Thursday, 20 December 2012

Online shopping freaks!

Just so you know, I am recently hooked to purchasing deals online.
I have always thought group deals to be a great idea to enjoy food and services at a fraction of its price, which is very much true!

Of course, there are still people out there who doubt the security of the deals and think of them as a scam or gimmick.
Which explains the reason of why I am doing up this entry because I will be personally sharing my experiences (be it good OR bad) of deals I had purchased and used.

Probably a Google search may land you on this page, I don't know. I just hope it will be a beneficial one. 

I've recently tried a 2D1N Batam deal on (previously known as Gmarket). 
It was seriously a worthy deal as I had been to the same place (with almost the same itinerary) 2 years back - and it cost me approximately SGD 135.

And was having a group deal promotion at SGD 49.90.

Of course, there will be additional compulsory costs that are not included in the $49.90 price tag, such as tips for your tour guide, ferry costs, etc.

But you will still be on the winning end because the total price will not exceed SGD 80
(Around SGD 70 ++) 

AND the deal was inclusive of a tour guide, 60-min Javanese massage, 8 course- seafood meal for lunch, 1 night hotel stay, Breakfast buffet.

The tour bus I was in:

Tell me, worth it or not??!!
If you were to go without the deal , a night of hotel stay would easily churn out a bill of $60-$80 already. And this is not even counting the massage deal or lunch.

Of course, I would encourage you to book for weekdays instead of weekends like I did as the place would be packed with humans. (Lol)
In fact, we were stuck at the bus junction for nearly 2 hours and some parts of the trips had to be cancelled
Oh well.

(The itinerary includes a visit to temples and Go-Kart, etc. But it was a pity that we were running out of time and the tour guide cancelled them.)

We were brought to the "Golden Factory Outlet" that is known to sell luxurious brands at a fraction of its price. I doubt its authenticity though. If you are one who is not VERY particular about brands, then I guess this factor will not affect you that much. They do have apparels that come in cool designs!

Nonetheless, the hotel stay was a pleasant one. In fact, I was impressed by its interior design as they made the surrounding look like a luxurious ship. (I was reminded of the Titanic exhibition I went to as the hallway simply looked too much like the Titanic hallway!)

To those who went to the Titanic exhibition when it was here in SG, do you not find this scene familiar??!!

Went for a super duper short shopping spree at their local shopping mall and came across this Karaoke place. *tempted mode*

But of course I didn't go for it as their songs are mainly in their native language which I know nuts.

 Took a photo of my hotel cards before the final check-out during the second day.

I didn't take many photos of my Batam trip (partly due to the factor that I was lazy) as it was my 2nd time there.
To those who are worried about how this deal would turn out, you may go ahead to purchase the deal. It's safe and I am already back in a full piece! (LOL!) :)


Another recent deal that I tried was the full body massage at Spa de Earth.  It was actually my first time trying out massage in Singapore (My previous massage sessions were at Batam) and I had to say that it was quite a... refreshing experience.

It was a 60-min Javanese massage (and the masseur was quite strong!) LOL.
But it was a 3.5 star experience nonetheless.

Do you know what is ONE fearful thing about online deals that I am most afraid of?


Oh damn, I just hate that.

Fortunately, there was completely NO hard-selling at Spa De Earth, even though they do have packages. The staff had merely told me about an ongoing promotion, and that was it.
There was no hard-selling even though I rejected the offer.
It's only places like these that will make me a returning customer.
(Why can't some companies just understand that hard-selling WON'T work?!)

Okay, I guess I have became such an addict that I had just bought 2 more deals with a colleague! Will definitely share my experiences here when I am back.
Should it be a negative experience, be rest assured that I will definitely lodge a complaint.
Haha, ciao~


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