Sunday, 29 April 2012

Last day of Titanic at MBS. *Sobs*

Okay, I know, I know... ...
This is my 1938403th post on Titanic (All my friends know that I'm a hardcore fan of Titanic now), but it's a MUST-BLOG moment because today is OFFICIALLY the last day of the Titanic Exhibit at the Singapore ArtScience Museum! 

Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to go there (except for the fact that I was NEAR there in the morning during a photoshoot I was involved in)

So... In conjunction with the last day, here's my tribute from a casual shootout with Andy, one of my photographer friends who is a huge fan of Titanic as well. Enjoy the pics!
(No, we didn't really enter the exhibition)

I'll miss you, Titanic :(
Thanks for "sailing" over to Singapore and giving Singaporeans an opportunity to be part of this.
AND GUESS WHAT?!?  I got notified by MTV Asia that I was one of their winners for a Titanic online contest I participated in.
It was unbelievable because it's my 2nd Titanic-win of the month! (The previous was a contest by Shaw Online)
AND I TOTALLY LOVE THE PRIZES, as they are officially endorsed by 20th Century Fox as well.

Took some shots of it.
(A gigantic TITANIC luggage bag and Tee-shirt!)

The "Heart of The Ocean" bracelet in the middle!

And I was given a collectible poster as well! :)

 I was still afraid that the tee-shirt would be too large of a size for me, but I was pleasantly surprised that IT FITS ME PERFECTLY to a T! OMG, I would totally wear it to the exhibition if I have a chance again.

So, I would just like to say...

You Rock!

Will be coming up with more juicy updates within the next few days! DO stay tuned..

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