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[ Bloggers' Food Tasting Event] Get Double-Loaded at Domino's Pizza!

[Warning! Delicious photos ahead. You have been warned.]

So I have been blessed with another opportunity from to attend a food-tasting session at Domino's Pizza! *jumps in glee* 

Yes, if you are a pizza lover like myself, be prepared for a journey of NEW surprises at Domino's

And... ...

If you are thinking that they are just your typical pizza store, THINK AGAIN

Located at a convenient location and a 2-minute walk from Kovan MRT station, it's not difficult to spot the "Domino's Pizza" logo welcoming you at a distance.

Fortunately, I arrived just in time despite the peak hour flow. (And there were a few early-bird bloggers who were already there!)

And I actually "sneaked" in another guest with me. I am sure everyone wouldn't mind my little friend. 

*Yes, its DOMO at DOMINO's! Hey, that actually rhymes!*

At around 7pm, the event began with Miss Linda Hassan, the Marketing Manager of Domino's Pizza, welcoming us. 

                         And she was demonstrating how to use their online system to order their pizzas. 

It was cool - Everything was demonstrated just like how it would be to order pizzas in real. 
(And the pizzas were really "delivered" to us!)

 How convenient is this? You just sit at the comfort of your own home, look at photos of the pizzas, salivate over them and have them come to you just with just a few mouse clicks away!!!!

You can even choose your own crust ! (Yeah, "Cheese Burst" is their new addition. You should totally try it if you are cheese maniac like me.)

        Here's the place where you choose your topping. In this demonstration, Ms Linda has chosen a "Hawaiian Paradise".

I just love the fact that everything is so "customizable" to suit each individual's taste.

   And here's the section where you can even choose a side order to go with.
(We got a chance to try out the twisty bread... And I love em'! You will get to see photos of everything later in this entry.)

  And it even has functions such as "adding this order to your favorites" so that you won't have to go through the same process again in future. How freaking convenient is that? Whoever came up with this is genius.

Orders processing...
You are one step closer to tasting one of the most delicious pizzas in Singapore!

          And what I found most fascinating is this GPS Tracker. No, this isn't your normal GPS. At Domino's, GPS stands for "Great Pizza Service". Creative, huh?

    Honestly, this GPS tracker is one of the greatest inventions ever. It operates in REALTIME, and you can "stalk" your orders. Here's a Domino's fact: They guarantee a 30-min delivery, which means you will 100% receive your orders within a time frame of 30 minutes.

So... what happens they failed to do so, you ask?

You will be given a pizza- Completely FREE. (Yes, its JUST how awesome their service is.)

And now that the orders are being processed, let's go back to our table and await! *stomach grumbles as I am writing this entry*


  And yes, as promised.... The orders were really "delivered" to us within the guaranteed time frame!
                            And here's another little Domino's fact: If the food arrived isn't up to your satisfaction (for                                      eg: lack of cheese, etc) , they are willing to compensate you another new pizza- for FREE.
                                        Yes, this just goes to show that their quality is GUARANTEED.

Nicely packed orders.

                         Right, here we go! Its the Hawaiian pizza! *starts to do a little Hawaiian dance* If you are a a Hawaiian pizza fan, I'm sure you are not gonna' miss this for the world.

(No, my camera doesn't do justice to the pizza at all! Its supposed to look even more delicious than that!!!)

Next up, we have the Meatzza
(And again, my camera doesn't do justice! AH!)

                                             A slice, anyone?

AND can you tell what this is??
It's their store's FAMOUS chocolate lava cake! Yes, Domino's Pizza doesn't just specialize in just pizzas. 
If you are a chocolate lover who appreciates the TRUE taste of chocolate, you are missing out BIG TIME if you have not tried this yet.

  Look at the flowing chocolate lava! The warmth of the chocolate will send you into a heavenly state in an instant.

Trust me, you will LOVE it. Life will not be complete if you haven't tasted it yet. (Ok, that sounds exaggerating... But it's true!)

And here... I'm presenting you... The Tomyam chicken! *applauds*
When I first heard that there was a "TomYam" chicken, my heart skipped a beat. 
I love anything TOMYAM! And I can't believe they have this on their menu as well!

                                 And here Ms.Linda , who kindly "modeled" for us with the pizza. :D

Back to pizzas, we have the CHICKEN TEMPTATION. (I love how they gave such names for the pizzas. *saliva dropping*)

I actually took this photo when the flash lights of the cameras belonging to other bloggers went off. Cool effect, huh? LOL. Even a pizza can be a celebrity! =P

Its the Classy Chic Pizza!

Okay, here's a clearer one without flash:

And onion ring lovers! Here's something new~
Presenting to you the "Garlic Cheese Onion Rings"!

Do not be fooled by the looks of it. They are NOT fried!
Yes, they are BAKED.

Can you freaking believe it? I couldn't, either!
And you will find yourself yearning for more after the first. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Look at the spread on the table! What a sight!
(I know... Your stomach must be grumbling right now...I don't blame you.)

Now that I got close to the food, I took a photo of the onion rings again. 
The scattered cheese on top is such a bonus!

And do you spot the drumlets over there?

Close-up shot:
As good as it looks.

And if you are a garlic lover, indulge yourself into a world of heavenly garlic taste in their "Twisty Bread". Those breads are soft and chewy.

And here is one of my favorites: THE BIG BBQ~!
Can you see it? CAN YOU JUST SEE those black lines of BBQ sauce?

If this doesn't make you hungry, I am not sure what else will! Choices are just so limitless at Domino's!!!

Bloggers at work!

And up next, we were introduced the "Classified Chicken" Pizza.
At this point of time, I was like "NOOOOOO", cos I was at a loss for favorites now! Each pizza served just gets better and better!
Can you spot the spread of mushrooms on there? It's so OMG.

Focusing on the pizza~

And here our model is back again upon request! =P

Domo: *jumping in my hand* "I'm hungry, I'm hungry. When can I have my share?!"

After the pizza photo-taking session, we finally settled down for the real deal!

And here is a photo while I was having my piece of "Hawaiian Pizza". (I'm sorry if it makes you salivate)

And I'm going to have a taste of the Onion rings now!

Twisty Bread.

Giving you a clearer view of it.

So .... I took a bite and here you go~

And here's a group photo of us while we were enjoying our heavenly feast! Just look at our happy faces!

 *munch munch*

I finally laid my hands on the Tomyam chicken! *squeals*

Domo: *jumps onto the table*"You forgot about me! Where is my share?!?"

Domo: "I want this!"

Me: "No, Domo. That's MY Chocolate lava cake."

Domo: "I don't care! Open this box for me or I shall tear it open with my mouth!"

Me: *sighs* Okay, okay. You win. I'll OPEN it.

Domo: "Now, feed me!" *trying to open a bigger mouth*

Me: "Here you go~"

Ok, aside from all these Domo drama~
I'm going to introduce you a new friend cum fellow blogger whom I've met. (She's a domo lover as well! Yay!)
And she managed to amaze all of us with her eating capability.

She could really eat! No joke.

And here's a group photo of us bloggers~
Our smiles say it all~


(It's so nice of them to give us a goodie bag each that contains a voucher and calendars too! Thanks, Domino's! :) )

We love Domino's! (Thanks to Andy for the photo! Do check out his review too! :))

It was one hell of a great experience, having to taste such great food and getting to know many other bloggers from all walks of life. A very heartfelt thank-you to OMY.SG for giving me such an awesome opportunity. My love for you is endless!! (Hahaha! Sounds sooo cheesy)

So... readers, are YOU tempted to have a share of the joy too?

Why not Double the joy by enjoying the feast with your family and friends now!

- Domino's Pizza provides one of the best services ever. They do not charge you for delivery fees, taxes or any hidden costs. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. Chop chop. As easy as that.

-They are confident in delivering your orders within a time span of 30 minutes. More than that and you will  be given another pizza FREE. 

-Domino's Pizza offers GREAT food at affordable prices. 


Have a go at their new Double Loaded Chicken variety! It's something you won't want to miss. :)

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