Thursday, 28 August 2014

What do you mean... ...Hello Kitty is NOT a Cat?!?!

So news have it that Hello Kitty is not a cat afterall... Or is she??
As I am not really a huge Hello Kitty fan, I guess I ain't bothered by this sudden fact.
But I still have to say that Hello Kitty IS a cat.

It bears the name "Kitty"; and it's usually interlinked with cats. Sanrio, IF she is indeed not a cat, then it should not come as a surprise to you that people of all ages would THINK that she is a cat.

Well... She has whiskers.
She has ears of a cat.
She doesn't have fingers.
She doesn't talk (and cats don't talk indeed)

She's just a cat that doesn't walk on all fours.

To say that she is in fact, a human girl, just sounds nonsensical to me. 
Does a human even look like that?!
*inserts astonished face here*

So.. can anyone tell me now..

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