Saturday, 4 August 2012

I hate Facebook Timeline!

I've found something new to complain about. 


Why is Facebook making things easy for stalkers?

(Although not to mention I am a stalker myself. LOL. But I am an ethical stalker!)

I can't believe HOW and WHY some people can think Timelines are cool. It is NOT fun to dig into people's histories. There are things that I want to forget, bury deep down into my FB profile and leave it as that. 

But Timeline digs them up! 
To make matters worse, Facebook users aren't even given a choice to opt out of the Timeline format. Honestly, is Facebook paid to enforce such things on their users? It's apparent many are displeased with the new change, and yet Facebook went ahead with it and didn't give a damn about  WHAT WE THINK.

Look at the amount of negative feedback! I don't believe the Facebook management is blind not to see them. Feigning ignorance, I guess.

Compared to others, my profile is considered one of the last to undergo the Timeline change. I was praying hard that it won't happen- but yet it did.

I was informed by Facebook that my profile would be officially converted on 7th August 2012.

Oh no. My beloved old Facebook profile's days are numbered.

Thanks to Pei Wen for capturing a shot of my profile in the old format. I am going to miss this page forever.

Reluctantly, I designed a Timeline cover for myself to get ready for 7th August 2012.

It's just a compilation of my life.

Thanks to my friends who've "LIKED" it on Facebook. Even though I wouldn't have done this if given a choice, I guess I still have to accept the fact when reality hits.

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