Tuesday, 4 September 2012

[Mediacorp Event] RACE ME SOAP BOX DERBY 2012

 With thanks to the invitation from MediaCorp, I had the opportunity to be one of the guest bloggers for Race Me Soap Box Derby event held on 2nd September 2012.

Media Pass!

It was a day I had looked forward to - as it was, afterall, Singapore's very first large-scaled Soap Derby event, with MediaCorp's celebrities sporting enough to join in the race as well!

There were 5 celebrity teams, namely The Muttons, Glenn Ong, Pierre Png, Adam Chen & FHM Girls -together with artiste appearances too- such as Jaylee Woo, Eelyn Kok, Jeffrey Woo and Sora Ma. 

If you have no idea what a Soap Box Derby car is, do feel free to refer to my earlier post HERE.

Marie and I reached Expo Hall 6 (the venue) at around 1.45pm, and we were pretty amazed by all the colorful Soap Derby cars that greeted us. (It was my first time seeing a real-life Soap Derby car!! *excited*)

And Special thanks to Derek from MediaCorp for being such a good guide by bringing the bloggers around and making some arrangements for us!

*Me striking a pose in the middle of nowhere*

Although photos are not able to fully describe the actual atmosphere and experience of the event... But still, I hope at least it's something for those of you who have missed it!

Look at what were in store!
Honestly, I was truly amazed by almost all of the designs that the contestants came up with for their cars.
I was like "How on earth can they be sooo CREATIVE??!"

Let me bring you through the journey with some of the photos captured:
(Thanks to Marie for being such a good photographer for some of the shots!)

I just simply love this Baby cot-themed Soap Derby car. (and the soft toys that came with it!)

 I took a close-up shot of the soft toys that were on the "cot". OMG, cute!!

Contestants chilling out before the actual event started:

My favorite color, orange!!

Let's take a look at the designs belonging to our 5 celeb teams:

The Soap Derby that belonged to Muttons On The Move.
(I have no idea why its purple though. Lol!)
Darn - I'm suddenly craving for mutton soup as I am typing this. LOL~

The Red Express by Glenn Ong.

FHM Design!

*Don't you wish your girlfriend was HOT like me. Uh -uh ~*

Although the FHM design below MAY seem plain, but I felt that it was a creative concept as the car was made to look like a bathtub!
(It was such a cool idea that they had made use of cotton wool to act as foam. Lovely!)

*starts singing* Water falling on my head... ...:

Team TRON by Pierre Png.
(It actually lights up beautifully with blue streaks when the switch is turned on. Check out the photo in the later part of this post!)

(Photo in courtesy of Race Me Soap Derby Facebook Page)
And this below is by Adam Chen!
The Sasuke car! Fast and furious!! xD

(Photo in courtesy of Race Me Soap Derby Facebook Page)

And here are the rest of the other contestants! I definitely had a good eye-feast browsing through them!

The contestants must have been a huge anime fan. LOL:

One of the more "attention-seeking" designs was this Flintstones inspired Soap Derby Car.
Even the contestants came dressed as characters from the Flintstones!

Managed to spot one of them and took the opportunity to take a pic!
(I realized that he looked a little like the Malaysian blogger, Kenny Sia. LOL! What do you think? Hahaha.)

And the Darth Vader?

Look at this! Marie was still telling me that this design was so my style as it had the face of a cat on it:

Even the DHL guys were on in the game! (There were actually 2 ang moh cute contestants that were representing the DHL team. It was a pity that they were so busy chatting that I didn't have the chance to take a photo with them as intended. Oh well.)

If only those delivery guys from our everyday DHL team are THAT handsome...

*disappointed sigh*

 I spotted this cute little DHL vehicle on top of their Soap Box Derby car. SO CUTE can??!!

Let it burn!!

Pixellated cat:

Look what I spotted! Human-sized LEGOS!!! *screams*

The contestants were just so funky to pose for a shot!
Thanks guys!

And guess who I spotted at the event too?
Your childhood friends, MARIO brothers!! LOL.

A photo is a must, too!!!!
(They told me they needed a Princess Peach. Here I am!)

Another cute Soap Derby Car:

This design literally had me going "OMG!!" Look closely -  It looks like an expensive chinese dragon.. BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY MADE UP OF 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS!!


I kept repeating over and over again, " This is so amazing!"

The dragon claws were actually made up of mineral water bottles!!!!
How genius is that!!

And here's the overview of the whole design:


This team just inspires me SO MUCH seriously!!

And guess what this is?

Oh yeah. A Cake. (Made out of paper, I guess?)

Now.. Ask me which is my favorite and I shall show you:
(I've always favored vampires!! Now THIS is really amusing)

Okay, I don't look intimidating, but... ...

Balloon-inspired design? Haha. I was wondering whether those balloons would burst if it crashed!
Not the safest, I believe!

Like a whoa:

After browsing all the fascinating designs that proved to be a feast to our eyes, we continued walking around while waiting for the official race to commence:

Bumped into this adorable ilovebooks mascot that requested to take a photo with me using hand signals (instead of me requesting for it. LOL)

Went to the ilovebooks booth and we were allowed to pose with the prop! =D *happy happy*
If you are wondering what's the fuss about  ilovebooksit's actually a website where you can purchase e-books at unbelievable prices!
(Save the trees by reading e-books now! LOL)

Ooo lala~~ I'm having so much fun here~

Am I camouflaged? CAN YOU SEE ME HELLLOOOO??

Now let's get down to serious business.
The race was about to begin!
(Look at the models' racer outfits!! I wore the same one as well during a photoshoot with SS! Haha)

A test run:

Now... Guess who was the first one to head for the actual run?

Here's a hint:

That's right! MUTTONS ON THE MOVE!!

And no, they didn't become Mutton soup eventually. :) LOL.
Everything went well and the car was intact.

Look at the amount of supporters!

2nd team... Go go go!!!

The rest of the teams getting in the line for their turns:

And yes! I spot the vampire team!! (The contestants even had vampire makeup and costumes on! SPORTING, LAH!!)

The next celebrity to get up the ramp:

Yes, he's none other than Pierre Png... In a tight suit!!
(His fans were there as well and cheering him on at the race!!)

(Photo in courtesy of official Race Me Soap Derby Event Facebook page)

Pushing his cart up the ramp:
(Look at the blue streaks of light!)

Just a random shot that I thought was nice: (Hahaha)

Check out TODAY'S coverage of the event!

While Race Me was in progress, there were other activities (Mini Sasuke Challenge, Giant Inflatables, Mini Soap Box Race Track, Human Gyroscope, Rodeo Bull, Racing Simulators, Euro Reverse Bungee, etc)  happening too.

It's a day for anyone and EVERYONE!

For the kids:

And this really interesting bull that will do its best to knock you off its body:
Many tried and fell within seconds. (It was a pity I was wearing a skirt, else I would have love to give it a go!!)

And Baaaamm.... Off he fell.

And I've recorded video versions of it for your viewing pleasure!

Now that's Smith on the Rodeo bull!
(He was actually quite good at it, if you observe!)

There was a mini car racing area for kids as well...
Its definitely an event for everyone!

Arrived at the Taiwan Beer booth:
(I had actually seen them before at previous food fairs! I tried the samples and loved it! It was a pity that their stall was often crowded during the times I was there at the fair.)

But I finally got my chance!

Have you checked out the different flavors they have in store?
Yes, even beers come in flavors that will bound to have you addicted for more!

TAIWAN BEER.. *thumbs up*!

This is Ms Yi Sin , the director of Family & Friends Pte Ltd. She is such a pleasant and sweet-looking young lady. :)
And she's so  nice to sponsor us a set of beer (that consists of all assorted available flavors) for review. I can't wait to try all of them.
As for you readers out there, I'll be doing up a review post on Taiwan Beer soon...
 Do stay tuned!

And not to mention... Thank you, ME Club, for the hilarious goodie bag!
I completely love the expression of En lai's face, lah! LOL.

Its really a creative bag that promotes The Noose (Yeah, I'm a fan!) very well as the string was purposely made low to look as though the user is hanging the fellow.


"THE NOOSE" collectibles:

I love the mug and speakers! :)

Thanks to Mediacorp for the kind invite once again.
I had fun, and it was a real eye-opener to witness so many enthusiastic participants joining in the game!
(I didn't know Soap Box Derby cars were that interesting! Haha)

I look forward to more events and future Soap Derby-related events (which I probably may consider joining as contestant next time =p LOL)

A last photo of myself and Marie having a good time at the event:
(Thanks, babe! It was great meeting up with you again after so long!)

For those of you who have missed the Soap Derby event, fret not as you can catch the happenings on TV! (Although it may not be as exciting as watching it LIVE though. Haha!)

Race Me - TV highlight show:

Channel 5 TX: 21st September 2012, 9-930pm
  Channel U TX: 22nd September 2012, 9-9.30pm
    Channel 8 TX: 23rd September 2012, 12-12.30pm


And last but not least, HAVE YOU JOINED ME CLUB YET?
Registration is free and you can be rewarded!
Do check out the website if you haven't.

*Marie asked me to strike a serious look.. and I ended up looking like this:*

One of the famous Me Club commercials that's always playing on the TV. Have you spotted it and gotten your points yet?

I'm a proud ME CLUB member! ;-)
Are you?


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