Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Connections over qualifications?

It always anger me when it comes to job application issues. Not because I am one that always encounter rejections, but the way this society works spell U-N-F-A-I-R.
There is this sad truth about job applications.

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Some employers actually choose CONNECTIONS over QUALIFICATIONS.

So, what do I mean by that?
Basically, it means you have to have a good/wide social circle, so wide that you can make use of it to get your ass in to work for that desired company - even if it means you do not have the expected qualifications.
It's because of the fact that YOU have connections with someone who is working in the company.

Well, it's a reality that many fail to see it.
I have friends who had repeatedly told me the same thing, too. And there are already alot of real-life situations that can prove this.

Let's face it - Our society is screwed up.
Is this even fair to candidates who have the qualifications?
Imagine this - You apply for exactly the same position in Company A as another person.
The difference between you and the other candidate is that YOU have the relevant working experiences and qualifications, while he/she only has connections with someone who is already an existing staff in the company.

And the final verdict?
He/she gets the easier way in, and you'll find yourself with a rejection e-mail because he/she is hired!

It happens. I'm appalled, really.
If that's the case, why do we even bother to study and achieve the necessary qualifications?
We shall all start expanding our social network and get the easy way out. 
Isn't that easier?

Personally, I think that everyone deserves a fair chance. Isn't having the right working attitude and passion the most important?
There's another thing that I completely dislike when it comes to job applications.

Attending Interviews.
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I am sure almost everyone would have went through that stage once before landing yourself a position in the company, right? (Unless you are one of those asses that depend on connections)
I've always feel that a formal interview is not justifiable to a potential candidate's performance.

Well, some people are just ultimate BIG-TALKERS. They can talk cock big and impress the potential employers, probably landing them in the job. BUT when it comes to handling tasks and getting their job done, can they really do it?
They might not even have the right working attitude to begin with!

Yet, there are people who may screw up during interviews BUT yet their potential and talent(s) are just waiting to be unleashed. 
Do they even have a chance? 

No, NO. and NO.

The potential employers will just judge YOU on how you fare during the interview, apart from the qualifications. 
If you are a good worker, but unfortunately screw up during interviews due to I-don't-know-what-reason (mostly caused by nervousness), then that's it. You won't even get one heck of a chance to prove yourself to your potential employer what you are really made of.

Of course, don't get me wrong. I do not mean ALL companies are like that. I'm just saying there are companies like that that REALLY exist.

So, please don't go around bashing me and spreading the hate, blah blah.
I'm just saying what I FEEL in my own blog.

So there.

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