Friday, 13 January 2012

Life Mysteries

No doubt that I have been watching, "researching" and understanding more about life mysteries lately. Call them paranormal, but I would like to think of it from another perspective.
One of such things that intrigued me ALOT is something called "Parallel Universe". Personally, I find it very thought-provoking. 
Does it really exist?

Imagine it - There are different "versions" of us living in real-time, but IN A DIFFERENT DIMENSION. Everything around us looks and feels the same, but there's still a slight difference nonetheless. For example, you might have known Person A in this dimension, but the other version of you in another dimension had taken a alternative route and ended  up not knowing Person A. 

So what happens if our dimensions "clash", and you wake up one day to discover that you are living your life in another dimension? I'm sure everyone in THAT current dimension you are in will accuse you of being  a nutcase. 

Another "mystery" that caught my interest is "Past Life Regression". Do you believe in past lives, and do you have any "flashbacks" or memories of them? You may find it unbelievable, but there are real stories of people who had actually jotted down all the details they could remember, so as to find out the truth behind it. What's fascinating is that they could actually say things that they have no knowledge of, and even words that they have not used or aware of. 
It is all believed to be a triggered memory from a past life. But how much truth does it contain? Life is full of mysteries, and I am sure this is something that shall always leave humans clueless unless they have a first-hand experience of it themselves.

If you are feeling so bored and hope to watch something that sets you thinking, here it is:
(There are 5 parts of it, you can find them under "related videos" in Youtube)

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