Friday, 6 January 2012

Love at first sight = Beauty?

I believe all girls love to look beautiful. Don't you? (I'm assuming you are!)

And yes, this entry will probably cater to you - Both guys and girls.

We know GIRLS LOVE MAKEUP. Some may claim that makeup is their life, and they will NEVER leave their house without it. They wear makeup to dates, attract their boyfriends (most important factor! Lol).

But how many are actually willing or daring enough to face your other half WITHOUT makeup? (And when I mean without, I meant ALL natural.)
Yes, I have heard enough blah stories from GUYS that they love girls who are NATURAL, but how many of them are willing to accept how their girlfriends really look like beneath the makeup? Its saddening, but there ARE indeed guys - which I call them Jerks (with a capital "J") - dump their girlfriends after seeing their "original face".  
(I came across this interesting question which a girl had posted in Yahoo! Answers which I am sure most girls will share the same sentiments: Click Here )

So... Is beauty all within the makeup?

I will say YES and NO.

Speaking from a girl's perspective, I would say makeup is important to a certain extent. Some people don't pile on tremendous amount of makeup, they just want to look presentable. I mean, what's wrong with concealing blemishes and pimples? Come to think of it, its really demoralizing to have people stare at those ugly markings on your face. You can't deny it - It's a human nature and tendency to stare at a person's pimple(s) when you are speaking directly to him/her in the face. I'm sure some of you have been there and done that. *smiles* 

And of course, there are girls out there who put on so much makeup on their face that it backfires. Somehow.  Stuff such as falsies, eyeliner, double eyelid stickers, thick layers of foundation, super duper red lipstick, etc... Sounds familiar? (By the way, I HATE lip glosses. They plump up your lips like nobody's business!)
Yes, such makeup may make you look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and bring you lots of head-turners on the streets, BUT I'm sure you will be a nervous wreck if your boyfriend tells you that he wants to see you without it.


And questions will start to cloud your mind. 

"Will he mind my natural look?"
"Will he think I am ugly?"
"Will he dump me?"

Well, here's when I have my say:
If your guy truly loves you, he won't give a freaking damn of how you look like. You can look like an elephant or bamboo (sorry for my weird use of descriptions) but he will still shower you the same amount of attention and love. Guys who dump you for the wrong reasons are just hypocritical jerks who ain't worth your time. Stop sticking to a guy like that. Beauty is not only on the exterior, but the interior as well. Its undeniable that guys are getting increasingly realistic nowadays *grumbles*, but still, it doesn't change the fact that LOOKS shouldn't be a hindrance in a relationship.

Yet still, I DO have guy friends who told me that looks in a girl are important to them. And they will judge girls even before they get to know them as a person. (If you are one of those guys reading this, I'm sure you will feel a pang of guilt.)
It's childish to assume that looks are everything. Yes, this girl may look like the girl of your dreams, but how do you determine whether she will stay true to you? Beautiful girls are bound to get lots of attention, and I'm sure you are not the only guy who is on her mind. Ah, you get what I mean. :) If you want a true girlfriend, you have to learn how to accept what Mother Nature has given her.

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And if you are a despo who just wants a pretty girlfriend for the sake of "showing off", here's a middle finger to you. Learn to look at yourself in the mirror first before you start judging a girl by her beauty. 

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