Friday, 23 June 2017

Want to earn cashback when you shop online? Do it with ShopBack!


I hate to admit this but I just can't get enough of online shopping.
 Gone were the days when I could only depend on physical stores to shop for items (and have nosey store assistants staring at me and making me uncomfortable). 

Everything is just within a click of my computer mouse to have it delivered to my doorstep (I can't deny I've became a lazier person though. LOL)

Being a self-proclaimed shopping queen, I've been doing it for a few years - and I always have burnt pockets when it comes to my favourite online shopping haunts such as Taobao, Zalora , Lazada, etc. 

There was this day one of my friends told me that there is a website known as ShopBack offering cash rebates for my online purchases, which I did not really quite believe her.

"Where got so good?! Can get back money one meh?!" I asked her in my usual Singlish tone. Honestly, I thought it was another scam website. 

 I may be a frequent online shopper, but I always play safe and trust only certain websites that I deem legit.
 As the saying goes,  "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is". You can't blame me for being skeptical. 

"I am not very sure as I've never tried before," she said. "But I am going to try since I will be booking hotel rooms online for my upcoming trip".

This is just too much. I warned her to be careful and left it at that.

It was not until she came to me one month later and said excitedly, 
"Cat, I received my rebates with ShopBack today! NOT BAD! I got back over 20 dollars in my account for my hotel bookings!!" She showed me the screen using her iPad. Hmm, seems pretty convincing

Since she already tried it (and didn't get scammed LOL), I decided to give the benefit of doubt.

When I got back home that day, I checked out the site.
 I was surprised to see many of the popular and familiar online shopping websites being listed.

It was just nice that I was planning for a family trip to Malaysia and had to source for hotel rooms. One of my commonly-used platforms is , which is listed in ShopBack as well with a 6 percent Cashback.

Which means that I will be able to get back a bit of money if I make my bookings using ShopBack instead of booking the normal way directly under the

Well, I figured I had nothing to lose since I had to spend the money anyway....

I began filling in my details. 

It was a lucky thing that the interface is still considered user-friendly - It did not take too long for me to understand how it fully works. I referred to THIS site and it's pretty much self-explanatory.

I clicked on the logo and was immediately redirected to the original website.

Everything looks normal after the redirection. I made my booking as how I would have on the original website.

When I logged back in to ShopBack, I discovered that it had already captured my online booking. 
It took awhile to reflect my next status, but eventually I was taken aback when I logged back in to my account the following month. 

It was indicated that my Cashback is $26.75 - which means I can get the amount back from my bookings.  IS THIS FOR REAL?!?!?!

It feels like free money (even though in reality it is a part of my money that I will be getting back).

But seriously... This can be a HUGE money saver (SPEND AND SAVE AT THE SAME TIME! LOL)- and for an online shopaholic like me, I felt that this is a MUST-USE platform. 不用白不用!!

(Of course, not ALL of the online shopping websites or merchants are listed with ShopBack but majority of my commonly-used online shopping websites are there)

In short, it means that I save more as I shop - BUT the downside is that I can't stop myself from doing more online shopping after getting my first successful cashback?!?! 
It's... so... addictive.


I love and hate you at the same time. It's so ironic.

As a fellow kind shopaholic, I shall share this good lobang with you guys (I can confirm it's not a scam now because I have received my cashback successfully in my bank account!!)

(I can't help but think that the cashback mascot looks really cute in this video. Can I purchase a plushie version of it?! LOL.)

Discount Codes

As if cashback alone is not good enough, I discovered that there are even occasional  discount codes as well and it is not limited to just travel! 
This is getting... ...crazier. 

*grabs hair*

Some of them include my frequently-visited Sephora, which is a complete shopping heaven for beauty products. Utilising the discount codes will grant additional benefits that wouldn't have been possible at the physical stores. 
I am SO going to bookmark this one!

If you are looking to grab a better deal for hotel rooms, here are some promo codes for booking staycations that you can enjoy. Personally, I've always used the platform for most of my online hotel bookings and the experiences were really positive so far!

And if you are a Groupon maniac (Btw Groupon is now known as Fave SG), you will surely fall in love with Fave promo codes for all the great deals. They ALWAYS have good deals from merchants and all are made even better with the discount codes!

With the GSS frenzy just around the corner, there are even discount codes for all the deals for the Great Singapore Sale

All thanks to this ShopBack - I'm going to be scolded by my parents after they have seen my shopping cart BUT heck... WHY shop the normal way when I can save more with those discount codes right?!?!

HOW TO STOP MY ONLINE SHOPPING ADDICTION LIKE THAT??! (Not that I have any intention to stop anyway *shrugs*)

With so many merchants under one roof with ShopBack, I am sure anyone will be as amazed as I am. And with GSS coming, you wouldn't wanna miss out on the cashback from your many purchases. Find out more details about the event here!
Do feel free to share the good lobang around - EVERY SHOPAHOLIC WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

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