Monday, 16 January 2012

Complain, complain and complain.

This is something I have always BEEN wanting to post, but didn't have the time to. It has been getting on my nerves (and I am sure many Singapore Poly students/lecturers alike will feel the same way too)

Here's the below photo (credits to Google images):

No, I am not going to complain about the breakdowns of SMRT trains.
But something else that has been affecting my daily traveling in the wee mornings.

YES, its the new platform that was newly opened by SMRT a few months ago at Jurong East Interchange. I just DON'T freaking get it how the new platform helps in reducing the amount of human traffic. In fact, it serves as a new problem for many students from East-West line.
I had to put in extra effort just to squeeze myself out of the damn crowd when I alight at Dover.
Just because of the new platform implementation, the doors open on both sides - and most passengers will rush in from the side which I have to alight later. Gaahh. Inconvenient much? The door which is opened to welcome the crowd is the very same door which Dover people have to alight at. And the train was already flooded before we even reach Dover! And some poor students like myself would be "pushed" into the inner side of the train, which makes it difficult for us to make their way out of the train when they reach their station.
I would have to lean against the glass pane, and feel thankful that my petite size comes in handy in situations like these.

OH. Not to mention that there are people who FART on the train during a crowded morning, too. I have nothing against them, because I did contribute to the farting as well. *sheepish look* Okay, I don't do this everytime!

I guess I'll have to bear with the crowded trains for now. Coming to think of it, Singapore's trains are a lot better than those in China and Japan.

Here's a video of Japan's train during the rush hour:

Now, I should feel blessed.

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