Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Outing: Food Fair @ Expo!

After a food-filling day last week at Suntec's Food Fair, both Abrial and I decided to go for "another round" again the following week at Expo!
Except this time, we have new "food khakis" joining us, Pei Wen, Wee Kiat and Kelvin

(It's a surprising fact that all of us stay in the West side of Singapore. LOL. What a coincidence!)

After a looooong journey, we finally reached the place:

(Below are photos taken from my new camera! Having a new camera with much better resolution makes blogging life easier.. But since I am hosting these photos via Facebook, there would be inevitable quality loss.)

Here comes the Camwhore Queens (Pardon my messy hair):

*unleashing my complaining skills again*
LOOK AT SOME INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE. There were only a limited amount of tables and chairs at the fair and they were hogging it like it was theirs.

Come on, what's with the plastic bags?! 

I didn't see anyone sitting on those chairs except plastic bags.
We had such a hard time looking for seats and they were doing this.

Some people.
*shakes head*

The first stall I headed to and WAS craving for the MALA TOFU so bad:

And I got it! It's always my standard "first-meal-of-the-day" whenever I arrive at Food fairs. It's SPICY ( if you are one person who can't take in spicy food, you probably won't be in favor of this) , but I simply just love it.


I was disappointed that the auntie didn't give me enough soup today though :(

Rating: (4 / 5)
What's GOOD: I love the fishballs. They feel soft in the mouth
What's BAD: I realized that the soup would somehow turn "salty" if untouched for a period of time. 
My photography skills suck so bad. How come some people can take such flattering photos of the food they ate while my photos turned out disgusting?! Grrr..

Anyway... ..

Here's Abria's craving, THE MEATBALL SOUP:

Honestly, the meatballs are quite satisfying despite the price ($3)
Rating: (3.5 / 5)

The tasty Carrot cake.
The only downside is the saltiness that makes you go >_< !! HOWEVER, it still tastes delicious.
Rating: (3/5)

Here's a close-up photo that's intended for you to salivate (Yes, I'm bad and I know it. LOL) :

My lovely girlfriends enjoying their meal:

Look at this! No -They are not Sotong balls or fishballs.

I've always wanted to try this since the previous food fairs I was at BUT never did get the opportunity. I'm glad I eventually did:

But I was quite disappointed cos the taste didn't turn out as well as I had expected it to be.
In my honest opinion, I don't feel any "chicken rice" taste in those balls at all. Instead, I thought they tasted weird - in a kind of musty way.
The chicken meat was okay, though! It's at least the smooth kind that I like. :)
Rating: (2.5/5)

And here's something that I am sure any typical Singaporean would recognize:

Yes, the Soya Beancurd!
I know the most famous or well-known Soya beancurd in Singapore so far is "老伴" (Lao Ban), but... we must at least give others a try, too yeah?

And... It was indeed delicious! The taste was just right - Not TOO overly sweet or plain.
The taste itself is enough have you craving for more after each mouthful.
Rating: (4/5)

With a full stomach, we went to another hall of Expo that houses a John Little sale. (YES, SAAALEE!)
I think I was there for photo-taking more than shopping. LOL

Just some random stuff:

And guess where Wee Kiat was when we were busy shopping and taking pictures?
If you do understand this hashtag #likeaboss, you would know:

Let's not care about him here. LOL.
We went on for our own shopping and I came across something cute in the Children's section:


The definition of ADORABLE:

Other versions:

We love those plushies!

Happy Trip:

We were busy reliving our childhood days!
Here comes the remote controlled trucks:

Kelvin focusing on his truck control:

Taking the opportunity to camwhore in the middle of John Little:

Look what I found!
A Halloween book for a Halloween buff like me:

Here's something for you Justin Bieber fans (somehow a few of my friends have mistaken me as a Bieber fan cos I was crazy over the song " BABY".)
But let me clarify here - I am only fan of the "BABY" song (for the sake of annoying the hell out of people), but not the artiste himself! LOL.

But still, I can't help but take this shot:

And not forgetting my dear Michael Jackson fans too:
(It was the one and only left! I went on to purchase it eventually. LOL)
Its MOONWALK by Michael Jackson.
But no, it doesn't teach you how to Moonwalk. It's just an autobiography by the man himself. :)

Happy people we were!

Will be posting more updates on this blog for my upcoming events soon so do stay tuned!


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