Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Steven Lim Vs Aaron Tan?

If you are reading this post, I believe you are familiar with who this infamous Steven Lim is.

And in case you need some "memory refreshing" (which I think is absolutely unnecessary), here you go:
(Picture credit to:

You won't look at Sushis the same way ever again.

Probably you are aware by now of the recent "Steven Lim Vs. Aaron Tan" sparring challenge. 
It's been going viral for quite awhile now.

No, I'm definitely not one of the "followers", and neither am I a fan of anyone here.

I have long suspected that its some promotional/advertising campaign by this so-called company "BigFish", and I STILL strongly believe in that.
I'm appalled at their marketing strategies. Seriously, what is this world coming to?!

Just look at this recent "official" poster that's released on Bigfish's Facebook page:

Gosh, is it just me, or this BigFish seems to be hugely and ACTIVELY involved in this "sparring challenge" since Day 1?

If its really a personal grudge between Steven Lim and Aaron Tan, what has it got to do with this BigFish?! 

And now there comes this story of "Aaron Tan" accepting the challenge, blowing everything big again.
This time BigFish seems to be "hosting" the challenge. (Heck, they even have a special tab specially for them on their Facebook page! *rolls eyes*)

Well, probably that's just how a marketing strategy work. Aaron Tan and Steven Lim are just being puppets directing and acting the whole saga, while leading people on =_="
ONLY gullible people will be tricked into believing everything is real.
Either way, I'm gonna' just take it as a pinch of salt. (Entertainment value, anyone??)

I have better things to do than watching two people having some childish challenge that is obviously a marketing strategy by a company trying to gain fame and recognition.

Not sure if BigFish is Famous or Infamous now by employing such tactics.

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