Thursday, 30 August 2012

[OMY Invite]: TED Preview Screening!

Guess which movie I watched this time?!

Here's a clue:

Yes. It's TED!!! (I guess it's Teddy for short)

With super thanks to for the Preview movie invite to TED, I had the opportunity to catch one of the most hilarious movies ever.

In an excited mode, I rushed from my workplace to The Cathay and reached around 7pm.

Here's the mega large poster of the movie, taken at the venue itself:

Collected the tickets (YAY, thanks,!)

Inside the cinema, before the movie begun!

Any company willing to sponsor me some treatment for my eyebags?! LOL. Random.

Being a teddy bear lover (No joke, I love teddies so much that I have one at my house AND office, for companion and comfort's sake. LOL) , I almost fainted when I watched the movie due to its overloaded cuteness.

Here's a sneak peek:
Regular trailer: -

So the whole idea is a teddy plush that talks after a child made a wish upon a meteor shower.
And they are each other's best friends ever since... with a roller coaster of emotions.

I was surprised at myself for almost crying when TED in the movie first started talking. (I really regretted not bringing one of my teddies along, seriously! I am sure I will hug it so tight that it will be squashed after the movie. LOL)

I believe the first part would make any girls (or maybe SOME guys) go "Awww". If you do not know what is the definition of "cute" already, you got to check that out.

However, the only thing that "spoiled" its cuteness is Ted's ability to use profanities (Oh boy, I actually lost count of how many times the "F" word was used! It can be heard in almost every line.)
And there's a reason why its M18. Some parts of the movie do indeed contain disturbing/obscene scenes that imply... ...Sex. (I remembered there was one scene when Ted was shown having sex with another female character in the movie. That was, honestly, quite disturbing.)

I would say that that TED is an interesting movie with a hilarious twist. Throughout the movie, you will find yourself hating and loving Ted at the same time.

Almost everyone in the cinema went "Ooooh, shucks!" when Ted was eventually ripped apart by the bad guy in the movie. 
His round teddy body was soon ripped into 2 different pieces to reveal the cotton wool that dispersed in the air... as he fell lower.. and lower... until he hit the ground.

"Nooooooo", I said silently in my heart.
(I am usually not a sentimental person, but I almost cried when that scene happened. Ted reminds me so much of my beloved teddy!)

It was a touching scene when both the main characters (John Bernett and his girlfriend) in the movie tried to "revive" him - but to no avail.
Reality hit when they realized Ted was of no more.
The magic was gone - and Ted looked just like any other ordinary bear, except that he was in a disastrous state.


I actually expected the ending to be a depressing one - but it appears that miracles happened! 
I shan't reveal much more now... What more fun will there be if I tell you everything, right? ;)

If you are a teddy lover, I'm sure you will enjoy the movie as much as I did.

I give this movie a 4 / 5! 

I will never look at teddies the same way ever again.

Do mark your calendar of your date with TED as the movie will be officially released on:
  6th September 2012!

For more information, do visit TED's official website at:

Had Ya Kun for dinner after the movie!:

My Cheesy French Toast:

We took a stroll along the stalls and found bears on display outside Billy Bombers:
Now that's what happens when you watch too much TED.

*TED syndrome*


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