Thursday, 5 January 2012

1st Blog Post

Okay, so this is probably the 10938403th time that I'm changing my blog url.
I moved to a while back, but decided to move back to blogger again.
As much as I love weebly, there are still certain traffic issues with the site. Now, let's just hope that I can make this blog a long-term one. I promise I won't change my url anymore... ... I.... promise. (*Fingers crossed*)

Anyway, a big thank you to my dear friend cum photographer, Kok Chin, for the photos which I have edited and used as my blog banner. He had actually did an awesome job with the edit, but I just resized to make it fit. :)

Well, I do have juicy and KAYPO entries up ahead in this blog... Topics that I'm sure will make you stay. So, do bookmark and come back for more! :)

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