Saturday, 4 August 2012

Domino's Pizza Singapore's movie treat!

Was invited by Domino's Pizza and for another fun movie night on Friday! :)
Guess what movie was it?

I invited my friend, Viola, along after work. (It's a pity that there won't be any photos of her here as she doesn't like to be in front of the camera. Heck, she even threatened to sue me! LOL)

So we headed over to Golden Village at Vivo City around 7pm, and was greeted by balloons that had "Domino's Pizza" logo printed on it. 

Aha, so we were at the right place. *smiles*

We were each given a Press Release, tickets and an exclusive "Dark Knight" goodie bag by Domino's!

While waiting for the movie to begin, we went to the toilet to ensure that our bladders were cleared. (What a way to describe this! OMG)

Camwhoring in a place that wasn't suitable to begin with:
(Actually, I just wanted to capture a shot of my outfit cos I was absolutely in love with my "LONDON BUS" shirt. Nice not? I got it recently while on a shopping spree!!)


Oh well.

Attempted to camwhore outside the cinema but ended up looking like some white ghost. I need a new camera! (Am aiming at Canon G12!)

Inside the cinema now:

Domino's Pizza's Singapore's manager, Ms Linda Hassan, gave us a short intro speech before the movie officially began. It was my 2nd time seeing her at a Domino's event! (Yes, she still looks pretty)

It was very kind of them to extend the invite to bloggers, fans and customers as appreciation. I'm grateful for the invite, really!

Although I was not a fan of action movies, but I felt that The Dark Knight Rises might be a movie that's worth watching. I mean, there were many positive reviews about it. I'm sure those reviews bear some credibility, riiiigghht??

And indeed, the movie didn't disappoint!
I was amazed by the computer effects in the movie. They looked so realistic that I find it hard to believe they were only effects. (eg: the breaking grounds, explosion, etc)

The first airplane scene had me cringing at my seat. I felt as though I would be pushed out of the plane anytime. LOL. 

AND I HAVE TO ADMIT I HATE THE BAD GUY IN THE MOVIE. What was his name again? Masked man? Bane?
He has an irritating voice and the way he talks is just... ... plain irritating. LOL.

Honestly, I enjoyed the cinematic experience. The sound effects were great, too. I was taken aback several times by the sounds of explosions, etc. 
It was, however,a pity that both Viola and I didn't get the chance to watch the movie till the very end as we had to catch the last train home. 
I guess we have to wait till the DVD comes out to know the ending! Actually, there are already spoilers online, but nothing is better than watching it for myself!

Nonetheless, THANK YOU to dear Domino's Pizza and OMY for the exclusive invite to the event.
 I do look forward to more in future! ;)

And yes, if you would like to be updated of future contests/updates from Domino's, do feel free to visit their page (they have a FB page as well!) at:

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