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Drink like a Boss at Boss Cafe!! (+ GIVEAWAYS!)

Beware! This entry is Bubble-licious. If you are a Bubble tea lover, you will kick yourself for not reading this entry.

 But fret not as there will be a GIVEAWAY at the end.. So be sure to read (and not to cheat by scrolling down) till the very end!

Guess where I am?

Introducing you...

(Yes, it's your chance to drink LIKE A BOSS. Lol)

Look at the exterior of the store that greeted me when I arrived. 
And yes, those are photos of customers that are Boss Cafe's regulars on the right. Judging from the amount, you wouldn't have guessed that Boss Cafe is only... 
2 + months old!

Yes, I didn't believe it myself either when I heard that it first opened its grand door in July. It may be a new cafe, but it definitely is surfacing as a strong competitor amongst many other bubble tea shops in Singapore.

Looking at the menu, you will be spoilt for choice.
No joke. #Personalexperience. Lol.

Their menu comes in small versions that you can take home too. 
(Yes, it's so convenient that you can just slot it in between your wallet or bag so you can slowly decide your drink anytime you want! LOL.)

So cute, ain't they??

As a special request, we asked one of the Directors of Boss Cafe to show us the pearls that are used for their bubble teas. 
I am captivated by the white pearls. Unlike black pearls which I had tasted before countless of times, I was definitely tempted to try the white version.

AND guess what??

Those white pearls taste like Yakult! (In actual fact, its actually a yoghurt-flavored syrup called Calpis - IMPORTED FROM JAPAN!)

 I almost squealed in delight when I bit on the pearl. 
It's like having Yakult juices in EACH individual pearl - it "squirts" when you bite!

Here's the mango flavor (I've always loved anything Mango-related!) that I had chosen to begin my first review:

Here's a close-up of the drink before I took my first sip. LOL:

What I love about the drink is that it tastes really refreshing - and rich in the "Mango taste". Together with the "Yakurt-tastealike" Calpis pearls, they are a perfect combination.

I believe the directors of Boss Cafe must have spent a decent amount of time coming up with such a great drink!

Happily posing with my drink:
Yes, bloggers usually spent alot of time camwhoring before actually drinking/eating something.
I wasn't aware of that until I realize I am doing it. Gosh.

Abrial's drink - The Calpis Yoghurt Flavor Burst series - Pink Guava!

Another pic of the Calpis pearls on top (Just to make you drool):

Doesn't it look tempting? Awesome shade of baby pink!
I've tasted a sip and my first reaction was "OH ME GOSH".
It's not overly sweet, but yet the tinge of Guava flavor in it was just right.  You will not waste another second trying to take on a second sip.

Another Must-TRY drink is this sunset-colored fruit punch:
The color of red and yellow blended so well that they became gradient-like.
So beautiful can?!

I called it the "Sunset drink" aka "夕阳西下".

Just kidding. It's offcial name on the menu is "Red Hot Fantasy Slushie".

 A close-up look of the color:

It's a mixture of fruits such as orange and strawberry.  If you are doubting the fact that they are the perfect combination, then wait till you try it out yourself. :)

And we added toppings to go along with the drink, konjac jelly.
Chewy and teasing to the taste buds.
Trust me, there isn't any reason for you NOT to fall in love with this specialty.
It actually tasted sour and sweet at the same time. (It reminded me of a cake which I had eaten before...Oh hmmm...)

OMG. Chocolate soft-serve, one of the Cafe's HOTTEST drink.

According to the wonderful Boss Cafe Crew, many regulars are returning just for this.

So... You must be wondering what EXACTLY it is that is so special about the drink..

One word?

Heavenly. #likeaboss

I was in for a pleasant surprise when I took my first sip. It's almost like you are DRINKING chocolate ice-cream instead of EATING it.

And fret not if you are on a diet... You can be completely guilt-free as it contains only 5% fat!

So GO ON and drink like there's no tomorrow. You won't get fat that easily, come on. LOL.

The sturdy machines:

With Abrial:

The young directors of Boss Cafe!!
(Yeah, they are friends who came together to manage the business.)
I'm always inspired by people like them. :)

And notice the design of their tees? I love it!

The back: "drink it like a boss!"

With Abrial and Mel from


Camwhore with the interesting pics in the background:
(Pardon me that I look like a ghost in here)

And you can choose your preferred sugar level here!

Us with the 3 young directors aka bosses!!

There are many things in life that you have to experience them for yourself before you believe how awesome it is.
If my entry can't convince you, then it's time you should start making a trip down to Boss Cafe yourself!

Special thanks to Brenda (the only lady boss in Boss Cafe), for the kind invitation in having us!

And to my dear readers, ALL OF YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT TOO!

Boss Cafe has kindly sponsored 5 Calpis Yoghurt Burst JUST FOR YOU!

To win this, just simply "LIKE" Boss Cafe's Facebook Page at:


And you may just win yourself a Calpis Yoghurt Flavor Burst! (I highly recommend this drink...)

Start drinking #likeaboss! :)

Visit Boss Cafe at:

Blk 720 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Singapore 560720
(OPPOSITE Jubilee, beside Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic)

*A special video will be up soon*
Stay tuned!

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