Tuesday, 21 August 2012

SKARF - Singapore girls to the scene

Okay, you K-POP fans out there might have heard of this new girl group who has recently made their debut in August.
 They are none other than SKARF - The first group that ever consisted and combined of 2 Singaporeans and 2 Koreans.

Do your own google search to find out why they are called SKARF. 

I am not paid to publicize for them anyway.

So...Since they are VERY new to the scene, their company has been rapidly attempting to generate hype.

Okay, here's a fact. I am not a K-pop addict to begin with. (In fact, I have 0 interest in the Korean industry and have always felt they are overrated in some sense.)
Of course, there are people who love it too and I am not going to disrespect that.

Honestly, I would like to support SKARF since there are 2 girls out there representing Singapore in the Korean pop industry... But I am having difficulty in doing so because those 2 locals don't portray a positive image to me.

Seriously, what's up with the "I'm-trained-in-Korea-so-I-no-longer-feel-like-a-Singaporean" attitude?
(No offence, it's just the vibe I felt after watching the videos. )
I understand that their company, Alpha Entertainment, had released episodes of the girls touring different places in Singapore, such as Bugis Street, etc.

And goodness gracious, who exactly are their target audience?
Do they expect all Singaporeans to understand the Korean language or what?! 

(AT LEAST BE CONSIDERATE AND INSERT SOME ENGLISH SUBTITLES, LAH. It's not like there are only KOREANS watching the video!)

Please don't misunderstand me - I am not trying to generate hate against our local girls or anything like that. In fact, it is an honor to know of Singaporeans who are able to make this kind of break through.

BUT PLEASE - Never forget your roots, for goodness sake.
From the way they portray themselves in the videos, it seems that they have successfully "converted" themselves into some typical Koreans by acting as though it was their first time in Singapore =_=".

What irked me most was the durian part - with the yellow-colored-hair Ferlyn flipping out and whining how smelly the durian is.

See for yourself- :
(You may skip to the durian part at around 7:00)

Once or twice is alright, but your attempt at emphasizing is too much.
I know that there are many Singaporeans out there who hate durians as much as she does, but is this reaction a necessity?
You can't deny the fact that there are probably a majority out there who love durians.
AND it is classified as one of the more popular and iconic fruits of Singapore.
As a Singaporean yourself, you can choose not to like it if it's not your preference, BUT you can't make it seem like the fruit is FOREIGN to you.

After a colleague of mine watched the video too, she commented,

"Singaporeans emphasizing so much on hating Durians is just like Koreans telling you they HATE kimchis"

See what she meant?

If you haven't noticed, Tasha, the leader of the group, had asked a question in the video with a Singaporean accent (Ok, at least she still sounds Singaporean there), while coming across this durian stall at Bugis:

"Is this the most popular here?"

LIKE COME ON... ANY Singaporean would know that DURIANS are POPULAR in Singapore. Do you even have to ask that, or are you just trying to give people the impression that you are not a local?

Being trained in Korea for probably 1 or 2 years doesn't make you a KOREAN.

What are you trying to prove?

If this new group is seeking to garner support from Singaporeans, I hope they can be humble and stop trying to come across as some Korean freaks who treat Singapore like a foreign country.
I believe those 2 girls had heard of Bugis before during their life in Singapore.

And it's disappointing that I do not feel like they are setting good examples in knowing their own country well. They could've at least introduced some of the stuff to their Korean mates instead of acting like they are foreigners themselves in their own country.

If that is indeed their intention (meaning forgetting their Singapore roots), then it'll be a huge joke if they expect themselves to go far.

(Oh wait- If they are reading this entry.. I am sure they will go into full denial mode and say "When did I ever feel this way?!"
YES, you may NOT feel this way BUT this is the kind of feeling you PORTRAY and GAVE your audience in those videos.)

On a side note, I really wonder why their hairstylist gave Ferlyn that kind of hair color. It makes her look like some Singapore Ah-lian.

Don't get me wrong here, I do not HATE the group. I am just speaking out my honest thoughts, so please respect my opinions like what I will to yours, too.'

Regardless of what I feel about them, I think their debut song is not bad though. At least the melody is the kind that I like:


  1. I take it that they are told to behave this way. Oh well.

    The song... dancing's good. Singing can really be improved. :D

    1. Yeah, it might be a possibility that their actions are controlled by their company. If that's the case, then there is no point in the company trying to make them popular here.
      And yeah, the dancing's pretty impressive. I guess they were nervous since it was their official first time on stage that might affect their singing. LOL. Oh wait, why am I speaking up for them?! Oh sheesh.

  2. Your views are actually similar to mine! It's comforting to know that there are people out there with the same mindset as me...

  3. Hi there! :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Yeah, it's not easy to find someone who shares similar views., especially when it comes to K pop stuff! Glad to know that I am not alone! ;) haha