Monday, 22 February 2016

ANIMAL CRUELTY- Turning live animals into Keychains?!

I'm not sure if this is well-known to many, but I sure had a look of horror plastered all over my face when I came across these photographs that spell "ANIMAL CRUELTY".
(If this isn't animal cruelty, then I don't know what is)

At first glance, they may look like your typical keychain souvenir. Honestly, they look so colorful that you won't believe what is really happening until you take a closer look... ...

Rubber animals encased in a small plastic bag? Cute?
Mind you, they are REAL animals (tortoises, fishes, etc) being trapped in small bags and used as accessories to hang on your mobile phones or bags.
According to several online news reports, those animals were suspended in brightly-colored liquid (as pictured above) that supposedly contain the "essential" oxygen and nutrients to keep them alive for a few days. Thereafter, they would be left to die. 

What would be left in that sealed plastic is a lifeless animal that you will be carrying it around everywhere with you. EEEW. Can this get anymore disgusting?


Not to mention that they are being sold on the ordinary streets of China.


A closer look at how appalling Mankind can be.
These poor tortoises were trying to swim their way to freedom - but of course that's visibly impossible.

Can any kind soul please cut the bags open and free these animals?! Hello?!?!

Here's a video of them in action:

If I have the money, I would gladly purchase EVERYTHING they have and set these poor animals free. I totally cannot imagine hanging these keychains on my bags or mobile phone and watching the innocent lives of the animals draining away.

What would you have done if you come across these supposed "souvenirs" in China?

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    1. This is so awkward :3 I removed my comment becauset it had a few typos, but I didn't think it would still show!

      Anyway, I don't think anyone should purchase these items from such heartless people, because money is exactly what they want. Buying these items would only propel them to bring in more :(