Monday, 30 July 2012

Doraemon 100 Exhibition!

What's blue, has a pocket that contains wonders and comes from the future??

You probably shouldn't even need one second to guess the answer.


Photo credits to Google images.

Goodness gracious, I can't even begin to tell you how much Doraemon has been a part of my life. It may sound exaggerating, but my childhood has mostly been "Doraemonish" (if there ever is such a word. LOL)
I still remember being glued to the TV set whenever an episode of Doraemon was aired, and even made it a point to LEARN how to sing the theme song despite the fact that I don't know any Japanese language.


(I managed to learn it eventually... and there will be a video to prove it at the later part of this post! So... keep reading on!)

I wanted to own everything that's Doraemon-related, so much that it was just crazy.
Can you imagine that I even wished for my future house to be a Doraemon-themed one?! 

Whenever my dad went overseas, there would be a standard sentence I would say to him
"记得买小叮当回来给我啊!" (Translate: Remember to buy me Doraemon!)

 Actually, I still do say it now... Except that my dad would scold me for being childish. 

Honestly, I am not really sure what drew me to this blue-colored robot cat.

MAYBE...... its his cuteness.
MAYBE...... its the way how he always seemed to save the day.
MAYBE...... its the exaggerated expressions on his face.
Or MAYBE...... its the way he fishes out random stuff from his pocket. 

When I was a child, I used to think that those inventions from the pocket were plausible! 
I would imagine the wonders of them and how fantastic it would be if I were to own one of the items, such as  the "helicopter tool" or (竹蜻蜓) that can enable one to take flight when worn. 

Photo credits to Google images.

Or the famous "Anywhere door" (or "任意门"/Dokodemo Doa) that can lead you to anywhere you wish to once you open it- without the need for any form of transport.

(Imagine saving on transport fees! We probably won't need EZ-link cards or air tickets anymore. LOL)

Photo credits to Google images.

As I grew older, I began to wonder if there are any scientists or inventors who would really consider turning those fiction into reality. (I am SURE people would've thought of that too!)

Guess what - JUST for this blog post, I went on a "treasure hunt" in my house to dig as many Doraemon items as I could. 
Some were even as old as over 10 years old.
Of course, I'm nothing as compared to many other serious collectors in the world.

BUT still, I am proud to be a small collector nonetheless!
And I'm going to share some of my 'treasures' with you:

I still yearn for a good read whenever I'm bored.

*pastes "Do NOT Disturb* sign*

I could re-read it for over 100 times and still not get bored of it.
(YES, I'm not kidding. Even my dad thinks I am crazy)

I remembered I bought this wallet when I was in Secondary 2. I had procrastinated so much to use it, and I still didn't till today! 
I guess its better to keep as part of a collection.

The interior of the wallet: I collected Doraemon trading cards years back and had inserted my favorite piece into it. Isn't it just so kawaii?? ^_^

My Doraemon pouches! I remembered I used it to hold my very first Mp3 player.
(You can see a bit of dirt on the exterior side of the pouch due to age. *heart pain*)

I almost forgot about this until I walked into my room. My mum bought this for Chinese New Year many years ago. I didn't even bear to take it out from its packaging! 
(Yes, it's pasted permanently in my room now - be it CNY or not!)

My sis gave this small mirror to me. I like it so much that I didn't use it too.

I think my friends will remember this little handphone accessory as it was given by them during my birthday 3-4 years ago.
It produces a bell-ringing sound as I shake it. :) As much as I had wanted to put it to good use by hanging it on my mobile phone, I didn't bear to!

I keep this card in my current wallet everywhere I go. No, it's not an EZ-LINK card.
I got this a month back during my China trip and the Mcdonalds in Shanghai was actually promoting Doraemon discount cards for their meals!

It comes in a set together with other characters, such as Nobita, Shizuka, etc. 
Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to collect them all.
I'm glad I managed to grab hold of one of these though!

It's not like you can find them in Singapore anyway.
And no, I will not sell it to you even if you offer me a hundred bucks.

*sticks out tongue*

As I was ransacking my own drawers, I found this!
I remembered I got it when I was in Secondary school. It's a Doraemon "surprise" box and small boxes of trading cards would be found inside. I still keep this outer box as momento!

And here's another I found in the drawer, still in original packaging.
Well, it's a hand-painted Doraemon magnet. If I'm not wrong, my dad got it for me while he was on an overseas trip! :) I guess it's definitely something worth treasuring :)

Now, isn't this nostalgic?
The Nintendo console that was once a hit amongst kids and youngsters. (That was my generation!)
And I remembered going "Ga-ga' all over the Doraemon game that was included.

Another nostalgic moment. Chops that I would use to stamp all over my notebooks and papers when I was a kid! They never fail to brighten up my day. :)

An ang bao packet that was received AGES ago. (Except that there isn't money inside anymore. LOL)
I just love the "3D" popup of the ang bao design.

This is also another CNY-related ornament.  I got it for myself at a Pasar Malam during the festive season as I had intended to hang it on the CNY flowers.
AGAIN, I didn't succeed in doing so because I wanted to retain it in its original packaging =_="

Can you spot Doraemon?
(These Jigsaw puzzles were my main source of entertainment when I was a kid!)
No, I don't play them anymore... But the boxes still look as good as new.

And now.. For my "Grandest" Doraemon collection that has been stored for at least more than 8 years.
(There's mug, coin bank, figurines, etc)
And YES, my dad contributed the most to my collection!
Knowing that I was quite a hard-core Doraemon fan, he always kept a lookout for me.
(My mum wasn't very pleased though as my Doraemon stuff was taking up most of our house space. LOL)
Dad, if you are ever reading this... THANK YOU so much.
I love you! =D

There are still many more Doraemon collectibles (Soft toys, magnets, accessories, etc) , but many of them were put away in the store room by my mum and I am pretty sure I would get a good scolding if I were to dig them out. (LOL!)
Well... ...
As long as she doesn't throw them away, I'm fine. 


I'm going to pass them down to my grandchildren. (LOL)
If they ever appreciate Doraemon the same way I did. =_="

Even though I no longer have the time to watch my favorite Doraemon episodes or read the comics now, my love for him still remains unchanged.
There is no denial that he had been a part of my childhood.

I still feel the thrill whenever I spot any Doraemon merchandise in shops.

I still sing Doraemon songs whenever I am in the bathroom.

AND I DUG OUT AN OLD RECORDING OF MYSELF SINGING ITS THEME SONG which I eventually uploaded on Youtube just for the fun of it (You can laugh all you want. My pronunciation sucks):

OMG. I can't believe you listened. How in the world did you survive though it without laughing your asses off?

Well, whatever.
Here's a little reward below for you since you've been so kind to read this crazy long post.
Being a fellow Doraemon fan, I'm not going to be selfish and keep this information to myself anyway.

In fact, I'm so OMG#(*$&()#*$ THRILLED right now as I'm typing this. This is too much to bear for a Doraemon fan like me.
(I'm sure if you are a fan too, you'll feel the same as me!)
Now be ready for it.

*drum rolls*

HARBOUR CITY (located in Hong Kong) will be holding a Doraemon 100 Exhibition titled “The Celebration of 100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon”!!

「你睇!! 多啦A夢嚟啦!誕生前100年祭」

(The Cantonese title sounds sooo cute!)

Photo credits to: Doraemon 100 FB page.

*screams like a mad woman*


Time passes fast, and this YEAR (2012) is the start of the one hundred year countdown to Doraemon's BIRTHDAY.

(FYI, he's born on September 3, 2112. That makes this year the 100th countdown!)

Can you believe it?!

Now how I wish I can live for another 100 years just to witness the birth of Doraemon! (Hahaha)

In celebration to that, the Doraemon 100 exhibition will be showcasing 30 different ORIGINAL gadgets designed specifically by creative individuals from different parts of the world, such as Hong Kong, China, Japan, SINGAPORE, etc) - and all of the designs are Doraemon inspired! (Yes, the gadgets from HIS FAMOUS POCKET ARE COMING TO LIFE!)



At least, it IS to me!

Oh, someone pleeeeaaaassseee fly me to Hong Kong now!

Something that I had wished for since my childhood days... Something that I never expect would turn into 

How could my life be complete without paying the exhibition a visit?! In fact, how can ANY Doraemon's fans' lives be complete without attending the exhibition?!

Going there is like fulfilling a childhood dream. How awesome.

And... and... and....

Not to mention that the exhibition is completely FREE for all!

In fact, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A DORAEMON FAN, I am sure you will enjoy the exhibition the same. It's impossible that you can walk out of the exhibition without feeling inspired by those futuristic creations.
It's a must-visit for designers, inventors and even scientists! (Hahaha)

The best part about this exhibition is that you won't need to wait 100 years to witness the "inventions" of Doraemon's gadgets.

It's here now. Year 2012.

I can literally hear you screaming now "TELL ME- WHEN IS THE EXHIBITION?!"

Now you can hear me screaming back, "AUGUST 14 to SEPTEMBER 16!"

Yes yes, there's still time now to plan for your flight!

And while you are there, I'm sure you will spend hours at Harbour City itself as there are still loads of Doraemon-related activities happening right there during the period of the exhibition!

 The BO-LO’GNE café and bar located inside Harbour City’s LCX will
be transformed into a pop-up Doraemon themed café. Besides an immersive experience, there will be
dishes prepared specially for the occasion. The new menu items include a Doraemon spaghetti and
hamburger set, a delicious dessert set served with a special themed drink and a BO-LO’GNE bun. Fans
will also be given the opportunity to buy a limited edition “100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon
souvenir plate.

*You are NOT a Doraemon fan if your excitement hasn't been built up by now.*

As if this is NOT enough, there's MORE:

Together with Animation International Ltd., supported by Fujiko Pro and ShoPro,
and their creative partner, AllRightsReserved, There will be a display of 100 Doraemon figures, along with 100 different pieces from his well-known repertoire of secret gadgets as well. They will all be displayed outside Harbour City's Ocean Terminal.

If you are a parent who has a child as crazy as me, do bring them along too as Harbour City will be hosting workshop sessions at KidX!
AND there will be opportunities to participate in creating, designing and decorating your own personalized Doraemon figures!

*faints from overwhelming excitement*

Too much. Too much. Too much!

A very happy and excited fan I am.

It's all happening in one place.
Harbour City!

I love the  fact that Harbour City is turning into a "Doraemon City" during the period.
As I am currently only holding a 4GB sized card in my camera, I doubt it will be enough if I were to visit Harbour City.
(I heard that Harbour City is a great place for shopping and dining too! Damn it - why does this mall has everything I love?!)
I would so WISH to take photographs of my childhood favorite, and to have such a grand memory to keep for life if I ever have the chance to go.
My story would probably be passed down to my grandchildren, and I would show them photos from my Doraemon 100 adventure and say,

"Ah boy ah, look at this... Ah ma went to this Doraemon 100 exhibition when she was young. What do you think?!"

Now if you intend to have your own Doraemon story to tell too, here's how:

Follow Doraemon 100's updates or read about it, and visit their page at:
Don't say I didn't warn you. You will develop a Doraemon-fanatic disorder like me.

(A friend of mine made this for me on Facebook. LOL! Thanks, Andy :))

Exhibition Details
Organizer: Harbour City and Animation International Ltd.,
Curator: AllRightsReserved Ltd.
Date: 12 August – 16 September, 2012
Time: 11:00 – 21:00 (Monday – Sunday)
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour- Shop 207, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui (next to Fendi)

P/S: If anyone of you is/ are intending to visit the exhibition, PLEASE do share with me your adventure and photos!


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  2. So in the end, did you visit the exhibition in KL? It is happening like now!! (14 Dec 2013 to 23 Mar 2014) hehehe.. and I managed to collect all the discount cards when I was in Suzhou! =) Didnt know it was a discount card coz I don't read chinese.. >_<