Sunday, 28 October 2012

[Event] Shibuya Girls + Mini Halloween activity FUN! :)

With "recommendation" from Nixeux, she told me about the Shibuya Girls event that was held on Saturday @ Kbox Function Hall.

What a sight when I got there! There were many gyaru-looking girls there when I arrived.
(I'm not someone who is following the Gyaru trend, but it was still interesting as I managed to observe and learn more about their kind of makeup through the event.)

The different Gyarus onstage:

  There were mini flea booths as well and those stuff were going reaalllyy cheap. Like $10 for 2 pcs of apparels?!

I got myself a little something:

With Zhicong and Jade.
Darn. This angle makes my face look damn fat:. Am I really THAT fat??

 Met Jade and Zhicong who were there as well, and helped Jade to take a photo of her and her favorite blogger, Kelly. :)
This is for you! :)

I guess these freebies were sponsored by Watsons as they came in a Watsons bag! Gosh, they were so generous:
(Look at the falsies! I have a feeling I am going to love it.)

That is what being a girl is all about.. Lalala:

After the event that ended at around 6pm, we headed down to the basement that contains a makeshift haunted house by Universal Studios Singapore (USS)
Yes yes, it's FREE admission. So you can basically enter as many times as you can.

Damn it, my eardrums almost exploded from those people who were screaming like crazy in the haunted house! (And there was absolutely NOTHING in there at all except a few scary props and dark light)
Duh, attention seekers.

Join your collection??!

Before entering the Haunted house:

Here's Wen:

And myself:

The interior was so freaking dark that I almost bang into a dead end =_=.

I randomly raised my flash and shot this photo. You can't actually see it clearly when you are in there.

 The light effects that obstruct your vision. (But it turned out looking nice on camera.)
 Gosh. I couldn't see where I was going!

Kinda' miss those times when I was working as a scare actor at USS last year.
Well. Life gotta move on!!

Came out and headed to *Scape to play with the props outside Museum of Horrors: 
Killing da' zombiessss!!!


Wen gave me this idea to pose like this - hitting on the severed head =_=

And killing another zombie with an ultimate chainsaw:


 Ok, enough of the play.
Stumbled upon a Coca Cola truck outside Cineleisure that was having a mini Halloween activity and they were giving out Halloween treats!

(LOL, the "witch" in this photo was totally cool. I love his portrayal of the witch)

Yes, all we had to do was to shout and slam the "PRESS ME" button HARD for something to fall out.

I got this:

Nope, its not movie tickets.

But a Timezone Reloadable card! :D

Thanks for the Halloween treat!

I was given an extra treat by the "witch" while I was in the queue:
OMG, a limited edition Hello Kitty Maybelline mascara!!
Thanks, witch! :)

The back view:

Took a photo with the friendly witch before making our move:

The streets of Orchard were really beautiful, especially with the current Halloween decorations.
It seems that Singaporeans are starting to love Halloween now, unlike ages ago when I felt that I was the only one who was so crazy about such stuff!

Before ending this entry....

BOO! Happy Halloween, all!