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[ Bloggers' Event] A heartwarming dinner @ Mcdonald's Singapore!

It is always believed that Chinese New Year is a festive season of joy that all of us will celebrate with our families and friends.

 BUT I've found a greater joy this year by being a part of Mcdonalds Singapore's event in coming together and celebrating the occasion with the less fortunate, bringing smiles to their faces. Honestly, it's one of the MOST meaningful events I've ever attended, and I truly enjoyed myself during the session.

It is one gathering I won't forget- The gathering of warmth and love.

When I first received the invitation from and realized it was going to be an event with underprivileged seniors, I took up the opportunity immediately. Nothing beats having the chance to brighten someone's day, especially to the less fortunate.

As exaggerating as it sounds, I actually counted down and looked forward to it!

Here's a little video I did of the event! :) If you do not wish to watch the video, you may scroll down to read the lengthy but worthwhile post!


The venue is located at Ridout Tea Garden, where Mcdonald's is. Although I have never been there before, but I fell in love with the surroundings immediately. The whole place was filled with such serenity!

And guess who was there as well?
Yes, it's Ronald Mcdonald! *smiles* I have never thought that I would meet him for real, but there he is - welcoming the line of seniors upon their arrival. I MUST say that Ronald is one of the coolest people I've ever seen. He's always smiling and taking such great care of the seniors throughout the evening. *salutes* He's the definition of a good role model, absolutely. Not to mention that he's very professional, too. (He knows how to converse in English, mandarin and even dialects!)

Look at the beauty of this image! (No, I obviously do not mean my photo-taking skills, but the beauty in this photograph itself. I love how Ronald was holding on to each of the seniors as they came up the stairs, ensuring their safety. It really means alot. )

Everyone starting to fill up the spaces as they got to their seats.

Alright! Everyone safe and seated!

Let's start the ball rolling!

While waiting for the food to be served, Ronald personally went around different tables to entertain the seniors, engaging in small chats with them. I love the fact how everyone was interacting like old friends, smiling and laughing with one another. I don't know why, but it gave me a good tingling sensation. :)

Of course, other than Ronald, a few other Mcdonald's staff were helping out as well, providing FIRST CLASS service to each and everyone present. And when I said "First Class", I ain't kidding!
All of them took excellent care of the seniors, making sure that they are comfortable. It's a pity I didn't get the lady's name (photo below), but she is definitely one of the most commendable staff I've ever seen!  I took this shot of her when she was helping one of the seniors in stirring her cup of tea. She would often drop by different tables, too, to check out what was needed.

The seniors enjoying their share of Mcdonald's meal.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

   Here's a random shot of one of Mcdonald's helpers. I smiled when I saw his shirt. 

  Each and every helper showed a great deal of commitment and dedication in serving the seniors to their best ability.


      And here, we have the honor to meet with Mcdonalds Managing director, Judy Harman

 Now, now. One of our dear bloggers has a new-found fan! We cracked up laughing as this uncle seemed to like her - ALOT.

Okay, I shall have my share in taking a photo as well - with my new idol , Ronald! :) He sure is a very jolly fellow. Laughter and smiles always ensue with him around. And not to mention that he must be one of the most friendlist clowns in the world. :)

I can tell that everyone enjoyed their meal. Look at that - They are lovin' Mcdonalds! :)

This particular Mcdonald staff is truly an inspiration. Being a senior citizen herself, she is still constantly showing care and concern to those who need it more. (From what I've heard, she is 73 years old and has been working in Mcdonalds for around 18 years!) She was somehow the "main host" for the event.

 Lovely staff giving out red packets and oranges to the seniors after their meals. Look at how happy this lady senior is as she poses with the red packet. :) 

 A random photo I took when Ronald and this senior was having a funny conversation. She was commenting on Ronald's large shoes and comparing them to hers.  Everyone around her cracked up as we witnessed this hilarious scene.

Ronald: "You see my shoe here?"

As much as we hated to say goodbye, the seniors had to retire for the night. Again, the staff showed their utmost respect as they stood in a row and bid them goodbye with a smile.

Honestly, seeing those seniors going expressing how happy they were that night made everything worthwhile.

Together with a few of the staff of and Mcdonalds' crew, we bloggers took a group photo too!

 After the seniors left, we settled down and had our dinner. It was very gracious and kind of Mcdonalds for the treat! Thank you~ 

  One of the lovely staff serving us with our orders. Look at the amount of curly fries on the tray! Everyone loves them! Don't you, too?

 Our meal~ (My stomach is grumbling again as I'm looking at these pictures. Oh man~)


As appreciation, Mcdonalds gave each of us oranges and red packets too! They are really lovely.

Thank you, Mcdonalds' Singapore and, for inviting us to such a rewarding experience with the seniors on 19th January 2012.  You are certainly an inspiration and touched the hearts of many! I love the fact how Mcdonalds' is so active in doing charities to help the less fortunate. I will always look forward to more, and I hope that I will be able to join in such events again in near future!

To be able to help and bring happiness to others is a blessing. That shall be my mission in life, too. :)

And to all readers out there,
Here's a reason for you to dine @ Mcdonalds this festive season! You can play your part, too! :)

In the year of the Dragon, Mcdonald's will be sharing the gift of prosperity by donating 10 cents from the sale of each Prosperity Feast Meal and Prosperity Extra Value Meal between 1 January to 31 January 2012. All proceeds will go towards the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) where it will be used to help needy families with children with intellectual disability.

                       Do show your support as its all for a good cause! :) 

Spread the love! 

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