Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fake masks

I have always been a fan of facial masks, especially "My Beauty Diary" ( 我的美丽日记 ). I believe there are many girls out there who love the masks as much as I do, and probably go berserk when we see a good deal with slashed prices. BUT have it ever crossed your mind that the masks might potentially harm your face because they are non-authentic?

I'm going to post up a few pointers in spotting the obvious fakes here, so that you can see for yourself and compare the ones you currently have. (Yes, you ought to be on your guard if you had previously purchased your masks from somewhere unknown.) Fakes are rapidly increasing as there are more demands for the masks now. 

I'm one of those victims who have purchased fakes, not once, but twice. I've LIVED to tell the tale, so you can count on me. ;) I'll reveal some of the places that sell FAKES, so do read on if you sincerely care for your face.

1) Masks from the Beauty Diary series will TEAR easily (You may attempt to tear a small bit of the mask. I'm not asking you to tear the whole of it! =_="  If it tears like a tissue, then it probably is an authentic one. I've had a fake, and the mask JUST WOULDN'T tear, unless I forced it with all my might.

2) Authentic masks will not cause itchiness. I've used a fake and it kinda itched my face, though I was lucky that there wasn't any side effects. I've heard of real stories that victims of fake masks would suffer red patches on their faces, etc. It's better to be safe than sorry. THROW AWAY your masks if you experience such symptoms!

3) THE STICKER IS PASTED ON THE ACTUAL BOX ITSELF, WHEREAS IT SHOULD BE ON THE OUTSIDE PACKAGING. (Photo credit to: sunnaz.com.sg) This is one of the most OBVIOUS tell-tale sign. Seriously, check that out. If you have the sticker pasted on the box, throw those masks away. It screams F-A-K-E.

4) This concerns the exterior packaging. Notice the words "New" on the transparent packaging before you tear it off? If you spot the words facing upside down, this means its FAKE, too. 

5) Blur printing. Think the printing of a pirated VCD. That's just how it is. Blurry and unclear.

6) The embossed print on the bottom right.

Observe both of the bottom parts. The one on your left is the authentic one. (Notice the embossed words protruding?) There isn't any on the right. This is a tell-tale sign, too. However, I have researched the recent ones and discovered that the fakes have became more advanced in these details. Hence, it should not be a dependent factor that its a fake. This only applies to the older versions of My Beauty Diary masks, which I believe can only be found in clearance sales.

There are many more pointers out there, but what I have listed above are just some of the obvious ones which you should take note of. They are more than enough to tell you whether you own a fake, or not.

Where ARE the Fakes sold? (In Singapore)

- Beware of places, such as the FLEA markets. I have personally went to the one at Orchard *Scape, and there is a stall that sells a wide range of My Beauty Diary masks AT $10 PER BOX. I bought once from them, and I realized that the one I bought fits all of the pointers above! Infuriated, I managed to track down the seller and e-mailed them that what they are selling are fakes, and they still replied with an ASSURING answer that they are authentic. Being a fan of the masks for years, I 110% believe in my own instincts and opinions. Even though the fake masks they are selling do not have side effects (for me), but this doesn't mean the substances contained are 100% safe for your face. Afterall, they are replicas of the real thing. I'm sure whatever chemicals and such involved are not the real deal. Think China. 

- I have heard that there are such fakes being sold in Chinatown as well. Do take extra caution if you find that the prices of the masks are ridiculously cheap. Remember, they are cheap for a reason. The authentic masks will NEVER get to such ridiculous pricings, unless they are on a clearance in some reputable shops. (I've researched and it was stated that the authentic masks will NEVER get below $1.00 per pc. Of course, it will only be possible with fakes.)

-Online. This is the most dangerous source to get your masks. Those sellers may tell you crap like "Oh, they are cheaper because we do not own a real shop and hence we can afford to sell them at a lower price". Granted that they may be true to a certain extent, but you still have to be on your guard. The masks can come from anywhere. You wouldn't want your face to be exposed to dangerous substances, right? 


So you've seen and heard. But you just couldn't resist the temptation that the masks are being offered at such low prices. BUT have you seriously think of the consequences? You might end up having to spend more in the end to get the real deal.
One of the safest ways to get REAL, AUTHENTIC masks is through Watsons or Guardian. They do offer them at promotional prices once in awhile. I recently got mine from Guardian at $12.90 per box, which is considered a good deal for an authentic. Usual price ranges from $14.90 onwards.
Another option would be to get them from Taiwan. (It's best if you or your friends have the opportunity to travel there. Their prices are much lower and they are authentic! Of course, its not guaranteed. Just keep in mind of the pointers I have mentioned above, and share them with your friends if you feel the need to.)

Here are some useful links which will be extremely helpful if you are interested to understand more about FAKES:

Video of Real Vs Fake:

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  1. HI there! I'M ALSO A beauty blogger and recently, I've been to the scape flea and bought 2 boxes. I'm really thankful I found your blog coz I found out that mine is fakes! Can't blive I actually put it on my face.


  2. Hi Nadya!
    Oh dear, I hope you didn't experience any side effects from the masks! It's best to just stop using them (I still have alot of the fakes with me here too, and they are a total waste of money!) I'm actually surprised no one boycott that scape flea stall yet. (Haha) And gosh, I've just recently checked out that they have reduced their prices to $7 per box! It's almost an impossible price for the real deal.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog! I am glad my post is beneficial to you. ^^


  3. Hi again! I stopped using them already and im really lucky that i did not experience any bad side effects. it's really scary though...
    btw i actually bought them thinking that they will be ok because hong kong sells MBD mask at Sgd 8(hkd 50) so I thought that they offered the same deal in singapore. Didn't think that i would be so naive.

  4. O__O I bought one of my boxes of MBD from that Scape seller too! (should be the same one?) But I didn't experience any problems. I kinda already used up everything *sighs*. I'm just gonna stick to Watsons/Guardian/Sasa/NTUC since the masks sold there should be real.


    1. Hi!
      Thanks for dropping by my blog.
      Yes, those masks sold at scape were believed to be fake. I ever wrote in to them before and confronted them once. But I'm relieved you didn't experience any negative effects! I've started purchasing MBD masks from reputable stores like Sasa too. And oh, do check out this shop called Venus too. They sell one of the cheapest original MBD masks. Around $12.40 per box. ;)

  5. I bought mine from Watson's in Hong Kong and they make my face itch the whole time they're on!