Tuesday, 18 July 2017

[Results Announced] NDP Preview Tickets Giveaway

When I hosted the giveaway for my NDP Preview Tickets, I did not expect that the response will be overwhelming.

I have read every single e-mail from you guys (Thanks to a few of you who even went the extra mile to send me photos that showcase your Singaporean pride!)

Trust me, it was NOT easy for me at all as I felt EVERY single one of you deserve the tickets. So much that I started questioning myself "WHY CAN'T I HAVE MORE TICKETS TO GIVEAWAY?!"

After all, I only have one pair and I could only select one winner out of the lot.
After filtering the entries (Some entries are unfortunately disqualified), I decided to leave the fate to a lucky wheel. 

I had NO idea who would be the winner (No kelong here - I just wanted it to be a fair and square system) so I kept my fingers crossed and started spinning... ...

I wanted to be transparent in how the winner was picked - so here you go, I've used http://wheeldecide.com/

(Only names with valid entries will be accepted. I am sorry to some who took the effort to send in but   due to the fact that they were incomplete entries, I could not place them on the wheel to be fair to the other participants)

Congratulations, Muhammad Sufri!

I've read your entry I sincerely hope both you and your mum will enjoy the show! 

It sucks to know that many of you will be disappointed - but please do not be because I may still be hosting more giveaways in time to come. 
Yes, that may even include next year's NDP tickets when the time comes - So do stay tuned!

A BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you for taking time in participating my giveaway. It makes me happy knowing that so many of you are proud Singaporeans.

But I can't help feeling sad to know that some of you are even contemplating to purchase tickets from 'gold diggers' just to catch the show. Please DO NOT ever encourage such sellers - The tickets may worth some money, but it is meaningless if you purchase them.
Everyone deserves the chance at ZERO cost - Why put a price to your national pride?

I hope more of you guys will be able to ballot successfully in the upcoming years ahead. Else, there will always be many other giveaways around as well.

Don't give up!

(And don't give up on reading my blog lah... I will be hosting other giveaways for you guys!)

Love you all! Xoxo.



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