Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Wall of Shame: Money-minded Singaporeans

I can't help it but say...
Some Singaporeans are just TOO money-minded for words.

For example?

I am sure many of you will find this familiar. No?

As seen on STOMP:

Yes. People were spotted queuing up for the ever so cute Hello Kitty Fairytale Collection.
But have you ever wondered how many of them in the queue were actually GENUINE buyers?
Let's put it this way:

70% (Money-minded people who are pinning hopes on earning quick bucks by reselling those soft toys at a price that's equivalent to daylight robbery) + 20% (Guys who were queuing up to get them for their girlfriends) + 10% (Actual genuine buyers) = 100%.

How appalling that was to witness people carrying 7-8 Hello Kitties in their hands, and happily going home to announce online that they are putting them up for sale at $50, $70, etc.
Is that the way how things work? 

And I can't believe that there ARE actually genuine buyers who went ahead to do the shameless transaction with them. Don't you know that you are just encouraging more gold diggers this way?

Think of it in a logical way - Do you really think that this craze will last? 
Unless you feel you are rich enough, I don't see the reason why anyone will be paying such a high price for something that will drop in value very soon.
Don't be surprised that these soft toys will be seen being sold at $5 or even lower in time to come.

And of course, not only the Hello Kitty frenzy is causing me to think that Singaporeans are money-minded.


This, too:

(Yes, I know it looks like a bra...But still.. it's proven to be useful)

I am sure everyone is aware of the haze that has been lingering around in Singapore, and stories such as how the N95 masks were gone as soon as they hit the shelves weren't surprising.

But what the HECK is this?

(Picture credits to STOMP:)

(Picture credits to Hardwarezone)

Ridiculous much?!
Pathetic I know, but this is how reality works.
Even in such a crucial situation, the only thing that is weighing on those people's minds is nothing but money, money and more MONEY.

Apparently, according to them, health is nothing as compared to money.

Yes, people will still buy despite being aware of the fact that this is a complete rip-off.
But that is only because they HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.

With N95 masks being sold out everywhere, they have already grown desperate. 
And those money scalpers are taking advantage of their despo-ness to earn quick bucks.
Can you imagine how unethical that is?!
Those were people who genuinely need them, probably because they may have elderly and kids in their family that they have to take care of, and ensuring that they have the maximum protection against the haze.

Health is something that no amount of money can buy, and yet some people just don't see the point. 

Anyway, my dad has gotten back some N95 masks.. and I am intending to give them away to needy families. (Yes, I am aware that the CC is giving 4 masks to the needy already).. But if you still do know of anyone who weren't aware or couldn't make it to collect theirs, do feel free to refer them to me and I'll be more than happy to bring those masks down personally.

Of course, with NO monetary terms involved.


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