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[OMY.SG Bloggers Club] Titanic 3D Preview!

I believe everyone knows or has at least heard of the legendary RMS Titanic, the beautiful ship that unfortunately sank after it hit the infamous iceberg on the cold night of 14th April 1912. Thousands of lives were claimed, and it was one of the most tragic incidents that ever happened in history.

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And yes, this coming 15th April 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking. Honestly, I wasn't really a huge "Titanic fanatic" until I borrowed and watched the "Titanic" film from the library out of boredom a few months ago.

I almost wanted to kick myself for not knowing how great of a film it was! I found myself trying so damn hard to control my tears that were already on the verge of streaming down my cheeks during some parts of the film. (I succeeded in controlling them though! Haha)

Granted that the film isn't totally based on the actual historical facts of RMS Titanic (the characters and love story were made up), but damn, it feels realistic enough. It left me feeling amazed that everything is just a movie.


I couldn't believe my ears. Watching it in 2D was already an overwhelming experience for me... And now... 3D????!! (Believe me, I was feeling so ecstatic that I almost went crazy cos I am a mega fan of 3D movies in general as well.)


I was given the opportunity to be one of the first to catch the Preview on 28th March 2012 - all thanks to! I just love them to the core, lah!!! :) I have never been happier when I received the notification.

So... You must be wondering what are my views and thoughts after watching the film, right? I'm going to give my honest reviews here, so here you go!


Needless to say, the story is GREATER than GREAT! Even though this is the 2nd time I'm watching this, I still enjoyed every second of it. It was as though I was watching it for the first time. With the undying love of Jack and Rose that is bound to make you go "awww", you will find yourself watching the movie with your jaws dropped as you will be brought into their world of uncertainties.

The amazing thing about the movie is that it WILL "suck" you in and have you engrossed, making you feel as though you are in the ship and witnessing everything that happened. Be in for an adventure full of anxiety and nervousness as the characters in the film attempted to race against time while saving their own lives. (Yes, grip onto your chairs!!)
Be prepared with several packets of tissues should you need to (yes, I have heard of guys who actually cried!) as the love story evolves into a heartwrenching one.

3D effects:

Personally, I think its just fine. Probably my expectations were quite high, hence I was abit disappointed with the visual effects. I didn't really feel much 3D, other than the subtitles that look as though they are "protruding". They aren't those "fly-into-your-direction-and-catch-you-unaware" kind, if you get what I mean. Afterall, the original movie was made and produced in 2D form, which they eventually converted it to 3D.
However, it is still worth watching if you are looking at enhanced quality of the film. If you are a Titanic fan like me, nothing else really matters as long as you get to catch it on the big screens! =P ~

Some random photos taken before the Preview:

Our tickets ^_^:

Random shot before heading in =.=.. I'm such a camwhore freak:

And I brought along a bestie along!

Saw this mega huge poster outside the cinema and took a close-up snap. Exclusive LEH! Hahaha.
(**Secretly wishing that I am the girl in this poster.**)

AND YES, I was a happy girl after watching the movie. Thanks to once again for giving me such an awesome opportunity! I could never have asked for more. :)

And before I end off this post, here's a little something dedicated to all Titanic fans out there. Its one of my cartoon art pieces in loving memory of the beautiful ship. (Now you can believe that I am REALLY a Titanic fan! Haha)

I did actually showcase and put it up for sale together with my other art pieces at the NOISE Showcase that ended quite a while ago... 
If anyone is interested, I can customize one for you too! :)

Do feel free to visit me here at: :)

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