Sunday, 17 June 2012

CHINA again

Came across THIS piece of shocking news about a China lady who was forced into an abortion - despite the fact that the baby was already 7 months old!

OK, please be warned that it is a very GRAPHIC post. But I am still going to post it anyway.

What has this world turned into?!!
It's really hard to comprehend what the lady must have went through- The physical and emotional pain that is beyond imagination. And to add insult to injury, she was HUMILIATED by being photographed OPENLY with her dead fetus lying side by side for the world to see.

I call it a MURDER! M-U-R-D-E-R, get it?!?!

Imagine how beautiful the baby would've been if not for those evil authorities. Imagine how ALIVE the baby would've been, kicking and wailing just like any other normal babies. I believe that was what the lady would have yearned to see, but yet those irresponsible jerks KILLED HER BABY.

Do they even have the basic decency or humanity?! There are millions of ladies around the world who can't freaking conceive, and yet this lady has to undergo such torment to have an abortion - AGAINST HER WISHES!

It's just ridiculous to a large extent. (*breathes in and out* I'm just feeling so agitated right now)
Speaking of human cruelty at its peak!

It's not that I am trying to speak bad about China, but it seems to be corrupted to a certain extent! Even my previous bad encounters happened in China too. WHY OH WHY!

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