Tuesday, 20 May 2014

[Advertorial] Style Bliss - Chic and Quality clothing!

STYLE BLISS has kindly chosen two outfits for me for this review; and I have to say that they do have great tastes!
Being the petite person I am (I am only a 157cm!), I have to say that the apparels fit me pretty well - exactly the kind of length that I fancy.

Here's Dress #1 - Dark blue dress with pokka dots.
I am not a huge fan of pokka dots, but this is truly exceptional! I was pleasantly surprised that I actually loved the look.

What I find appealing is its retro factor that comes with a touch of modernity.

Not to mention that I feel extremely comfortable with its material!
Definitely not made of thin and cheap kind - It's thick.

What I fancy most about the dress is the flexibility to adjust/design the ribbon to my liking.
A ribbon can be tied by the side, or the middle.

Smooth workmanship - Here's the zip at the back.
It was designed in such a way that it isn't really obvious when zipped.

I personally like the ribbon tied to the middle as it can be fitted to my waist. 
Making me look thinner! LOL

 Fits pretty well with a black half-cardigan, too. (That black cardi is my own's)
Suitable for office wear or to an evening date. Hmm...

Here's Dress #2 - White top with high-waist skirt

So I wore it to The Amazing SpiderMan 2 Gala Premiere. It was my OOTD as well - and I love how fitting it is (In fact, it was SO fitting that it felt like a tailor-made piece to my size. Hahaha)
In case you haven't noticed, it is a two-piece dress.

It makes a perfect office wear too, don't you think so? 
And here's me standing in front of the classic scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
*imagines I am Gwen Stacey*

I love how it is designed - and I'm totally diggin' the sleeves! I have extremely skinny arms, so somehow the fluffy area made them look more "pumped".

Here are some close-ups of the design so you can take a closer look of the real deal!
Do note that I don't use filters or any color changes for my reviews; so everything is captured as it is! :)

Here's the material and design for the white top:
(However, due to the "holes" design, it is essential to wear an inner singlet/)

 The material is suitable for Singapore's humid weather as well!

Located near the bottom is a beautiful pattern that somehow adds a touch of elegance tot he overall look.

And one of the reasons why the top is so fitting is due to its elasticity! :)
Don't worry that you will not be able to fit. Asian sizes should be most compatible!

And here's the close-up pic of the blue denim-like skirt that comes together with the top.
Definitely worth the price as you are basically getting two separate pieces for the price of one!

Here's the overall look, again:
(The denim-like skirt is made of thin quality and does get crumpled easily if you are not careful - but fret not as the crumpling part will go away after some time!)

If you like what you are seeing here and feel that it's not enough, do check out STYLE BLISS website for more quality apparels. With so many different choices, I bet there is something for everyone.
Shopping is made so convenient now - it's all within a click!
So start clicking away to Style Bliss now:

(Psst.. They have a Facebook page too! Do give them your support!

Credits: Vellus Hair Studio, Pei Wen

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