Saturday, 31 January 2015

[Review] Sports Watch from

So something mysterious arrived in the mail last week... ...

Something that defines the history and present. 

Something that is classic...

What could this small, brown box possibly contain?

*Anxiously opens the box*

A beautiful white sports watch staring back at me as the minute hand slowly ticked away...

Thank you,!!

I couldn't bear to take it out of the box yet and went on to take countless photographs of the watch.

There are lovely rhinestone-like crystals above each numerical digit. It looks simple but yet classy - a style that I totally love!

I was even more thrilled when I realized that the watch fits me perfectly without going through the hassle of punching extra holes on the strap to fit my child-like wrist. (I'm not kidding when I say that my wrist is exceptionally small! I often have difficulty purchasing general-sized watches and had to punch extra holes on EVERY watch that I purchased outside.)

I love the fact that it looks unisex as well.

The holes extend up to the very maximum and even kids can wear it!

The strap is made of silicon material and it felt comfortable on my skin. 

In case you are wondering, the exterior silicon strap can be removed! 
(It'll be removed during the change of batteries)

Here's one last photo of the lovely piece - I just couldn't stop taking photographs of it!

Not to mention that they are so kind (and thoughtful, too!) to provide additional battery and a metal stick in case the existing battery runs out.

I have been wearing my new watch ever since the first day I received it, and I think it looks really good on me! (Sounds thick-skinned as I am complimenting myself here, but who cares?!?! HAHA)

And most importantly... This Sports watch is definitely affordable as it costs only.. $14! (Comes with batteries, premium gift packagingand FREE mailing too!! *faints* Too good to be true, but it's not!)

See to believe.
A screenshot of the page on their site:

Of course, they do not specialize in the sales of watches. As their name would have it, sells different kinds of bicycles (road/mountain/electric/foldable bicycles) and various accessories that I felt are affordable too! If you are an avid cyclist, I am sure this is a site you will not want to miss.
Although I did not purchase any bicycle from the online store, I was impressed by the reviews given by other customers. (You can read it under their "Reviews" tab!)

Wait no further - Check out their site now at:

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