Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A totally RANDOM entry

Okay, I figured that my blog is starting to collect cobwebs after not updating for some time (I really haven't been able to have the luxury to update entries lately), so I shall update a totally random one!

I recently bought a new camera for my blog! *flashes a wide grin*
And it's palm-sized somemore!

Well.. Just kidding.
It's a miniature toy!
(But it looks so realistic that we were both amazed by its details. There is a lens cap, lens and even movable "camera" parts!)

My monk boyfriend got me this during one of those days when we lost our way and unknowingly ended up at Orchard. (Thanks, monk!) =P

It's really cute, right??! HAHAHA.

And here's another miniature that appears to be too cute:
Minature iPhone, anyone??

LOL!! There is even a Samsung Galaxy SIII and Sony Ericsson version!
OMG. Toys just make me mad.
(And yet that sweet bf of mine kept feeding me with toys despite me asking him not to spend so much $$$!) Gaaahhh!!

And my recent purchase from eBay:
A ghost of Mickey mouse with its tongue sticking out at you. Pffft:

Scary or cute? You decide. HAHAHA.

And here... My collection of toys!
Actually, I was kidding again. They were from Mcdonald's at Science Centre.
AND they have their vintage collection on display!

Okay, here's just part 1 of my random entry. I TOLD YOU, IT WAS REALLY RANDOM!
I shall update more soon when I have the time.
*yawns and drifts off to dreamland*

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