Sunday, 11 June 2017

Looking back at my life... ...

Hello world!
I can't believe it has been SO LONG since I left my blog with cob webs piling all over - and to my friends who have been asking why my blog hasn't been updated... I appreciate that you guys are still following me. Yes, I hear you.

Life has been crazy lately - From happy moments to depressed ones, I would say it has been a rollercoaster. Apart from that, I have achieved certain "milestones" last year that I will be mentioning in this post!


Ok, I admit - I was not daring enough to get a bolder shade of maroon colour as I was supposed to have a filming assignment coming up in that following week. It was a very mild colour (obvious only under strong sunlight) but that would do for a first time. I still remembered how strongly I was against the dying of my hair in the past but eventually gave in to temptation. 

AND I DYED AGAIN DURING MY Hong Kong TRIP (Just weeks ago)


Pictured here on the left is my Polytechnic friend whom is still one of my best buddies (Thanks for going on a trip with me, babe!) and both of us stumbled upon a salon in Hong Kong that provided decent quality service. We went for purple /magenta shade of colour for our hair and I was really pleased with the results! I don't really fancy strong colours so bleaching is a no-go for me.

2. I WENT CRAZY during my company event and dressed up as an unimaginable character

Yes.. You guessed it. Harley Quinn.
I love her exaggerated style of outfit in the movie and little did I know that I would eventually be sponsored and dressed up as her for my company event. I was really afraid that it would turn out bad because I was my own make-up artist and I do not have much experiences in such exaggerated make-up. Many of my friends always have the impression that I am a cosplayer (I don't know why!) but I am not. NOT. NOT. So please - I hope you professional cosplayers out there won't laugh at a poor human like me who only dresses up once in a blue moon.

The photo that officially scared the hell out of many people:

3. GRADUATED from Hark Music

Yay! I guess learning anything that is related to music is something that I will never think of quitting. Don't get me wrong, I am just someone who is a hobbyist of singing - and I'll never expect myself to be a professional but I do feel proud of myself for coming this far for my hobby!

My own little "mini studio": -

4. Had my first ever debut performance

(Photo credits to Hangi Tavakoli from Flipside Productions)

Even till now, I can't believe that I stood up there and performed. It wasn't a totally positive experience (to be honest) for me as I happened to fall sick during that period of time and couldn't recover fast enough. With a choked-up throat and strained vocal chords, I tried to give it my best shot . But what left the deepest impression on me was the support I had from my family, friends and colleagues who came down to sit through my performance!
I was shocked and touched beyond words when I saw the turnout. Some of them actually stay a long distance away from my performance venue but they made time to come down. 


4. GRADUATED from Acting/Drama lessons in Level 1 @ Zoom Academy

Although I have been involved in a little bit of acting here and there during my 'younger' days, I have always wanted to take up professional lessons and understand more about the trade.

The 'typical' Ah Lian you see on the road:

I am currently into my Level 2 acting now, and am blessed to have the opportunity to be taught by one of the veteran actresses in the TV industry, Chen Bi Feng. (I believe the older generation can recognise her from the many TV shows that she acted in!)

5. Became a blog-writer for Mitsueki Blog

When I was approached with the opportunity to join Mitsueki's team of blogwriters, I was honoured. (If you are reading this... Thanks, babe!)
Writing for her blog has given me tons of opportunities to attend media events and food tastings as well. (I have to admit that I gained weight after becoming sort of a food blogger... Which is not exactly a bad thing considering the fact that I don't usually gain weight)

One of my first-ever overseas media trip to Genting - with courtesy of Mitsueki.

6. Went on a radio interview by JIA 88.3 FM

It was a very last minute interview (I was contacted and interviewed on the same day) It was my first-ever experience on a radio show and thanks to my family and friends for being so supportive! 

7. First JB Trip with my colleague buddies

Nothing beats having colleagues who become your buddies.
It has always been a thing - To go on a half-day JB trip for some games and good food. Thanks for having me- It is always fun being with those quirky people.

8. Brought my mum back to hometown

Although I have been to KL countless times with my family, but this was the first time I took charge and brought my mum to her hometown. A big thank-you to our dear relatives in Malaysia who took time to drive us around and even treated us to great food. Both my mum and I were thankful.

9. Took up new hobby 

This is an addictive hobby that I took up after being inspired by so many designs online. The materials were sourced from Taobao and I wouldn't say they are exactly cheap. BUT ENOUGH TO KEEP ME OCCUPIED FOR THAT FEW HOURS YET FEELING ACHIEVED AT THE END OF THE DAY.
I really wish I have more time to do more of them now.


I have always contemplated to do eyelash extensions as I am a VERY lazy person. So much that I was afraid that it would be difficult to maintain. However, thanks to a sponsorship opportunity through Mitsueki, I decided to give a try and understand more about the procedure personally from the service provider. 
And there is no turning back. I loved the extensions and now I can't imagine life without it! If you would like to read about my experience, do stay tuned to Mitsueki Blog as the entry will be featured on there!

11. Chemical Peeling treatment with Dr Tyng Tan

I have been undergoing chemical treatment for my acne issues for 2 years now and I am always looking forward to the sessions. They work in clearing up acne and lightening acne scars, but maintenance is still needed to be done to ensure that there will be no breakouts. If you would like to know more about the procedures and my chemical peeling experiences, do feel free to click HERE.

12. Knowing a wonderful person who came into my life

 I think everyone probably knows who he is by now and to those who don't & still keep asking me who the heck is this frequently-mentioned name on my social media accounts, he is my lovely FISH.
He has got to be the most patient, nicest and talented people I've ever known. I know I am someone who isn't the easiest to get along with due to my temper, but he has NEVER ONCE thrown temper at me and still treats me like a princess. Most importantly, he respects me for who I am.
Thank you, Fish, for sticking by me always!!!!

13. I got famous

So famous that I spotted people printing my face and using them as wrapping papers which were eventually thrown to the rubbish chute. Thanks, huh.

 I hope everyone enjoys reading this little update of my life that I did not get to blog much on here. 
Life hasn't been a bed of roses, but I shall exclude the negativity yeah.
I will be back to more active blogging soon and revive my title as the SGCOMPLAINQUEEN. (I AM NOT DEAD YET!)

Have a lovely week ahead, people!

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  1. Wow girl. You have done, achieved, wrote and shared so much. First of all I liked the dye color because I have the same tone in my hair, and everything else in you post is wonderful.