Thursday, 13 September 2012

Harassed and I have ENOUGH

Thank you to all my friends who have stood by me through this tough period of mine.
Since the incident broke out, many of you have been helping me and even sending words of encouragement. 
As much as I do not wish to drag anyone into this issue, I greatly appreciate everything you guys have done. 
You know who you are. Thank you so much, really. :)

It has not been easy for me, but I'll try my best to overcome it.

I believe many of you, especially my Facebook friends, have known what happened.

It has come to a point that I can't keep silent anymore - 

 especially when I am HARASSED to such a large extent.

I have never thought to have such a dramatic life - with someone messing up my life and leaving me to clean his shit up.

A few of the things he did (I have already minimized the amount of words):

1) He started a FAKE Facebook profile by the name of "SADAKO" - an account in disguise of a Japanese ghost that somehow went viral amongst my Facebook friend circle.
He then stalked my Facebook friends and mass-added them to his list, with an attempt to scare them.

He then went on to MISLEAD me into thinking that it was one of my best friends who made him do it. It was totally outrageous as it was an attempt to make me suspect my own friends, which I of course, do not believe.

2) He ruined my reputation as a blogger by using my name for his own personal gains. When I found out about it, he admitted and apologized for his greediness.

3) He ALMOST ruined my friendships with my best friends, one of whom I have been friends for 9 years. 

4) He publicly defamed me online by proclaiming I am HIS girlfriend without MY knowledge. (FYI, I have NOTHING to do with this guy)
Thank God one of my friends found out and told me about it.

5) He listed out things about me which he ASSUMES are true on his blog, including how I want to be a lesbian by the age of 30. (That's another defamation.)

6) He harassed me at my workplace and ruined my image which I can be held accountable for (YOU THINK MY WORKPLACE IS YOUR HOME?!) , and this was also the final straw that I decided I HAVE to take actions against him.

Eventually, everything got blown out of proportion.

His reason?
He hopes that I can accept his so-called "love proposal" and be his girlfriend.

In my opinion, he isn't just an ordinary pursuer.
 He's obviously obsessed.
From stalking me online and downloading my photos and videos (he claimed it was for a birthday gift) ... I felt seriously sick.
(He claimed that he fell in love with me from my Facebook profile, posts, etc)

Do you not have any idea how sick that is?
I may not be who I am from my online persona.

In fact, how long have you known me for real?

It only took a few days for my world to tumble down into pieces just like that. I had one of the most terrible weeks of my life, with him constantly creating trouble for me AGAIN and AGAIN despite the fact that I gave him many chances to repent.

I really hope everything is over. If this is a nightmare, I would wish to wake up immediately now.

P/S: He has promised not to harass me anymore after confronting him for the final time today, and I do hope that he is true to his words. I have already alerted a few police officers about this issue.

Kelvin, this is the last and final chance I will be giving you.
Please stop all your nonsense and step out of my life.

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