Sunday, 15 September 2013

Touring in Singapore - Ultimate experience in a Trishaw ride!

It has always been one of my greatest wishes to experience the feeling of riding in a trishaw - just like the old times.

I think it just looks too cool, doesn't it?!
(If you don't think so, then you most probably don't appreciate the beauty of a trishaw!)

Photo courtesy of Google images.

I have always wanted to be in one, and I know that there are such services in Singapore - except that the they are normally charged at a hefty price.
(I guess it's meant for the tourists more!)

But nonetheless... ...

And it was not expected.

This dear momo of mine actually went the extra mile to find out details and information about a specific trishaw uncle that charges at an astonishing low fee.

Yes, I am so effin' touched!
It was such a fun and breathtaking experience being a tourist in your own country - and surprisingly, there are SO MANY things that I am not even aware about.
And having the chance to travel in Singapore with your loved one just makes the whole experience even better as a whole!
Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to take a photo of the trishaw we sat in as we were on it most of the time. 
Nonetheless, I managed to capture some beautiful photos of the scenery using my Canon G12! 

Sharing them with you here - You may be surprised that some of the photos are actually taken right here in Singapore! :)

Here's a photo of us seated happily on the trishaw! 
Now let's embark on an amazing journey!

I took a shot of the trishaw uncle while he was engrossed in telling us interesting stories of Singapore's history. (He is really a wise man whom I can confidently proclaim as a walking history expert!)

I love the architecture that was pictured in the background. Wahaha.

I love taking photos of the street signs.
They are a part of history as well.
Hahaha. There you go~

The mix of nostalgia and the modern world:

Look at these shop houses! Really nostalgic to the maximum.

Hahaha, even the architecture of this police post looks interesting!

Look at that!! Haha..
A map structure!

You know, I am not trying to boast here - but Singapore is such a lovely place.
If one actually takes the time to explore the country, I am sure you will think of Singapore in a different light.
There are simply so many things that you may not know , and it will be a very interesting experience if you can get to talk to someone like Uncle Wong, our dear trishaw uncle whom acted as our tour guide for the day.

Of course, how can I forget my beloved momo too - whom made all these possible?

Thank you so much for granting my wish, even though I really didn't expect you to remember when I told you about it during our casual chat.
It really warms my heart how you actually planned this (even though I don't know how long it took), and went through the extra mile just to make it happen.
You are so amazing in your own way. *hugs*

 I look forward to touring more of Singapore with you, my momo! :)

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