Saturday, 26 April 2014

[Media Event] Gala Premiere of The Amazing Spiderman 2 (in 3D!)

Was invited as a blogger to the Gala Premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 3D (Thanks, Sony Pictures Singapore, for the honor!) on 24th April 2014 at Golden Village @ Vivocity. :)

I was given the opportunity to bring along someone as well, so I brought the BF! :) 
Boy, did we go crazy on taking photographs! 

That's us!

(I'm wearing a sponsored outfit by an online blogstore! I'll be posting a separate entry soon with regards to my OOTD. Stay tuned!)

Before the start of the Premiere, we were given photo ops as well and there was even a special set-up that we can actually enter and take photos with the realistic props! :)

Here's the overturned police car, an actual scene that you will be able to see in the movie. Did you spot the Spiderman holding onto the vehicle behind me? =P

Come, let me help you, Spiderman.
*lifts up the police car single-handedly while striking my famous pose*

Sorry for the strong flash that was reflected on the pic :(
As part of the event, there was a photo-printing service provided and we were encouraged to strike our most creative poses with the props; after which we could upload them to Instagram to have them printed! I was at a loss of poses and both of us ended up trying to strike our fists at Spiderman =_= "Creative" much. Duh.

But I love it that there was my famous big name printed there "Sgcomplainqueen". HAHAHA. I gave this to my BF as a momento.

 I did a live update on my Facebook as well at the Gala and uploaded this pic of us *chuckles*:

I brought my selfie pod (its trending now!) and we started cam-whoring away since there was still time left. Hahaha.

But of course, selfie pod has its limitations as well as it couldn't capture us in natural poses.
We got someone to take a pic for us too. (Thanks to the person who helped us with the pic!)

And it was soon time for our movie! We didn't actually get the good seats (We were given free seatings) as we spent too much time taking photos before entering the theater. *blames ownself* Hahaha. Nonetheless, I'm glad that we are still able to be seated together and enjoyed the movie!

So... ... what is my verdict of the movie, you ask?
Ssssh... I can't reveal much of the movie else' it is gonna' spoil your experience, no?!

But what I can advise you is to clear your bladders before the movie as you will definitely find yourselves glued to the chair throughout the entire period due to the excitement! YOU CAN'T MISS THOSE BATTLING SCENES. Gosh.
 Yes, I am speaking as someone who has NEVER watched Spider-Man before but yet became quite a fan after the movie. (Heck, I even went back home and tried to search for a Spiderman ringtone!)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie will be hitting the cinemas in 2D and 3D versions - If you are someone who is a 3D fanatic like me, you know you are not going to miss this experience! :)
(There were certain parts of the movie that I actually BLINKED when the character threw something that appeared to be towards my direction. Haha. It was so funny that I laughed at myself. That is one of the reasons why I am totally digging' 3D movies as they enhanced the movie experience and bringing you closer to realism!)

Whether you are a Spiderman fan or not, this is a movie worth looking forward to if you are thinking of a good one to watch :) I have many friends who told me that they are excited for the movie - and yes, YOU should, too!

Get ready for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on 1st May 2014!

And I'm gonna' tempt you more by showing you their official trailer! *smiles*

Special thanks to my BF for assisting to take photos for me that are featured in this entry! 

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