Sunday, 4 March 2012

[Nuffnang] LOREAL "YOUTH CODE" Review

So I joined a Nuffnang contest weeks back and got in as one of the 50 winners to try out LOREAL's YOUTH CODE sample!
And I am tasked to write a review about it - Just for you (whoever is reading this) so you can experience the wonders of it too. (and probably add this to your shopping list)

Honestly, I have always been a skeptic for facial/skincare products, UNLESS I find that they really do provide expected and apparent results.

I researched on the Youth Code product, and it was said to provide a prodigious rejunevating effect.

Talk about commercialized.


Talk about being proven wrong now!

I was actually surprised that it actually lives up to its description!
I have quite a terrible skin condition cos' I don't really take good care of it (unless I am using facial masks once in a while)

Sorry for the blurriness.. But you get the idea..

(ok, I know it looks scary. But I enlarged it to let you see the effects!)

I tried applying Youth Code on the other side of my face. (So that I can compare the effects)

Please do note that there isn't any makeup on at all. Just me and my bare skin.

And this is how my skin looks like after application:

I was actually pleasantly surprised that the FEEL of the essence is extremely soft and moisturises the skin so well. Its almost like applying water on your face! :P (Except that the moisturizing effect stays and it makes your skin feels exeptionally good)

I have yet to apply on my full face, but I can already feel the effects taking over. I felt like I have one of the best cleansed faces in the world. *touching my own face and feeling it now*
Yes, the effects are almost INSTANT when you apply it on your face.

I'm like a happy girl now, and yes, it's definitely going into my shopping list to get the larger bottle.
(Photo in courtesy of

Seeing is believing, but seeing it on your OWN face with your own eyes is even more believing.
Do visit for more information!

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