Saturday, 11 February 2012

Shoo! MLM Companies~

I have enough of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies. Seriously. (And I am sure most people who have encountered them will agree with me on this one.)

Firstly, stop MISLEADING people into thinking that this is a profitable business. It's always interesting how many MLM employers have the SAME, or similar, speech. They would sound so convincing and boast about the rewards in this business (such as the company giving you a car, etc). You are just trying to target at what a normal human desires and "lure" them into joining you.

Secondly, stop being such a brainwasher hypocrite. I have friends who work in MLM companies and they are all putting on such a fake "nice" front. They would go on and on about how much they wanted to share this "great opportunity" with me, etc. OH, save it. I can clearly see what lies beneath your speech.

If not for the sake of $$$$, will you even bother putting in so much effort in persuading your friends to join you?!

Let's face it. What's your main motive? Search for your own conscience and you will know if you are SINCERELY "sharing" this "great opportunity" with your friends. Furthermore, why would a friend whom I have lost contact for years suddenly got all close to me? (Yes, I have had "friends" whom would try to ask me out for dinner and sounding all innocent. But it was only in the later part of dinner that I was "introduced" this "great opportunity". Let's face it - This is a very practical world.

Thirdly, YOU just want more people to join because you will then earn back what you've invested in. (Come on, you are a victim yourself and now you are seeking for more victims?) Why are you trying to make use of your friends in earning moolah for yourself?

Of course, if you are a MLM employee and are reading this, you will feel the sense of injustice after reading this. BUT there is no deny that what I've mentioned above are true to an extent, isn't it?

 Although I would not say that MLMs are scams (because there are indeed SUCCESSFUL people who are in this business), but it is definitely MISLEADING.
Everything is made to sound so innocent, but yet what lies behind are motives, motives and motives. The process is ALWAYS like this:

- Coming across a job offer from websites which promises good pay (eg: earn up to 3-5K per month) just by "helping out with manager presentations" and "assistant".

- So you see a number and contacted the person-in-charge, whom sounded VERY thrilled to hear from you. He/she will then make an appointment with you for an "interview", and even offers to bring you to the location.

- After agreeing to meet with the person-in-charge, he/she will then bring you to a legit-looking company and make you meet some "colleagues" to share their success stories with you. Well, everyone is being VERY nice to you, and makes you feel so welcome that you are starting to see them as your family. (Duh)

- Here comes the brainwashing session whereby you will be psycho-ed into thinking everything is a profitable business. You will be convinced that you will be able to earn back what you invested in. They will give you such a firm assurance that you will feel its a regret not to take up this opportunity.

- After seeing that you are convinced but in a dilemma state, they will lure you into taking the first step. For some MLM companies, they will get you to pay the initial "membership" fee. As for the others, they will persuade you to take up their packages (which range from $100 - $1000 plus.), which you will then become their "official employee" and start selling their products. For each product sold, the friend whom had introduced you into this business earlier would earn a commission from your sales. To start earning your OWN commissions, you have to look for people to invest in the same business as you did, just so you can EARN after every sales they made. (Do you see the pattern now??)

-You will be told stories about how everyone is a family there who shares the same goal - earning money together. (Actually, all of you are just FEEDING on each other's $$$!)

- AND you are finally convinced and see them as your real friend. That's the time when you fork out your money, invest in this #(*&$# business, and that's it. You will probably have to start selling the things to your OWN family and friends (Pathetic much?). Of course, having a wide social circle helps, but you will be able to see all of your friends avoiding you in no time.

- It will then be the same cycle all over again. Soon, you will find yourself persuading people to join you in this business while bearing the motive at the back of your head that you can earn from them.

FACE IT. True friends will NEVER do this to you.
If every MLM business is so flawless, will there still be poor people in this world?

And I hate the fact that some MLM employees will deny the fact that they are working for an MLM company. It's so apparent that the strategy is working in the same way... Who are you kidding?

I noticed that most MLM employees are youngsters (some who are still in secondary schools, etc), and there are a few that boasted they are "managers". Well, ANYTHING YOU SAY. If you choose to believe that you are REALLY a manager, then so be it. *rolls eyes*

P/S: People from Venture Era, Premium Pure or whatever MLM companies will definitely hate me for this post. But I am just speaking the truth from my mind. I've seen and heard alot throughout the years. AND I HAVE ENOUGH.


  1. I likes your article, it's really informative regarding marketing company in singapore. Thanks for updating my knowledge

  2. Ermm.. I'd said problem does not lies on mlm company but how the people manage, perhaps u met the wrong person. There's always ppl spoiling the market, playing dirty but I do believe good one still exist too :)

  3. I have to say that you are almost on point. I say almost because there are a lot of inconsistency in the article. You talk about MLM employees, but unless you actually work for the corporate office, you are not an employee, you are an independent contractor (you own your own business). It is true that only about 1-2% of people that join an MLM business become successful and 97% of people actually lose money. You have however, missed the point. There is no other business in the world that you have the potential to create the kind of wealth possible with MLM, for the kind of investment required. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have both claimed that Network Marketing is the business of the 21st Century and if they had to do it over again, they would join an MLM. Paul Zane Pilzer, author, explains in his best selling book, The Next TRILLION, that the wellness industry is the next Trillion dollar business. Most successful MLM's are based on the Wellness model. Most "consultants" or "promoters" do not understand how to correctly do the business, rely on outdated methods and have uplines that cannot or do not help. (When you get trained by monkeys, you are a monkey). Another misconception is that it is easy. It is not. No business is easy, but you do get to set your own hours and control your own destiny. The Network Marketing industry is the largest industry in the world with revenues of $167 Billion dollars last year. As a comparison the music industry did $16.5 Billion and the movie industry dis $ 80 Billion. My advice, don't take anyone's word that says you don't have to work, or that it is easy to build a business, or that you will become successful in a very short time. It usually takes years to build a successful business, whether using Network Marketing or a regular business strategy.

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