Monday, 30 January 2012

Time Traveller

There was something interesting I found online when I was doing some random rounds in Youtube:

A time traveler?! Are you a believer of that?
Well, as much as I don't... I can't help but be amazed at the similarities of the photographs in the video. This guy, Vonhelton, is obviously quite a well-known chap in Youtube when it comes to topics about time traveling. He has a video channel as well. You may wish to search him up if curiosity is killing you.

Another famous video that has been making its rounds in Youtube is a short snippet from an old Charlie Chaplin movie: (It's a video about how an woman was seen using a cellphone even before it was invented during the time of this film! Interesting, huh? Watch closely and see for yourself. The video eventually got so popular that it was on the news!)

I have been watching weird, strange, funny, scary, and random videos these days. They are an additional entertainment when I'm seriously bored. If you are someone like me, do feel free to check out my blog once in awhile. I will always post up interesting stuff that I deem as interesting (to me). Hoho.

And of course, if you have anything interesting to recommend, do feel free to let me know! Sharing is caring! Hahaha.

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