Monday, 25 April 2016

Bad Experience at Hair Salon!! *ANGRY*

Before you proceed to read this post, I'm gonna warn you first - This is going to be quite a post worth of negative complaints. 

IT'S ABOUT MY HAIR. MY HAIR, HAIR, HAIR and the salon I went to for a digital hair perm.

Just like everyone else, I did my research on reputable salons to fix my hair that had became like pig-sty hay.
Come on, you wouldn't want to step into just any salon to fix your hair, right? Reading online reviews are important, and I really do trust reviews because they are based on personal experiences.

For your info, I have been going to different salons for perming attempts throughout the years. Granted that I was able to have my hair permed successfully once in a while, the results always DID NOT turn out the way they should be.

Here's a typical scenario:

Hairdresser: *hands over a book/file that is full of different hairstyle illustrations for me to choose*
Me: *Spots a desired permed hairstyle and points to it, feeling happy that I will probably feel like a woo-lala Hollywood queen after the perm*

Hairdresser: *Nods, keeps the photos and begins working on my hair*

Before you begin saying, "Hey, everyone's hair is different and the reference picture is for illustration purposes only", I'll suggest you to continue scrolling down this entry.

What I thought my hair would look like:

What it really looked like - After my recent perm:
(Yes, don't expect me to smile in my photos)

Can you tell that I just had a perm? And this picture was taken exactly ONE day after the perm. The hair hadn't been washed as instructed.

It was a pity I did not take any "Before" photo because I hadn't expected the results to be that ridiculous. In fact, I was confident that the hairdresser would do a good job based on the HIGHLY-RAVED reviews online - with several people commenting on their positive experiences on hair perming services.

I shall not mention the name of the salon here for the time-being as I am in the midst of contacting them for some "settlement". What I can reveal now is that it is a PURE Japanese salon with solely Japanese hairdressers.  (BUT IF YOU ARE REALLY KEEN TO KNOW, YOU CAN ASK ME PERSONALLY)

As I do not speak much Japanese and vice versa (they do not speak much English), we only had very basic communication using a bit of hand signals and simple two, three-worded english words. In case you are wondering, no, they do not have any translator there and I was basically on my own.

(I felt like kicking myself for being so "Geh Kiang" - meaning 'Act-smart' by stepping into a Japanese salon when I don't know how to speak Japanese. Trust me, it was a lesson learned.)

BUT it was a very clear-cut request - I asked for digital hair perming and a fringe cut. They did as requested - but the results are just... Unjustifiable.

Can you believe that my hair seemed to look straighter than BEFORE I permed it? (I had slight curls from my past perming attempts)

I did not voice out after my perming session at the Japanese salon  because the hairdresser did everything to make my hair curl after the session. It didn't look that bad before I stepped out of the salon although I tried to ignore that sinking feeling in my stomach.

BUT the curls slowly disappeared like David Copperfield's magic in less than 2 hours.

No, I do not think that I have adopted any new hairstyle at all (other than a fringe cut that creates an obvious change in my hairstyle. I have to admit that I like the fringe cut, though.). My overall hair still felt flat, and I do not feel like I have pretty hair in any way.

"Hello everyone, I just permed my hair!! Do you like my obvious curls huh?"

AND YES - I FREAKING SPENT QUITE A SUM OF MONEY IN TRUSTING THEM WITH THE JOB. I could've stepped into any salon and paid them lesser for a better job.

After the bad experience, I tried SO, SO hard to curl my own hair at home. I used strawberry curlers, used hair maintenance products, etc but to NO avail.
To be fair, I'll show this pic of my hair in clearer view: (THIS is AFTER I've done curling myself overnight) You can still spot the straight hair all over.

And worst part?

NOBODY could tell I had a perm at all. In fact, I posted my photos onto my social media sites and MOST of my friends have told me to seek a refund or compensation because there is no way a successful perm would look like that.

To date, I have not found any FIXED salon that is able to do a proper and lasting hair perm for me. I know it all boils down to the quality of my hair and probably my hair is in such a bad state that it doesn't have the ability to hold curls anymore.

Seriously, I am thinking of setting up a challenge for local salons - 
I can't believe I am using my hair as a challenge. LOL. If you think your salon can do a better job, do let me know please. TQVM.



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