Sunday, 17 May 2015

Groupon Deal Review: - LifeSpa massage - Worth Going?

You know, I have figured that my blog should contain posts that benefit others from my personal experiences - especially those that I spent money on.
I am sure plenty of you out there have googled companies, products or items from Groupon deals before purchasing them, and reviews from bloggers would have benefited you.

SO, so... I have decided to share more about my Groupon experiences here with my readers as I do purchase their deals quite often! 

So what kind of deals do I usually spend my money on, you ask?


(I feel that body massages in Singapore are darn expensive without purchasing Groupon deals!)
As I have a friend (I shall call her "Shrek" since it's a nickname we have been calling each other since our poly days, haha) who are into body massages as much as I do, we would often share lobangs with each other and purchase deals to try.
"Well... You know, you can share all of our experiences in your blog," she suggested. 
I thought it was a pretty good idea. (So to all those bad merchants, watch out! If you are one of those who do not honor your Groupon deal, I shall post about you on my blog!)

I shall start off my first entry experience on a positive one: - Here's one deal from Groupon that we tried: (Don't worry, this is not a sponsored post or anything like that -  We freaking paid money for the services from our own pockets!!)

$27 for a Swedish or Deep Tissue Stress Relief Massage at LifeSpa

$27 is considered an attractive price for a body massage service. (Without Groupon deals in Singapore, a body massage can easily cost up to $100 and above, which is crazy)
I know it's risky, but I did not bother to check or read reviews about the place before purchasing the deal. It was a pure luck thing. I remembered both of us were desperate for a body massage and were lucky enough to book an appointment for the next day.

There are 3 outlets of LifeSpa, and we chose the one at Carlton Hotel, which was quite a convenient location.
We were WOW-ed by the place upon arrival. We felt so out of place in such an atas venue.
The reception lady was well-mannered, and passed us the forms to fill in our personal details before heading in for our massages. 
When we were told that the room was ready, we were completely overwhelmed by excitement as they brought us to a luxurious-looking suite (it was a COUPLE ROOM!! It means that we would be able to communicate with each other in the room during massage, which was an additional bonus as we didn't expect we would be given the privilege. In most massage places, a couple room requires a top-up charge and we were NOT charged a single cent for it)

It was an out-of-the-world (in a good way) kind of experience as I was dazzled by the facilities as well. Can you imagine that there was a PERSONAL TOILET as well in the room? We had all the privacy to ourselves, and there was a heater pad on the massage bed too to warm our bodies.

The masseurs were very professional as well, and I would say they do have some good skills there!
(In the past, I always had this mentality that the masseurs will not give quality service since we purchased the Groupon deals at a cheap price. I am sure most of you would have this thought, too, right?! Sometimes, things are too good to be true. However, I was proven wrong on this occasion!)

After the massage, we were given a choice to choose our tea (I opted for Ginger tea, which I love!) and we were led to a comfy resting area (We felt like princesses with such atas treatment, LOL).
When we reached, I noticed that there was even a small plate of snacks- complete with our cups of tea- ready at the table.

I always hated this. I have read reviews of many places doing hard-selling of packages and throwing customers black faces if they say "NO".
I'm someone who has difficulty saying "NO", so you can imagine how dreadful it was for me.

Well, we waited.
There was indeed a young lady approaching us with a form.
Fortunately... We were only asked a question,
"Do you do massages often?"
We shook our heads.

"Well, its okay then. See you".
And that was it! No hard-selling. Wow. This is so un...un..un..un..believable. LOL.
We were stunned like vegetables. *pun intended. ahem*
I guess it was because I indicated we were students in the forms?
 (Yeah, students are always poor okay!)

Nonetheless, I would recommend this Groupon deal to anyone who would like to give it a try. Please do note that I am only reviewing the outlet that I went, and could not verify that the services in the other outlets are the same.
Till then. stay tuned to more of my Groupon deal updates~!


  1. The way you put it is hilarious, but I tend to agree that food and massage are almost of equal worth in the hierarchy of things that matter to me. I started getting massages about 7 years ago when I began my life in the corporate world due to the stress. It has helped with my pain considerably!

    Brooke Burgess @ East West College

  2. The local masseur was the last person I thought could help me with the pain in my head, but my doctor recommended so I went. I was a matter of the nerve in my neck being pinched and causing a cutting pain behind my eyes, The masseur moved the nerve and I have not experienced pain since I stopped by his office.

    William Connors @ The Healing Station

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