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The SG Complain Queen attends the SBA 2012!

Yes, so the *awesome* SG Complain Queen attended the highly raved SBA (Singapore Blog Awards) 2012 yesterday (21st July 2012) and it was one hell of a wonderful experience to remember!

Before I even begin this entry, I would like to shout a huge "THANK YOU" to all my lovely family and friends who had supported me in one way or another.
No, I didn't win any award this year but I am already contented to be even chosen as one of the Finalists.

(The complain Queen is feeling so unexpectedly humble right now. Hahaha)

Still, I feel fortunate to be part of this memorable event this year! Meeting new bloggers, tasting great food, having the opportunity to experience my VIRGIN time on the SG flyer..

Thanks for making everything possible! You guys are awesome, do you know that?!

The SBA was held at the Food Trail @ Singapore Flyer and it wasn't difficult locating the place even though it was my first time there.
 See the large, iconic Ferris wheel?

(I've always wanted to get a feel of being up there, and this little wish of mine finally came true!)

Approaching the venue.

As I was allowed to bring a guest along, I invited Miao. (Thank you, girl, for all your help and support during the contest period! Love you, muah!!)

No, no. I am not Cosplaying with the red contacts. I JUST love red, cannot MEH??!

I guess we reached the venue too early... And we made use of the time to loiter around the place and CAMWHORED - Just like a typical blogger. *flips hair* 

The Singapore Food Trail was just located at the "basement" of SG Flyer, and OH - did I mention I SIMPLY LOVE THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE PLACE?!

I MEAN.. The nostalgia!
If you are someone who loves the 60's or simply just want to get a brief feel of how it is like, then this is the place for you. 
Not only is the place styled in such a way of how the 1960's should look like, EVEN the food, cups and plates, too!!! 

I'm sure they would be filled with memories.

Look at that!
It's just like a museum, except that YOU can purchase what you see!

(Yes, those items come with price tags.. Aaaannd they are SO NOT CHEAP!!!)
I'm glad taking photos of them doesn't cost a cent.

So there you go~

A retro-looking music machine? (Okay, I admit I don't really know what it is called.)

Drink Coca Cola in bottles!

The trishaw man helped to take this photo of me.
 Okay, I'm kidding. 

Okay, enough of the nostalgia. I need to start getting straight to the point. I mean... I had intended to start this entry talking about the SBA 2012 and ended up raving about the nostalgia. =_= 

Soo... The event finally began!

Kudos to whoever the designer of this background is.
I just love the vibrant colors. 

Although vibrant colors are so not me, but I think the effect looks really good in photos!
I guess the theme this year was somehow "comic-styled". 
Don't you agree?

When is the Queen ever not elegant??! Hohoho.

While awaiting for the event to commence, we sat around with other bloggers and I started flipping the small booklet we were given.

And there! Can you spot the Queen?? (LOL)

The event kick-started with song performances and there were bloggers who came dressed up in 'Superhero' costumes. (There was supposed to be a "Best Dressed" competition going on with the Superhero theme. It was a pity that it wasn't a Horror theme, as I would definitely be the first to dress up. Hoho!)

While waiting for the results of SBA 2012 to be unveiled, we were provided with great delicacies from the Food Trail stalls.

Looking delicious... And it sure was!

The Bak Kut Teh.
Miao loved it so much that she finished the whole bowl and even wanted more!

I don't mean to make you hungry, but I can't help it! Since you have made your choice to read my blog, you have nobody to blame:

Bumped into Wee Kiat from
 It was the first time that we met even though we have had brief e-mail exchanges before.
He's looking great, ain't he?
(Do check out his website. I'm sure you will be blown away by his body shape. LOL. I'm making myself sound like some pervert.)

Okay, I'm not exactly a Beauty Blogger Queen. They should make one specially for me with the words "I'm A SUPER COMPLAIN QUEEN". LOL.

I love it that placed props on the tables freely for us to camwhored with. They definitely know how to satisfy bloggers!

I picked up a pair of shades and posed.
Miao, who was beside me, then commented : "You look like a housefly".

What the heck?! Come to think of it... SHE WAS RIGHT. Gaah, I'm just not suited for shades!!

Was given Complimentary basic flight tickets after the event to the SG Flyer (WHEE!) and the excited me just felt like the happiest girl ever.

Even though the tickets would only expire on 31st July 2012, we used it right away on the day itself. 


That's my lovely Miao on the flight.
We were such happy girls. Muwaha.

*THIS IS HOME, TRULY..... Where I know I must be*

Guess what? We could see what was happening at the NDP Preview! But it was a pity that the preview hadn't started when we were up there.
The audience was just getting seated.

*wishing I was there. I WANT THE TICKETS!! T__T*

I think these people are paraders for the NDP. I caught them marching and took this shot from above. LOL. Humans do look like ants when they are viewed from afar!!

This is a very funny photo that had Miao and I bursting with laughter.
It was a complete stranger from our neighboring capsule on the SG Flyer. He caught me aiming my camera in his direction and struck a pose. LOL.

After the shot, he took out his DSLR and shot a pic of us too.
What a funny interaction!

Nothing like the roller coaster.
It was such a peaceful ride that I didn't feel the flyer moving much at all!
I used to have a phobia of heights but I was glad I didn't really feel it when I was at the top!

After a good ol' 30 mins, we were heading back down.
Being the kiasu old me, I took the opportunity to camwhore in the capsule.

We were led to the SG Flyer souvenir store after the ride (The stuff there are so freaking expensive!) Honestly, I would get myself something if the prices aren't that crazily high. But I guess those were meant for tourists anyway.

Nonetheless, I eventually got myself a little souvenir from an interesting machine that was found near the exit.
Souvenir Penny!

It cost me a freaking $2. Okay, not that bad...

There were various designs to choose from, and I had to turn the handle to "generate" my penny.

Happily turning the handle.
It wasn't easy turning it as it would get "stuck" at some point and required a small usage of energy.
 The kind young lad beside me attempted to help me, but I acted like I was strong and rejected him.

Okay...I'm turning.. Almost there....

And ta-dah! Here's my souvenir penny. 
CHIO not?!
(FYI, its really made from REAL unused one-cent pennies! I guess they were recycling it.)

I took a sneak peek into the machine and there was this tray of unused one-cent pennies! (Not Singapore ones though.)
Those souvenir pennies were made from these!

I've kept the penny in my wallet. I can now show off to anyone that I've been to the Flyer. Hohoho!
*Okay, not like it's a big deal anyway =_=*

We headed down to POPEYE's and had my favorite salad, alongside with Miao's cheese fries.
I don't usually eat salads but I just LOVE this.
It does taste better than KFC's.
Just my personal opinion though.

The Cheese Fries that tasted great but too salty!

Had ice-creams too as there was a promotion for people who had SG Flyer tickets!

So there, I ended my day on a very, very happy note.
Congratulations to all the winners of SBA 2012, and a VERY huge Thank You to all who have made this wonderful day possible.

Not forgetting Miao, my bestie.
Thank you so much for being a part of my life... You have been through so much with me, and I appreciate it loads!
I hope you have enjoyed the day too!

P/S: Stay tuned to catch a video of my interview with RazorTV in regards to the SBA 2012 in the next entry!


  1. Awesome !! Can't wait for your next post !!!

    1. ^_^ Thanks for dropping by my blog, Kelvin!! Yeah, will be updating it soon! :)