Friday, 10 January 2014

Video: Dirty Secrets About Hotel Drinking Glasses

OK, this is sick. 
I am sure many of my close friends would know by now that I am a CLEANLINESS FREAK when it comes to drinking glasses. In fact, I have been this way for YEARS.

I used to express my concerns to my parents whenever we attended hotel-related events, BUT they will NEVER fully understand how I feel.

Look, I am not weird. Watch this video yourself and tell me what you think!

Of course, I have SEEN for myself how dirty those drinking glasses are. Despite the fact that a particular glass cup you are drinking from looks clean - IT is NEVER clean.

Yes, I am speaking from personal experience. I have seen hair, wool, lipstick stain and you-name-it substances on hotel drinking glasses.
The next time you drink from hotel glasses, keep a close observation yourself. Unless you do not mind having these micro substances in your body, then you shall dismiss the cleanliness factor.

I remembered blogging about such issues before.

*searches my own archives*

Ah, found it!

Here you go. Click to read it, I know you haven't!:

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