Sunday, 13 March 2016

[Honest Review] Spa Elements

Many of my friends may know that I love going for massages (No, I am not rich but I am one that goes for trials and Groupon deals - hence I am not really paying a lot to experience the services, but I guess they are more than enough for me to post my reviews on here!)

Unfortunately, there is no photograph taken for this review due to the rushed job (You will read more about it in later part of this post)

If you are someone who does read-ups of reviews (like me) before deciding to purchase any packages or deals from spa/massage companies, you will be glad to chance upon my blog as I will post my honest opinions on here (I am always honest, anyway. HAHA)

And one thing I always look out for is WHETHER a company will do hard-selling. 
I totally HATE hard-selling, it totally puts me off. Even if I am impressed by your services, I will NOT want to sign up with one that pushes sales. I am sure potential consumers like yourselves dislike it, too.

Enough said, I shall review on one of the massage companies I recently visited -Spa Elements. 

Unlike previous deals, I did not purchase it through Groupon - but rather, a voucher that was given to my friend (she is my massage khaki!).

We paid around $23 (inclusive of GST) after the services.

From their brochure, I noticed that there are two branches - One at The Cathay (Dhoby Ghaut area, which is the one I went to) and another at Orchard Ion.

Services: 6/10
Not sure if it's due to overwhelming response as they have an ongoing promotion, I feel that they have compromised on the quality of their services. 
From beginning to end, everything seemed like a pretty rushed job. 
I remembered the masseur knocking on my door to ask if I was ready when I've not even removed my shirt!
I was supposed to feel relaxed during the massage, but I felt somehow pressurized as the massage started off in a VERY fast-paced manner. Yes, it was still a 1-hour massage nonetheless and I guess they were just trying to make the best out of it. The masseur did slow down her pace in the middle though.

Quality of massage (Depending on the masseur): 7/10
The masseur had not bad skills. She did massage on some of my joints that badly needed a good massaging; and I felt they were on point.

Environment: 6/10
Quite a small and simple place, but cosy enough. There was a large wardrobe in each room for us to place our belongings.

Hard-selling factor: 2/10
I'm relieved. There's no hard-selling involved, even tough they did introduce some of their packages to us. The promotional price for their packages are at $68 per session, and I would say that it is not very cheap, as compared to other places I've been to.
Nonetheless, I am glad they are not pushy about their sales. That's a plus point.

Overall,I would say that they are still pretty okay - but not the best I've been to. I'll be reviewing more places on my blog in time to come - Stay tuned for more! :)


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