Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Trending: In love with Bitstrips

So you have seen it. Been there, done that.
But that doesn't stop me from sharing my joy of bit-stripping! (Gosh, it sounds so wrong here)

So what is Bitstrips?

Simply put, it's all about creating a cartoon form of yourself and expressing your thoughts through random comics!

Yes - You can customize YOU ; and there are many different hairstyles, outfits, accessories, etc to match your personality.

And here's me - sending you my greetings in cartoon form! :D
(My momo boyfriend actually did this for me while analyzing my face =_=)

What attracted to me most are the graphics, in which MOST of them look hilarious. I used them to send my love or insert funny captions.

Here was me, blowing a kiss to my momo boyfriend (I designed his look for him just like he did for mine)

Passing a blob to him (which is really based on true stories)

And there were times when he farted:

He sent me this Bitstrip illustration of him paying for my meals:

Paying for my meals? NOT SO EASY BRO.

And here I was - posing for a shot while my BFF Pei Wen took a picture of me:

In gratitude, I brought her out for some ice-cream treat:

And an illustration of me dressing up as Michael Jackson for Halloween (which I am REALLY intending to!)

There were times when I decided to be nasty and sneezed on my colleague (It was supposed to be an inside joke):

And with that, I end my post as it's getting late:

P/S: Interested to join in the trend as well? Go download the App from PlayStore on your Android devices now - Bitstrips!

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