Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Love or Hate? ABTM's star admitted to violence on his Girlfriend

So I came across this piece of (not so) juicy news on Yahoo and STOMP:
(I have wanted to blog about it but didn't have time to)

‘Ah Boys to Men’ star Ridhwan Azman admits to hitting girlfriend online

Basically, this guy - more widely known as one of the Ah Boys to Men (ABTM) stars, (I believe those who watched the movie would have recognized him) hit and 'strangled' his girlfriend - according to what she had proclaimed on her blog.

Crushed, she confided in two of her trusted confidants-complete with photo evidences of what appeared to be her bruised face- and that was when the matter caught the media's attention after it went viral on social media sites such as Twitter, etc.

Both were eventually depressed, and the guy admitted to his act.

When I first read the news, I was like...SERIOUSLY???!!
I know many Netizens out there are criticizing them and saying things like they are not famous enough to deserve such limelight, etc...
But you can't deny the fact that the guy, Ridhwan Azman, has gained a certain extent of fame after his appearances in the Jack Neo's movie.

And it's inevitable that such matters will not be taken lightly - especially when it comes to guys beating up their own girlfriends.
(Do you even think this is acceptable? Violence in a relationship?)

I understand that there are always two sides to the story, and many have said it was the girl's fault as well since she was the one who "triggered" the fight first, etc.

However, I still can't get over the fact that a guy can just hit his girlfriend like that. 
According to his girlfriend, he even dragged her out of a cab "like an animal" during the commotion. Although no one can testify that since none of us have seen it with our own eyes, BUT if that was true....
Then seriously, I would say it's a... Beastly act.

Firstly, she is ONLY your girlfriend. Not even your wife. 
(And even if so, that doesn't entitle you to hitting her)
If violence has already been introduced at such an initial stage, I can't imagine how the marriage will look like 10 - 20 years down the road. Probably weapons would be introduced? LOL.

Secondly, if you are a REAL (I mean, as in really skin deeeep) GENTLEMAN, hitting her definitely would not have crossed your mind - no matter what. It's simply... unacceptable.
You are responsible for your own action(s). The fact that you even laid a finger on her and hurting her that much physically just shows how much of a "gentleman" you are.
Yes, I understand there are many girls out there who behave in such a manner that you may feel like hitting them in that instance, but I believe that such thoughts are within your control.
Talk about ethics.
(Unless the girl is a potential threat to your life and is charging at you with a knife, then that will be another story altogether if you hit her for self-defense purposes. Lol.)

Thirdly, you are considered a public figure. Is it even a rational thing to behave like... that?
It's not easy to be able to climb the ladder of fame in Singapore. And you are not even really THERE yet...As compared to bigshot celebrities, you are only a small fry. Sorry but it's just the harsh truth. You may have your fair share of "fans", but that's just it. ABTM is only giving you 60 seconds of fame.
Yes, you fell and now you have to clean your own mess. There are bound to have your supporters disappointed in you because of your unethical act. 

I will not touch on racial issues since I am not someone who likes to get involved in such topics. Personally, I find that it is alright for people of different races to be together in a relationship - as long as you understand each other's culture and give your respect.

It does make me think deeper about guys and relationships after this incident shed light onto social media. It's really scary and disappointing at the same time how a what seemed to be a happy relationship turned out to be like this.

You can say you love her countless times, but do you... Really??

(For those who are interested to read their blog posts that contain their side of story, here are the links:

Luna Woo (girlfriend)'s blog post:

On a side note, I found one of the girlfriend's Youtube videos online... Although I am not exactly sure whether it can be considered in the name of fun... But you can clearly see that Ridhwan seemed to be hitting her in order to make her cry for a scene. She was heard saying "Stop hitting me" in the video and tears followed suit.
I understand if she was just sacrificing for the video, but... ....

Skip the front parts if you aren't interested. Just scroll to 3:54.

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