Saturday, 2 January 2016

Updates on my Chemical Peeling Treatment sessions!

Several readers have written in and asked me some topics regarding the Chemical Peeling Treatments that I am still undergoing.

And I have made a short video featuring the whole process of one of my chemical peeling sessions.  If you are wondering what to expect from the sessions, I believe you will understand better after watching this!
(Pardon me as I usually do not put on make-up prior to my treatment sessions; so I am definitely not looking my best in there.... Whatever you see, is called natural beauty. *inserts a hao lian look here*)

(Credits to Dokiboy for the filming!)

Here comes the most common question:
Is it really effective? Does it work just after one session?

Since I have undergone so many sessions now, I shall give my verdict based on my personal experiences. (Please do note that what I feel does not necessarily mean that everyone will feel the same way as results vary from individual to individual!)

I would say Chemical Peeling works for me as the acne on my forehead has been cleared up pretty well now! I could look back at my old pictures and gasp in horror.
However, this does not mean that the acne issues will stop there forever.
YES, you still have to be responsible of taking good care of your skin, and there are times when pre-menstrual symptoms will inevitably cause acne to appear. These are normal.

On usual days, I would find that my skin condition has improved tremendously - Even my friends couldn't stop emphasizing how obvious the results were from time to time.

I used to be a lazy person who didn't care much about skincare routine - but I am taking better care of my skin now by applying facial products daily.

If you are wondering what Chemical Peeling is all about or is interested to try out at least one session to see if it works for you, here's a recommendation: (Trust me, Dr Tyng Tan is one of the friendliest and knowledgeable doctors I've ever came across!! You can leave your face in her safe and good hands. Haha.)

Dr. Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic
391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B, #08-04, Singapore 238873
Enquiry Hotline: +65 6235 0010

You may quote my blog's name: "SgComplainQueen" for a non-obligatory consultation with the doctor! As everyone's skin condition is different, Dr Tan will access your condition and advise you accordingly!


Thursday, 31 December 2015

First post of 2016! (And a bit about unleashing the Shopaholic in me)

I'm trying my best to be an avid blogger like I used to, but I guess time doesn't permit at times.
Still, I'll try to update as much as possible - before my readers begin to think that I am forsaking my blog!
Well, I am starting this new entry in a brand new year - Yes baby, it's 2016! Time flies, isn't it? And this means that I'm one year older ? (No, I don't like the sound of it, please.)

And I have been crazy about online shopping lately - With all the awesome promotions going on, I would feel that I'm living my life with regrets if I don't buy them!
(Thanks ah, Shopee and Taobao
I guess I finally understand the definition of online shopping. It is the process of purchasing items that you don't really need but yet YOU WANT THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO CHEAP/reasonably priced TO MISS.

Seriously, I've already lost count of how many items that have been delivered to my house on an almost daily basis. 
NO. I only spent a few bucks purchasing stuff that were originally priced way higher than that. #shopaholicexcuses

I caught on the 12.12 fever sometime back, and got myself some stuff that are simply out of this world - based on their prices.
I posted this image on my Facebook when I got this - It's just so cute. (or was anyone actually tricked into thinking this is an actual Macbook?)
 It's just a portable mirror, lah. 
I'M NOT GONNA LIE. I got it at $1.20!!! Would you have gotten it?!
Shiok max. I have seen this before and wanted to get it a long time back - but it was priced way higher, approximately $5-$6 each. I was glad I placed my temptation on hold and caught on this promotion!

And I got myself a set of Mcdonald's Nanobricks too! (Of course they are pirated, lah... But I still had endless fun with them.)
These were just 3 out of the 6 I've successfully built after much heartache and frustration.
And I got the set of 6 at only $12!! (Actual price was actually $29.90) Faintzzz...

And a Tsum Tsum Lotso as well - $1.20!!!
Tell me, tell me - I can't justify this at all if I don't buy it, right?!?!
(I think this is not really an authentic Disney product also, but I don't mind since I am not a collector of the series. I just collect anything that looks cute to me!! LOL. So you Disney fanatics... Refrain from preaching or telling me that I've gotten myself a bootleg product. YES, I AM AWARE BUT I STILL CHOSE TO GET IT. Tqvm.)

There are still many other stuff that I have yet to post up, but I have gotten some really awesome products too. (Such as a 16GB Sandisk thumbdrive at only $1.20 and mini SDcard at $1.90!!)
What I thought was a scam (Referring to the Shopee app, an online shopping mobile platform) has proven me wrong.
Although Shopee did not take initiative to look me up to do any advertorial for them, but I shall give them a shoutout since they are so awesome, lah.
Thanks for the constant discounts that came with unbelievable price tags. 

OK, I can't believe I just rambled on for the past half hour.
I've more to share on my next blog entry! Stay tuned.. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Modern Girls = Money or Love?

So I came across an attention-grabbing pic on Facebook the other day (I'm sure many have seen it, too since people were crazily sharing it)

It was posted by a girl, believed to be a Singaporean since the notes are in Singapore currency, duh. LOL.

A bouquet of money - Perfect for anyone who sees money as God.

From the comments, it appeared that many were envious of the girl as they were gushing over how blessed she is (Since it is believed that this was a gift from her boyfriend)

Granted that money can be used to buy almost ANYTHING in the world - there is no denial that everyone loves it (Who doesn't love money, right??!)
But... I just find it appalling how people view Materialism as a form of blessing. 
Not that I am being jealous of the above-mentioned girl, but I just think that the line between money and love has blurred in our modern society.

If a guy is rich and willing to give you lots of money to spend on anything you like, you will instantly become the center of attention where friends would be green with envy.
People will think you lead a blissful life because your other half is RICH.

I do personally know of girls whom were open about their criteria in looking for a boyfriend. 

Somehow, I pity those guys. Either they are obsessed with the girl, or just purely... blinded.
Yes, you would think your girl loves you for who you are. 
Try being broke and bankrupt, and see if she will still stick by you.
If yes, congratulations. She's a keeper.
If no, then I'm sorry. No love for you from the second your money is gone. LOL)
That's a reality happening in our modern society. 
(Yes, if you are those kind of girls... SHAME ON YOU)

I am not saying that ALL girls are like that, I am just quoting from the commonly-seen examples.
When I was younger, I thought materialistic girls were only found in dramas and movies. How naive.

Many have asked me the same question everyone would have faced at least once in their life -
What do you look for in a boyfriend?

To be honest, money is NEVER a priority in my looking-for criteria.
Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to be different from other girls or making myself sound like a worthy down-to-earth girl.
I am just speaking from the perspective of what I really think.

Even if you are an handsome individual who is rich and able to buy me the moon and stars, I will never fall for you if the feelings are not right.
I'll rather choose someone who is poor but rich in love. 
I'm okay with eating porridge for my 3 meals.
I'm okay with living in a small flat with my other half.
I'm okay with not receiving luxurious gifts (in fact, I prefer handmade ones. I really do not understand why anyone would DISLIKE handmade gifts)

As long as you are not some rich Casanova who has difficulty staying loyal and taking my simpleness for granted - Money and looks are nothing but just additional bonus.

What is money without love?
Maybe modern girls don't believe in true love anymore, I guess.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Photography Services lobang!!

Have you ever wanted to own a set of professionally taken photographs, but yet have no 'lobang' for a an ideal photographer??
Are you looking for someone to capture your beautiful moments on camera during your ROM/Engagement party/wedding? (Come on, it's a BIG day and you wouldn't want to mess that up with poorly-taken photographs, right?!?!)
Are you looking for someone to capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment during maternity? 
Or are you simply looking for a photographer who has the ability to turn your images into something model-worthy?!

If your answer is Yes, yes, yes, yes anddd YES.. then read on because I am going to introduce a special lobang for you!

, made up of a team of dedicated Singapore-based photographers whose aim is nothing but to capture your best moments in life.
(Okay lah, I can vouch for the quality because one of the photographers is my personal friend, but that doesn't mean I am biased hor!! I just know a good work when I see one)

They have a Facebook page that is constantly being updated as well, and I just love seeing some of their works there... With credits to their Facebook page, let me share with you some of my personal favorites:

A ROM shot that makes me so jealous:

Personal makeover shot: (Now that makes me tempted to shoot something like this, too..)
(YES, do you know that they provide hair and makeup artist too?! So do not worry if you don't know how to make-up. Just leave everything to their good hands!)

Okay lah, there are more on their Facebook page- You can click in to see for yourself!

Honestly, I do think investing in photoshoots at least once in your lifetime is WORTH it.  Sometimes, I love being photographed - Not because I'm trying to show off anything, but I just feel that the moments captured are just... timeless. It's that specific moment stays in there forever - immortalized. You could look back at the photograph 15 years later - and that youth captured was priceless. No amount of money can bring those moments back, but photographs will always be there to remind you of them.
It's like a pictorial diary of events in your life.
If not for the fact that my parents really dislike being in photographs to the core, I would really want to arrange for a family photoshoot. Oh well.. I guess that will never happen for me.)

Ah, back to topic- 
If you would like to engage their services, here's the price list I've gotten from them - (Personally, I think they have one of the best prices around in the industry.)

Wedding (actual day) - $800/-
Max of 10 hours of coverage
Additional hours chargeable at $60/hr
Edited pictures in CD / DVD format
1 x 8R print out of your choice (canvas print)

ROM / Engagement party / Event coverage - 
$80/hr (min 2hour max 4 hours)
Edited pictures in CD / DVD format
1 x 8R print out of your choice

Maternity shoot (home or outdoors) - $300/-
Maternity shoot (Studio) - $420/-
Hair and Make up provided
Max: 3hours 
Edited picture in CD / DVD format
1 x 8R print of your choice

Personal portfolio/makeover (outdoors/home) - $200/-
Personal portfolio/makeover (studio) - $350/-
Hair and makeup provided (2 looks/ sets of clothing max)
Max: 2hours
*clothings not provided
*theme to be made known earlier as to plan for Hair & make up. 
*20 selected pic edited and given back in soft copy 
*All unedited shots given back.
* 1 x 8R of your choice 
Edited picture in CD / DVD format

Terms and conditions:
*All event, ROM, maternity, family or personal portfolio shoot, pictures will be delivered 2 weeks from shoot. 
* Actual day wedding pictures will be delivered one month from date of event.
* Request for prints or additional prints are subjected to $10/print. 8R size only. Non canvas prints only.
* Photobook / custom album are subjected to availability. Please ask for quote.

If you are interested to know more, feel free to contact the friendly team at:

Sunday, 15 November 2015

SunMoon Products - HEALTHY and yet YUMMY?!?!

When it comes to healthy products, I am sure the word "Yummy" is not the first thing that comes to mind.
At least, that was what I thought.
Until ... ... I came across products from SunMoon.

In case you are wondering what is SunMoon, they are a company that majors in healthy fruits - and they CAN make people who dislike eating fruits to LIKE them. (Sounds funny,I know... But I am speaking from experience) 
You guys will know what I meant as you read on.

Honestly, I have been loving their products since years ago (but their products were quite rare then)- and their variety just gets more and more!

As below are some of them (I am sure many of you would have seen them before at selected vending machines as well - There's one stationed outside Funan IT Mall!)

SunMoon fruit cups
(My personal favorite!)

(Assorted fruits: - Seasonal Mixed Fruits, Mandarin Orange and Peach - all dipped in rich Apple Juice!)

One of the reasons why I am so digging these fruit cups is because they are very convenient for consumption. (Did I mention that each cup comes with an individual spoon too?) 
Honestly, I am one lazy bum whom dislikes going through the hassle of peeling the skins of physical fruits. With these fruit cups, I can just store them in the fridge, open them and just... eat lor.
The only thing is that they are so TIGHTLY sealed - not exactly an easy task to peel them open. But it isn't a bad thing at all because this also means that the fruits are very safely (and freshly) preserved.

I love the fact that they belong to the healthy range, and yet VERY tasty - I could eat more than 2 cups at one go!

I especially like the Mandarin Orange fruit cup - The orange slices are just so soft and juicy! If you are one who prefers an assorted mix of fruits, there's the Seasonal Mixed Fruits cup that you can try - it contains mandarin oranges, peach and pear slices! 

I got so fascinated that I got a few for my dad, and he loves the fruit cups as well. Not too sweet for the elderly.

I just had the peach version today - and look at how appetizing the slices looked!


If you are one that goes for cutesy cartoon and designs, SunMoon even came out with a special edition that makes the fruit cups look so presentable even as gifts!
Each pack contains 3 fruit cups - and here's Superman on the cover! The one I got was the mandarin orange flavor fruit cups.

Very cute, right?!?! If you are a Superman hardcore fan, I will not be surprised if you decide to collect the packaging. Hahaha..

And here's the fruit cup - Looks smaller in size than the regular ones but the slices are still more juicy than ever.

There are still other designs such as Wonder Woman and Batman! 

*faints from cuteness overload*

SunMoon Premium Pressurized Cold Juices

One of their latest products that I just got to try (They are readily available at most 7-11 stores in Singapore!!)

According to SunMoon:

"Introducing our latest SunMoon High Pressure Processing (HPP) juices, these are goodness packed into bottles with absolute no heat pasteurization so that you get all the nutrients and full flavours! So good that you’ll be stocking up for more!"

The 3 flavors - Mandarin Orange, Mixed Berries and Lychee!

Being a huge fan of fruit juices, I was quite excited to try these new series of products. 
To be honest, my expectations were quite high - and YES, they met them.
I was very surprised they actually tasted like fresh juices from the market. Storing them cold and sipping the juices down my throat after a hot day was just... Whoa.
I find it really impressive how SunMoon is able to capture the goodness and freshness of the fruits - and preserve them. 
Initially, I thought the "Mixed Berries" flavor would taste like Ribena - but it actually tasted like real berries. Okay, I am not sure how to describe it - If you are a fan of berries, I am sure you will not want to miss it. Just try, lah!

I have tried some other preserved so-called "natural" juices before, but they tasted nothing like SunMoon's.

Each bottle came with a "Made from 100% Juice" tag - Contains Vitamin C!

My personal favorite would be the Lychee flavor. The taste was just rich!
I'm gonna restock more in my fridge soon - I mean, there is no reason not to get them since they are healthy drinks. HAHAHA.

If you guys would like to give them a try too, just head down to your nearest 7-11 store - Trying once will probably convince you.
Alternatively, they are sold in packs ONLINE, too!

Monday, 2 November 2015


Since young, I have always been a fan of Vitagen drinks.

My dad used to replenish them in the fridge whenever they ran out - and I would look forward to drinking one bottle each day (I was told not to have more than one bottle per day, boo!) There's just something about those drinks that made me feel delightful.
I mean, it's not often that you come across drinks that are tasty and YET a healthy one at the same time, right?

I'm not sure why my dad stopped replenishing them one day - I guess they are not really cheap.
It was not until recently my mum started to purchase them from our nearest NTUC again, and I was back to my Vitagen routine.

Honestly, it has been YEARS since I last had one - and I was thrilled. I drank them almost on a daily basis. Ah, the good ol' taste.

You know, I really wish I didn't have to type this because I've started off this entry on such a beautiful note. You might have thought this is just another advertorial about Vitagen and how much of a fan I am... Right???

Unfortunately, this isn't going to be a positive blog entry - and I am not complaining for the sake of complaining. In fact, it took me quite long to finally put this up - for the sake of anyone who might have experienced similar issues as me and this could mean potential health hazard.

Most of my Facebook friends might have seen this post I made on 26 October 2015; in which I immediately put up after taking a huge gulp of the Grape-flavored Vitagen drink that I thought would taste oh-so-heavenly.

To be honest, this was not my FIRST time tasting something weird from Vitagen drinks. The very first time I did, I decided not to kick a big fuss as I thought, "Well, probably just my imagination". I never knew Vitagen can taste bad anyway.

It was not until I opened my 2nd bottle and took such a huge gulp that soon became a huge regret. 
I did not feel anything strange when it was in my mouth as I swallowed too fast (Too bad, I'm born with a huge mouth) - but more of the AFTERTASTE that followed thereafter.

IF ONLY you readers can taste it from just looking at the picture. IF ONLY. Not that I am trying to be evil, but you just have to TASTE it to BELIEVE.

WAH - Can you imagine the bitterness (I can't even begin to explain it.. Shall I use bitter gourd as a comparison?) that overwhelmed my taste buds. There was no tinge of Grape at all, but more of a melted plastic chemical-ish taste. Any sane person will tell you that this is NOT how a Vitagen drink tastes like. I can bet my 500 bucks on it. 

It was as though someone has replaced the original drink with something pure evil in the bottle - and I was that unlucky fellow to take that huge gulp. 

By the time I was aware of the bad taste, I knew it was too late. I was completely helpless as I felt the cold sensation from the drink trickling down the walls of my throat.

Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

The thought of throwing up crossed my mind. I was fearful of any harmful effect it would do to my body.
I did not do it eventually, but drank lots of water in hopes of flushing down instead. 

I ran to my mum, and told her to take a whiff.
AND GUESS WHAT SHE SAID even before she realized it?


Can you imagine... imagine... that "smelly" smell was the one that entered my mouth?!

After the water flush, I wish things would turn for the better at this point - but NOPE. They just got uglier.

My tongue felt numb (it was similar to the kind of numbness you get when you scald your tongue after drinking hot soup), and it just wouldn't go away until the 2nd day.
Worst of all, I developed slight ITCHY red rashes on my body that night. Fortunately, they did not escalate to a point in which medical help was needed. The rashes faded the next morning.

(I wouldn't be posting this if it was as that would have been my bad, then. Lol)

There was still a week's life to it. (Noted that I posted that Facebook post on 26 October 2015 while the expiry date show on my Vitagen bottle was supposed to be in November 2015)

I still have a full packet of Vitagen drinks left that I did not dare to try after the experience. BUT seeing that it would be wasteful, I placed my faith in another bottle again.
Let me tell you - that bottle tasted bad as well. Just that it was not as bad as the former.
It was considered drinkable, but the aftertaste I got was disturbing. I expected it was my mind playing tricks, but I had my dad to taste it and he told me he could taste plastic from it as well.

"I don't remember Vitagen drinks to taste like this," he said. He put down the bottle and told me he dared not continue to drink it further as the taste was just not right.

Seriously, I have developed a Vitagen-phobia now (if there's ever such a phobia).

I did a research online to see if anyone had the same experience as me -and found a blog entry from Year 2012 that described the drink as being bitter as well. Apparently, I am not the only one.
Here's the entry, if you are interested to read it.

After posting it on Facebook, I have had friends commenting that they have not encountered such issues as they purchased their supplies from door-to-door Vitagen salesperson.
I'm happy for them that their impression of Vitagen has not tarnished like me. Mine was purchased from a different source, so I have no idea if that would be a contributing factor.
I just hope that Vitagen can maintain quality drinks as before. For now, I am most definitely not trying another bottle again. 
Really. I'm afraid. Very afraid.
If anyone has similar experiences as me, please do share.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

For a Good Cause:- 20 Fun Ways to use a Red Dot!

Remember the blog post I made on the Red Dot Campaign prior to our nation's birthday?
(If you haven't, here's the entry: CLICK)
Anyway, that contest had already ended. If you missed it, then too bad huh.

Just kidding.

Is any of you still holding on to these Red Dots? You are in luck if you do!
(Or if you do not have a Red Dot yet, I'll share with you how you can get it as you read on!)

Moove Media has came up with another interesting contest that you can stand a chance to win with these Red Dots!
The contest has already commenced since 15 September 2015, so be quick - THEY CHOOSE WINNERS ON A WEEKLY BASIS! 

And the the game is so super duper simple (Moove Media always make it so easy to win big!) - All you have to do is to think of DIFFERENT FUN WAYS TO USE THE RED DOT.

I am sure all of you Singaporeans and selfie kings/queens out there can do it lor!

I know many of us are good at making crazy faces and coming out with lots of patterns (pattern more than badmintion, ah!) when taking selfies. Now is your chance to turn that talent of yours into winning entries for the contest! In the rare occasion that you ever find yourself running out of ideas, you can engage your friends to join in the fun with you, too! Turn the Red Dot into anything - You can try to perform magic with it, use it as a clown's nose or smack it like a ping pong ball. Anything, lah. As long as these actions are being captured on camera - You can submit them.

I love these little illustrations that Moove Media came up with! Cracked me up, HAHAHA.

Now this is genius.

I have seen several entries on their Facebook page and some of them are darn hilarious - You may wish to take a look or just simply join in the fun by uploading your photos there. 
If Instagram is preferred, you can upload your photos on there too - Just don't forget to include the hashtag #20FunWays
As long as you participate, you CAN have the chance to win.

OH - If you do not have a Red Dot YET and is wondering where and how to get one to join in the contest, fret not.
Each Red Dot can still be purchased at $10 each via appointment with Moove Media- and it's entirely for  charity. Each Red Dot is a contribution for a good cause! 

You may wish to contact them through e-mail at:

(Even if you do not wish to join in the contest, you can just get a Red Dot for fun and charity, lah)
Go go - Join now, you can thank me later if you are one of the winners.