Thursday, 26 July 2012

Plastic Surgery is a form of denying Mother Nature!!!

Just came across the Yahoo! news yesterday and knew about the case of "Celeb blogger", Peggy Heng, who did plastic surgery on her whole face.

I was like... "WHHHAAATTT?!"


 I mean, she was not ugly to begin with. (Come on, she WAS a model using her natural face. Isn't that already something?)

Photo credits to her blog.

OK, I'm trying to ignore the fact that she photoshopped her photos. But I'm sure she is nowhere near ugly nonetheless. 

STOP promoting plastic surgery!

There is no denial that humans, especially women, can NEVER be contented.
There are so many real-life examples of females going for plastic surgery even though they WERE already beautiful. It really puzzles me.

AND more often than not, they will come up with typical excuses like,
 "We only live our life once. If we can make ourselves feel better for a lifetime, why not?!"

Yes, it MAY boost your confidence... BUT what about living in a world of plastic and deceiving people of your looks?
Afterall, you are a "man-made" beauty.
Just like a mannequin sculpted from the factory.

So what if you have people gushing over you and complimenting on your beauty?
Nothing can change the underlying fact that you are not born this way.

*starts singing Lady Gaga's "Born this way"*

Of course, stubborn people will not care. 
The only thing that matters to them is "oh-how-beautiful-I'm-looking-right-now".

*rolls eyes*

Give me the definition of "FAKE".

Is it just me, or is it reality that there has been an increasing amount of women (especially famous bloggers whom I shall not name), often end up being plastic mannequins?

Aren't cosmetics and Photoshop enough to make you look good?
I've seen so many people transforming from a natural beauty to a man-made one.

And no, I don't pity those who complain of plastic surgery that went wrong.
There were so many cases of women suing doctors for bad plastic surgeries.
BUT hey, YOU asked for it.
Consequences are for you to bear.

And that will be the time when you wish you hadn't done it.
AND... ...
You'll give anything to have your original looks back.

Cry and whine for all you want, you don't deserve pity cos you freaking asked for it.

For sure that people who have underwent plastic surgery will hate me for this post. 
OH WHATEVER, I'm sure you will have a long list of excuses to justify for yourselves.
To each his own!

P/S: This entry isn't aimed at Peggy Heng but my views of Plastic surgery in general. I have nothing against her so this isn't a personal attack.

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