Thursday, 5 July 2012

[Y-Bloggist video submission] ECO!!

Finally... Finally.... my long-awaited video submission for the Y-Bloggist video competition is up!

We were given the topic on "Eco". (Yes, that is up to our own "creativity" to come up with anything that's eco-related.)
And special thanks to Panasonic and for the camera loan just for the competition! I had so much fun during the filming of the video and I was amazed by the video quality. I didn't actually have plans on purchasing a video camera for myself, but the temptation is sure going strong after trying the camera out!

Unfortunately, the final result isn't really satisfying as it was totally not what I had intended to film. (I had no choice due to the fact that I am tied up with work everyday and I only had weekends to do it.) It would definitely have been a better video if there is more time on my side!
But still, thanks to Abrial and Pei Wen for helping me out with the filming. I simply love Abrial!! She is such a good sport by helping me act out the scenes that I required, and Pei Wen came over to help with the camera work. *touched mode* Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! =D

Do feel free to watch my submission below: (It's VERY amateurish, so pardon me :( It was a great mistake from the start as Windows Live Movie Maker only has limited functions. Grrr...)
Please do note that there may be a video lag as it was filmed in HD and later converted. I had intended to put subtitles but it causes a major lag for some reason.

Disclaimer: This video is absolutely for entertainment purposes only!! I have no intention to insult/offend anyone.

Well urghh:

Am looking forward to the annual Blog awards! :) Are you??!?!

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