Is it painful?"

(I did not realize I was frowning! Actually, I was feeling more of shocked than pain as the equipment felt prickly on my skin. Personally, it is not really 100% painless - but definitely tolerable. I am one that is afraid of pain, so I believe majority of the humans would not have issues with it! HAHA)

There was one point when the intensity has to be increased and the pain level was slightly higher than the former. It's still within my tolerable limit though. (They felt prickly against my skin)

 Dr Tyng Tan confidently working on my face.

Wow, I love this photo! It looks so professional as though it's from some advertisement! Hahaha.

I love how Dr Tyng Tan is always seen to be smiling in photos.

 Get ready for a photo that may possibly be one of the more glamorous ones ever showcased on my blog.
But being a honest and transparent blogger (*takes pride*), I'll post photos that are true to my experiences.


Here, a photo of me straight after the treatment. I KNOW I looked like a roasted pig here (and I didn't know I was frowning, really!)

Don't worry, I only looked like a roasted pig for probably only 10 minutes! The swell went down pretty fast.
The after-treatment sensation was actually quite comfortable. I felt like my face has been pricked, but in a "shiok" way. The feeling was indescribable but boy, was I glad that there really was not much pain felt! The numbing cream helped alot, I guess.

 Immediately, I was given a cleansing and had facial session to "cool" my face.

  After cleansing.
See? My face wasn't so red now. :)

The cooling mask!!! It was to be laid on my face for 20 minutes.
Ms Vivian even switched the lights off so I could have a short nap. Awww.

Really shiok leh.

 Dr Tyng Tan giving me some advice =D

OK, sleeping time while the mask as doing its work on my face!

 After the removal of mask, my face was back to almost normal again!! No more redness.!!

Ms Vivian proceeded to apply post-treatment balm and sun-block on my skin.
(I was encouraged not to go under the sun that much after the treatment)

I looked like I had fallen asleep.. Did I??

Yay, done with the treatment! :) I looked better, didn't I?!

As I have promised earlier in my post to explain more about the Total Skin Regeneration treatment, here it is.

Total Skin Regeneration has the ability to deliver substantial improvements while leaving the skin's outer most layer unaffected.

Following a single session, one can notice that the skin will be brighter and re-generated with renewed collagen, and it is reportedly said that the skin will become even tighter and scars will dramatically improve after several more sessions!

Personally, it is a convenient treatment that does not leave a visible wound (other than looking a bit sun burned after the procedure). However, it does not affect daily activities at all and I was told that I can even apply make-up after the treatment!

What types of skin are suitable for the treatment?
-Scars such as acne scar, surgical scars, traumatic scars, burn scars and striae.
-Rejuvenation of Non-Surgical Areas (Neck, chest, and hands ,etc)
-Wrinkles and Skin Laxity
-Sun Damaged skin
-Large pore, rough skin texture
-Pigmented lesions such as Melasma, age spots and dyschromias
-Uneven skin stones

Here's a random photo of me making my next appointment at the clinic - I can't wait for my second session already!
I was given a post-treatment balm (which I have to apply twice daily on my face). The post-treatment balm is recommended to be stored in the fridge and it was sooo cooling when I applied it on my face everytime!

Here's a pic of my face condition on the same day (at night)

A close-up shot of my face. Just some minor red patches here and there.

Pardon the messy kitchen background. LOL

This is Day 2 and I felt that my skin is improving already!

I think it really improved!!
I went to work that following week and one of my colleagues (who did NOT know I underwent the treatment at all) asked me "Did you just do facial?"

WHOA, I felt immensely happy because this meant that the treatment was EFFECTIVE!!
"NO!!" I replied with a smile. "I did skin treatment! Do read my blog to find out more if you are interested what I exactly did."

That's me now:

If you would like to find out more about the treatment, here's the link:

Do stay tuned to my upcoming entries for updates on the treatment!